Kim Yo Han, Center of Produce 101’s Now Disbanded X1, in Talks for Male Lead of School 2020

I didn’t cover the disbandment of male idol group X1 two weeks ago, as rightfully so with the news that it’s entire season of Produce X 101 was fully vote rigged. The problem with the vote rigging isn’t that every winner out of the 10 would not have made it, it’s that we’ll never know who would have made it anyways based on fan votes, the right rankings, and also who didn’t make it but would have again based on fan votes. The winner of that season was Kim Yo Han who was center of X1 for all of a few months but he needn’t be too sad that he’s out of a job as K-ent is reporting and his agency has confirmed that Kim Yo Han is in talks to be the male lead of KBS drama School 2020. It’s the continuation of the popular School series, the 8th to come along and the 4th since KBS rebooted it with School 2013, School 2015, and School 2017. I don’t mind his potential casting since School was all about finding rookies to give a shot a stardom and who knows maybe Kim Yo Han has acting as well as idol talents.


Kim Yo Han, Center of Produce 101’s Now Disbanded X1, in Talks for Male Lead of School 2020 — 3 Comments

  1. The last School 2017 had a Producer 101 winner as a lead too. But I didn’t really like this drama. The actors were good but it was not well written. It was only focus on the couple and they didn’t try to develop the other characters. The story was less interesting than the other School. But it’s nice to see that the secondary actors grew a lot since : Jang Dong Yoon with Tale of Nokdu, Seol In A with Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life, Park Se Wan with Never Twice, Seo Ji Hoon with Flower Crew, Rowoon with Extraordinary You.

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