C-ent Abuzz with Rumor Hans Zhang and Janine Chang are Married, Will Announce in October

C-ent rumors are about 80% hot, hot juicy honest to goodness tabloid gems and 20% random shit made up. It’s a high hit rate and also there have been some wild pairings, breakups, and cheating scandals in just the last ten years since social media and the new crop of Chinese stars conquered the scene. This week is off to the races with gossip that C-actor Hans Zhang and TW-actress Janine Chang are actually married, officially, and will announce it publicly in October. The two have starred in two dramas together period drama The Four and crazy romance drama Here to Heart, and obviously have shippers and they are very pretty together. But his side has swiftly denied the rumors and honestly this one seems out of left field so I’ll reserve judgment on whether their Cosmo Bride pictorial from years ago was foreshadowing or just cosplay.


C-ent Abuzz with Rumor Hans Zhang and Janine Chang are Married, Will Announce in October — 33 Comments

  1. If i didnt like watching how pretty they looked on Here to heart, i would have would laughed myself silly at the randomness. But since i have, i can just imagine how pretty their babies are if they do hitch up.

    But if they arent, wishing them goondess and happineness

  2. Do they have dramas or movies coming out?
    No rumors of them dating at all and all of a sudden they are married? I don’t think Zhang han would refute it if it was true. He came out before when he dated the other two well known actresses.

    • That’s what I’ve been thinking. He was so open with his last two high profile relationships, so if he is dating/married to Janie he wouldn’t have flat out denied it. But who knows, maybe after two unsuccessful public relationships, he might have wanted this one to be lowkey. If it’s true I’m happy for the two of them. They are indeed beautiful together.

    • This was a remarkable show ad could really see them together in real life. Make more love stories together. I love the Asian movies and I am 70 years old from America. The way you play your love stories is teaching young people how to really fall in Love. American movies and TV have gone to trash. These movies I have seen since last year are outstanding and I wish could get into American youth. I know there are probably some trashy ones but u have a lot of clean ones. These are made the way Love should be found and moved into relationships. I love these two together in Here to your Heart. Much success to you
      both and all the characters were excellent too. Much Love to all you people in China. Your beauty is much better in movies. I have watched a number of other actors too in their movies and I love all your clean movies. You don’t trash your bodies showing everything like America’s shows have no shame. Thank you

  3. Guess we’ll have to wait till Oct to confirm if they are indeed married. What a gorgeous pair and the enormous amount of chemistry imploded on screen of Here to Heart! Only the pairing made sense, plot wise…it became senseless as the episode increases.

  4. oh boy another rumours about them and I cant say ım unhappy x”D
    I liked them as partners ın that old perıod serie and loved them whole lot more in Here to Heart. Its one of my fave serie the way characters written so complicated and deep in theır own worlds, even if serie got makjang/dog blood ın second half..
    When I saw them havıng a wedding pıctorial that time i was like ”uhmm why?” like it could have been a normal concept while only real life couples havıng wedding concept…

    • Lin Gengxin and Zhao Liying did a wedding pictorial for Cosmo Bride to promote Princess Agents, same with Liu Yifei and Yang Yang for the movie adaptation of Eternal Love. But I got to agree with you that it feels a bit strange when actors not in a relationship are doing such thing, even though they look cute.

  5. Chu Fu Ni Men!! They will make a superb couple,Janine her beauty is in n out n she’s very intelligent n Zhang Hans beside handsome n very talented artists he’s also have a great personality I can only wish them for the best of success n happiness!! Sure their kids will be smart m good looking …

    • Did u know that both party from Zhang Hans studio n Guli studio both denied n they broke up a couple months later in 2017 I guess u don’t read the news

  6. I’m the happier person when i find out they are both together in real life they both good looking and macth each other, oh thank you God finally they are together, hope they have good life till the end.
    Congratulations handsome and beautiful, love to both of you ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  7. Of course as said by many the two look ravishingly gorgeous together let’s wish them
    Both,happiness together may they have Bliss and love ❤️ and mostly let’s see them produce more romantic dramas together as they are great in the last one “here to Heart” I am American . The theme is nice ;
    let’s hold hands and wish them a happy and blissful marriage.

  8. I have always liked the Asian culture and so glad that we can enjoy their movies and series on Netflix!! Here to Heart has been my favorite with the undeniable chemistry of Hans and Janine! They are both very talented and light up the screen!! I am hoping for a season2 and with more emphasis on the two main characters!! Also the younger versions of Janine and Hans’ characters were really good too and maybe there should be separate series on the past!! I love Hans’ beautiful voice and even though I do not know a word of Chinese, I still enjoy his singing!! Hope to see much more O guanine and Hans in film or tv series!!

  9. Jesse S who r u? What a horrible things to said n wished Hans past relationships is only bitterness n heartache with Zheng Shuang n Nazs turn out they both horrible his career almost over because of this two Jennie come to her rescue n huge success of their drama God Blessing Them both Amen?Especially from extreme fans like u better u not be his fans or u r zshuang fans ???? I bet u r want Hans take back those trashy n heartless person that’s will be very bad life to Hans can u guys stop here have enough to hurt him n his career this is not it is feeling n zshuang have baby with other man n somebody wife n Hans deserve happiness n Janine is the best ever happened in Hans life God must be blessing him being a gentleman n kind to this two monsters exes enough said

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