Netflix Gets into TW-dramas with Big Name Leads Chris Wu, Joseph Chang, Jasper Liu, and Alyssa Chia

Streaming behemoth Netflix hasn’t just gotten into K-dramas, it’s doing a concerted effort with TW-dramas as well and this winter season there will be three exciting offerings available to subscribers. Nowhere Man stars Joseph Chang as a death row inmate who finds out his son has been kidnapped so attempts to escape the prison and finds himself caught up in a bigger conspiracy and costarring is the ever lovely Alyssa Chia. Next comes The Triad Princess with Jasper Liu as a top star and Eugenie Liu as the titular daughter of a triad leader who becomes Jasper’s bodyguard and also target of the gossip rags. Finally Chris Wu headlines The Ghost Bride set in the 1890’s in Malaysia among the overseas Chinese dealing with a rich family wanting to marry their dead son to a living bride. The casts of the three dramas posed awards style for Netflix recently as the perfect prelude to promote the drama because there are plenty of award winning actors and actresses cast in each project.


Netflix Gets into TW-dramas with Big Name Leads Chris Wu, Joseph Chang, Jasper Liu, and Alyssa Chia — 10 Comments

  1. I really didn’t connect with Eugelie Lou in Behind Your Smile. Not sure whether it was the character or actress. Can anyone recommend a good drama of hers for me to watch?

  2. I don’t know the actresses but I love Chris Wu, Jasper Liu and Joseph Chang! First I thought they will be the 3 in the same drama, it would have been great. I guess I won’t have seconde lead syndrom like that.

  3. I really enjoyed Ghost Bride so I’m looking forward to that one the most. I wonder if Chris Wu will be playing Tian Bai or her mystery helper who doesn’t get revealed until close to the end of the novel?

  4. I knew about this but why didn’t I connect The Ghost Bride to the novel! The novel was soo good, I’m super excited for this. Especially since Kang Wu Ren is the male lead. I do hope he’s playing who I want him to play. All these sounds interesting and I’m excited for some new Taiwanese dramas!

  5. Chris Wu isn’t Wu Kang Ren’s English name actually, he himself denied it on his Facebook several years ago. He don’t really have an English name and “Chris” was apparently edited by some fans on his wikipedia page. Just wanted to remind about this.

    In any case, I’m actually interested in these 3 series, The Ghost Bride’s plot sounds most interesting but I’m biased for Jasper Liu, so I’m gonna catch all 3 and Allysa Chia’s returns to tw-dramaland with good projects, award-winning The World Between Us and then this drama.

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