SM Entertainment Confirms Idol Changmin Dating Non-celeb Girlfriend

The last dating news of 2019 came on the 30th of December with rumors swiftly confirmed that DBSK duo member Changmin was no longer a bachelor. SM Entertainment admitted that Changmin has been dating a non-celeb girlfriend who he met through mutual friends. This would have been massive news like ten years ago during the DBSK heyday with fangirls collectively losing their minds but today it’s just a shrug and a congrats. The 2010-2019 decade is coming to a close and with it ten years of third generation Hallyu idol pop. I hope everyone finds personal happiness along with professional success so congrats to Changmin for remaining squeaky clean in his image with zero scandal in over 15 years in the business.


SM Entertainment Confirms Idol Changmin Dating Non-celeb Girlfriend — 5 Comments

  1. He is super rich. I m jaejoong fan but dbsk duo is very simple comoared to jaejoong and other 2.
    And they must have lot of money too. Their tours grooses 100 killion usd and only duo has to split it after company take cut. Good for changmin

  2. Congratulations ? Changmin. I’m glad to see K pop idols being able to admit to dating news which is warmly received and fans responses are happy at the prospect.

  3. He actually seems like a solid guy as best as one can tell. Assuming this wasn’t announced to get a headstart on dispatch’s yearly release, I’m gonna say it must be serious.

  4. It’s about time. He’s certainly old enough. Congratulations to the happy couple! Hope SuJu and other celebrity idols feel comfortable coming out with their relationships. Dating someone is a part of life, after all. I applaud this trend.

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