Darkly Elegant Posters for jTBC Sageuk My Country Increase Expectation

I normally dislike too dark K-drama posters but I LOVE these main character posters for upcoming jTBC sageuk My Country. It looks so intense and riveting, each of the leads bathed in shadows artfully. I mean, it’s a feat in itself to make everyone look good, from Yang Se Jong being so righteous and earnest, to melancholy and introspective Woo Do Hwan, then Seolhyun actually giving off a purposely eye stare, and finally Jang Hyuk being awesome in every pore of his being so weathered and weary. Can I have this, like, tomorrow, please drama gods?


Darkly Elegant Posters for jTBC Sageuk My Country Increase Expectation — 11 Comments

  1. Lookd intrstng! Dark themed k drama. Gosh.. cant wait! Seolhyun is such a good looking blessed woman. I hope she improved!cant wait

    • You say Suzy and Yoona can’t act but praise Seolhyun? lol she’s been criticized for her acting. At least Yoona and Suzy have commercial hits and star power.

  2. Yup, I’m also wondering why such an experienced and accomplished actor like Jang Hyuk is not the lead actor in this drama. Looks like he’s not even the second lead! I do hope he has a solid ‘senior’ role in the drama.

    • He said he accepted the role because he wished to play antagonist in a drama. Don’t worry he always has dramas lined up one after another. He already has an offer for new OCN original drama from PD Kim Hong-Sun.
      His character is not 1st or 2nd lead but the

  3. Anything with Kim Jin Won PD behind the scene, I will watch! Has been my bias since Innocent Man. Add Jang Hyuk in the mix. Hopefully he can elevated the performances this young actor.

  4. The cast line up is tops but I know that Seolhyun if she doesn’t hold her own she’ll be tagged as the weakest link. However the storyline and writing has to be solid too. I just hope she surprises us somehow and turns the hardened critics around because if she doesn’t it will be the ten to one ‘told you so’. I’ve had to accept her casting because I follow WDH and Jang Hyuk so it’s on the fence for me. We all wanted our own bias cast instead of Seolhyun when news broke of this drama but I’m gonna just grin and bear it.

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