jTBC Drama Itaewon Class Ends with 16.548% Along with Park Bo Gum Cameo and A-list Arrival for Park Seo Joon

There’s no denying it now, K-actor Park Seo Joon is officially an A-lister and totally deserving of it. His headlining jTBC drama Itaewon Class finished this Saturday with a ratings high 16.548% which is a series high though not a network high as Sky Castle retains both the jTBC crown and the cable networks crown. The final episode seemed to make viewers happy so yay for cohesive writing and a satisfying send off, not to mention top drama actor Park Bo Gum made a cameo opposite second female lead Kwon Nara as a friendship gesture with the PD who directed him in Encounter (Boyfriend). A huge congrats to the cast and crew, they probably won’t get a much deserved overseas reward vacation with the global travel restrictions in place but hopefully they will be comforted knowing their labor of love got all the kudos and recognition it deserves.


jTBC Drama Itaewon Class Ends with 16.548% Along with Park Bo Gum Cameo and A-list Arrival for Park Seo Joon — 30 Comments

  1. Well deserved PSJ after so many blows to the head and still survives. Great cast demands good ratings. Fictional story with cartoon characters. But it is a good watch.

  2. Its not Encounter PD but MDBC PD.
    There’s two highlight from this final ep, Park bogum cameo and PSJ and KDM Kiss scene. The Kiss scene tho… lmao
    Btw congrats PSJ, he is A list actor now.

    • Lol btw it was characters first kiss with consent and he did perfectly. It was hilarious. He is good at kissing : D

      • PSJ always aces in his kiss scenes in all his dramas. KDM is just too green, just this one little flaw in her almost perfect acting in IC so she gets an overall A- from me ?

  3. Frm episodes 5 to 16. It maintained double digit rating. What a drama debut by dami who needs to win many awards. Seo joon keeps winning. It ended with average of 11.8%. One of 6 highest rated drama in average as well as peak rating

  4. Bogums teeth ars distracting but firat time i found hin attractive. This haircut army cmng? He n nara needs to be casted looked good together

  5. Congratulation park seo jun for being an A lister in korea. He even got 11 votes from industry expert in the recent list.

    • He has best track record in last few years. From side roles to main lead, he has earned it. He has double digit cfs too. He is living the life

      • He is late bloomer compare to other young A list like ksh, pbg or lmh. But now is his time. I think he is more popular with general public now compare to ksh. Ksh take very long hiatus and lose his hype eventually.

      • he served army earlier which is best move. He started with supporting roles, and earned lead role with she was pretty. then fight my way happened though not massive hit, i was swtill a profitable venture and a hit movie too. WWWSk was a hallyu hit and he became CF king and till now no going back. KSH n lmh has already enjoyed that level of success before him. But now he is in equal lane. Pbg has yet to serve army… Ksh can bounce back this year. Pds love him

  6. Honestly, it wasn’t my favourite drama from him. The story of the last 5 episodes were disapointing. He never had chemistry with his co-star and all the love relationship was awkward.

    But Park Seo Joon was good in this role 🙂 I loved Sae Ro Yi’s scenes with his father.

    • I agree. All was going so well until the story tripped into “jumped the shark” territory and went downhill from the last few episodes. I think PSJ’s co-star is a good actress, but they didn’t have the right chemistry between one another to make the love-line connection work in my opinion. At times I think even 16 episodes can be too long for a good story line that could have wrapped up in fewer episodes rather than to roll my eyes at how the writers reached into their bag of tired plug-in plot twists to stretch and contort this drama towards its obvious ending.

      • I liked the show in the beginning and even recommended it to friends. I just lost interest from ep 13 onwards. The PSRY + Yi Seo pairing was not convincing at all. I just didn’t feel “it”. What a pity.

        However, I think Park Seo Joon’s acting was good and I am happy that he cemented his status as an A-lister. May this drama bring more opportunities to all involved.

    • I still think Fight My Way is his best drama and role to date, but Park Saeroyi is hands down his best performance. His range is amazing and I can’t wait for this next project. Also it’s appreciable how he doesn’t take long breaks between projects unlike so many other actors!

    • I have to agree, it started out as really fresh and interesting and then in the last 5-6 episodes just became more focused on the chaebol stuff and went downhill like a typical kdrama.

      Also I like Kim Da Mi’s acting and character but there was just no romantic chemistry between her and PSJ. He did great on the acting though, and I’m happy for the drama team that it’s a success.

  7. Itaewon class was on way to be 20%. No doubt it is sixth highest rated drama on cable ever with average of 11.8 % but the second half didn’t add new fans for ratings and it stayed in 13 to 14%. scriptwriter first show so i will cut slack but it lost the momentum after 10 episodes. It could’ve ended with even better ratings. Neverthless still a blockbuster and we got dami ! Such a great actress

  8. I totally agree. Itaewon Class lost some of it’s steam from Ep. 14. Kim Da MI was just fantastic though! And yes, the kissing scene was a bit awkward, but OMG, can PSJ kiss!???

  9. IC class was a good drama. All the actors were great. The drama derserves it hight viewership rating

    Congrats PSJ. Ic was a gopd genre. Friendship, businessn romance. i admire you for having an eye for choosing good projects. Congrats Again.

  10. I thought the last 4 episodes were pretty makjang and out of tune with the rest of the series. (SPOILERS AHEAD) Suddenly in episode 13, the writer wanted to focus on romance and downplayed the corporate takeover. Then what’s with all the kneeling? And the kidnapping plot reminded me of the Cheese in the Trap ending. Still, the series was well done as a whole and PSJ and the rest of the cast deserves their accolades. They worked hard, did a good job and it showed. Great drama ??.

  11. I thought the drama is very well made and the ending was fantastic! The two leads have loads of chemistry even more in their BTS. Their kiss in the BTS is way more intense than the trimmed down version in the drama.

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