Kim So Hyun, Song Kang, and Jung Ga Ram Preview Love Triangle at Press Conference for Netflix Drama Love Alarm

This drama sounds interesting and looks cute, enough for me to check it out and with a shorter run time on Netflix it just sounds like a perfect end-of-summer treat. Love Alarm rings tomorrow on August 22nd, signaling the return to high school for Kim So Hyun (maybe her last time) along with male leads Song Kang and Jung Ga Ram in a what-off scenario that turns Tinder into a secret crush app. The kids of Seoul are all on a love alarm app that rings when someone has a crush on you comes within a certain distance, which of course makes it ground zero for users at high schools so the three leads play a game of he likes her-she likes him-he ends up liking her and of course someone is the odd man out. Kim So Hyun is so pretty in her funky white suit dress with the asymmetrical hem, as long as she gets the guy she deserves then I’m along for the fun ride with her.


Kim So Hyun, Song Kang, and Jung Ga Ram Preview Love Triangle at Press Conference for Netflix Drama Love Alarm — 21 Comments

  1. Everyone looks beautiful and happy best luck to this team. I’ll be watching this most obviously for ksh. The asymmetrical suit is flawless on her and she carried it well.

    • Its really good and a lot sadder than I was expecting. The acting is brilliant and Sohyun is gorgeous in every scene. The music is the best I’ve heard in a long time. Anyone not watching it is missing out.

    • Not conservative actress. Shows her legs all the time. Not a good role model for the young generation. Precious things are hidden.

  2. Her portfolio is so diverse. I really like how she challenge herself. Reflecting her past few roles, her characters she played are all so different.

    Season 2!?! Mung bean can’t wait

    • Exactly her versatility is what is amazing and she continues to challenge herself despite being of young age. Just finished watching this and it broke my heart. Jojo is the most heartbreaking character I’ve seen since iu in my ahjusshi. This drama is beautifully introspective and I’m amazed with how well the young cast have made the characters their own. I need a season 2 immediately.

    • This is one of her best performances. Her acting ability always takes me by surprise. She deserves all the love and appreciation because she always becomes the character effortlessly. Her transition to adult roles has been very smooth.

  3. Dang, she has gorgeous legs! Can’t wait to watch the drama. I’ve liked her since Missing You. That was the first drama I watched where she didn’t play the childhood counterpart to the evil second lead (TMETS, and Rooftop Prince).

  4. I need season 2 for this what is that ending! How does anyone pick a ship in this drama? I want to ship her with literally everyone!

  5. Season 1 of Love Alarm ended up as the 8th most watched Netflix series in Korea. A big thumbs up considering that KSH is the only big star in the cast. So, hoping for another success for Season 2. Love Alarm fighting!

    • True. Considering most of the Kdramas that made in the top 10 are made of big name stars. Here, in LA, So Hyun is the only big known star. So, for LA to make it in the top 10 is already an outstanding feat and signifies So Hyun’s ability to carry a drama.

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