Romantic Teacher, Doctor Kim 2 Breaks 20% Ratings in Episode 8, Same Pace as Original Season in 2016

This is a neat coincidence and probably means more viewers will be tuning in for the second half of this drama. SBS Mon-Tues medical drama Romantic Teacher, Doctor Kim 2, the second season of the hit original which aired in 2016, broke 20% ratings in today’s episode 8. The original also crossed the 20% mark in its episode 8, and stayed in the 20 range hitting a high of over 27% by the end. I’ve been super busy so banking the episodes to binge watch later but this makes me want to start this weekend and catch up so I can watch live. It sounds like the drama is addicting with the mentorship learning of veteran doc Han Suk Kyu and the young romance and growth with Lee Sung Kyung and Ahn Hyo Seob. Congrats to the cast and crew of being the first new K-drama hit of 2020.


Romantic Teacher, Doctor Kim 2 Breaks 20% Ratings in Episode 8, Same Pace as Original Season in 2016 — 12 Comments

  1. This drama would be perfect without Ahn Hye Seok and Lee Sung Kyung’s characters. They annoy me so much with their self pity… Areum is more interesting and her relationship with nurse Park way cutter.

    Han Suk Kyu is perfect as always 🙂

    • Even you don’t like them you should not talk like this for anybody they do so much hard work to make the episode best… I know everyone have their own way of thinking but still at least you should respect them as a actor

      • I didn’t show lack of respect to the actors, because I was speaking about the characters. It’s my fault if you can’t do the difference.

        But if you want to talk about their acting, they’re not really good. AYS is ok and LSK is boring, but honestly the both are not good in lead characters. It’s my opinion and I have the right to write it. I don’t insult them, I don’t attack them about their physique.

    • lmao blame the scriptwriter not the actors and actresses. they were just tryinf to portray their character accurately.u dont have to watch the drama if you’re just going to judge the casts ?

      • I want to watch this drama because of Han Su Kyu who is a great actor. The staff of the hospital is good too. It’s sad they didn’t choose actors as good as the first season for the main roles.

  2. The writing is phenomenal and attention to medical details inspiring. Hope to see Netflix come in and fund this. I dont care for zombies but this is a solid series that can definitely spawn into multiple seasons with new and interesting medical cases.

    The new young leads are annoying. Ahn Hyo Seop is a limited actor and Lee Sung Kyung is slightly better but its Shin Dong Wook and Ju Soo Yeon thats stealing the limelight in a big way. Hope to see more of them instead

  3. if you binge watch, i suggest you FF most of LSK part. unbelievable how she can get her medical license. in where i practice, no MSI can graduate if unable to perform satisfactory in the OR (fainting is an automatic FAIL), let alone able to get into a CS residency.

    • This is “FICTION”, lighten up and give them some slack. That’s how the character(s) are written. I think LSkK is doing pretty well.

      • John, I believe you are the only one thinking she is doing pretty well. But I can understand why… I am still watching but for other characters NOT hers.

      • She’s getting a little less annoying every ep so that really helps. And I guess Dr. Kim does need such crap material for him to work his magic and whip them into true doctors. I was super irritated with yoon jung and dong ju season 1 when their stories first unfolded too. At least this season they gave us a cute bone doctor who talks to his props and a super positive ENT intern doctor instead of the sour faced Do In Beom. Something to be grateful for

  4. I personally think that it a great drama and the leads are doing a amazing job I must say… Like I wait eagerly for Monday just to watch the episode… Just loving it.. I would say you should watch to you will love it

  5. To me, there is only one Lead in this drama = HSK who is Amazing! All other characters are sides, some are good (like Areum, cutie nurse Park, Head Nurse, Bone doctor), some are meh (AHS, LSK). I am still enjoying the many medical cases as long as those meh actors don’t get too much screentime. I don’t care about the romance between AHS-LSK as they don’t make sense to me. I prefer more of the cuties, both are so sweet to watch and nurse Park is very good looking.

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