jTBC Drama The World of the Marriage Rockets to 11.882% and 13.986% ratings in Episodes 3 and 4

Cable network jTBC may be the go-to place for veteran 40-something actresses who are still top of their game and visuals as they are KILLING it in ratings. Yeom Jung Ah, Kim Seo Hyung, Yoon Se Ah, Lee Tae Ran, and Oh Na Ra made a fiece five-some to wear the all-time cable ratings crown with Sky Castle, then there was Women of Dignity with Kim Hee Sun and Kim Sun Ah which was second place until recently dropped to third due to the success of youth revenge drama Itaewon Class. Now there is The World of the Married where Kim Hee Ae is destroying the screen with her acting because otherwise why watch with the most despicable male lead douche husband character ever and basically people around them I hate for their duplicity. The 3rd episode got 11.882% and the 4th episode nearly broke a new level at 13.985%. I’ll be content to keep my blood pressure low and just marvel at drama stills where Kim Hee Ae emotes aplenty.


jTBC Drama The World of the Marriage Rockets to 11.882% and 13.986% ratings in Episodes 3 and 4 — 12 Comments

  1. Koreans sure love their daebak dramas. I tried watching this show but nope not for me. I hated Jang Nara last drama. I also hated women of dignity. I only completed it due to my love for Kim Sun Ah. . They’re not good quality in the story department but the acting are great in each drama. A good quality story telling cheating revenge drama would be Taiwanese Fierce Wife.

  2. This drama will break sky castle. Looks it is worth watching. Kim hee ae longevity . Clearly the top most actress of her gen

      • Ofcourse she is. She made ebough money, was biggest endorser for 2 decades original cf queen and married to billionaire. Infact she made top 10 cf star list even in 2016 lol
        She must have felt no need to work. But i wish she couldve made comebacks like jjh time to time

  3. Great acting chops from the female and male leads.
    The actress who plays the mistress is pretty but her acting is awkward.
    The rest of the supporting cast is great even that young girl that Sun Woo (female lead) helped.

  4. This is currently the drama I’m most looking forward to each week. It’s quite addicting. Excellent acting from Kim Hee Ae, as always.

  5. Just learned that this is based on Doctor Foster. That show was a train wreck toward the end. I can’t watch anymore. I will have to wait till it ends and binge watch. Sucks because I really like Kim Ae Hee.

  6. Not really my genre to watch but I’ve been addicted to this drama for the phenomenal acting. Can’t wait for the next episode.

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