Crystal Liu Dazzles in Gold Gown at Hollywood Premiere of Mulan to Positive Reviews

The show must go on and Disney is going ahead with the scheduled March 2020 premiere of it’s highly anticipated live action Mulan movie. Starring Crystal Liu, Donnie Yen, Jet Li, Gong Li, Yosan An, and Jason Scott Lee, the movie adapts the hit animated film from the studio but without tiny dragon Mushu and also all that singing. The movie was predicted to make gobs of money in Mainland China but alas all movie theaters have been closed since February to keep people from social closed quarters gatherings so the Chinese premiere has been postponed. But the US premiere red carpet night was this week and the entire cast attended with a rare Asian dominated star studded night. Love Crytal’s dress and love even more the positive and strong reviews from critics and industry insiders who watched the movie at the VIP premiere. Continue reading