jTBC Drama The World of the Married Hits 22.913% Ratings in Episode 10, Close to Catching Sky Castle Ratings of Over 23%

With how ratings disappointing SBS epic fantasy drama The King: Eternal Monarch has been is how incredible it is to see the continued meteoric ratings rise of jTBC intense melodrama The World of the Married. Trust me when I say I don’t know ANY marriage or societal orbit as crazy as the one shown in the drama but it’s clearly engrossing for viewers as this week’s episode 10 reached 22.913% ratings. Cable network ratings leader Sky Castle got over 23% in its final two episodes so The World definitely has a good shot in the remaining 6 episodes to catch and maybe even surpass it.


jTBC Drama The World of the Married Hits 22.913% Ratings in Episode 10, Close to Catching Sky Castle Ratings of Over 23% — 24 Comments

  1. The rating goes to show we do not need big budgets, excessive publicity, special CGI effects or a mere LMH to make people watch a drama.

    • Why do you need to make derogatory comments about one actor to highlight the success of another show? It is unfortunate how internet works.

  2. It’s an old school daily drama makjang warped up in evening drama glory with far better acting and directing, plus core audience is sitting in home afraid to go out and with movie theaters being closed down. Brilliant recipe for an expected hit. It would’ve been hit anyway though, not sure if in this type of scale, but still very popular. I personally don’t understand the whole hype around it, because it’s a good drama, but not that good and I ultimately fail to relate to characters and their problems, I think they’re not reliable, but Korea can hype whatever they wanna. It’s their prerogative. Popular show is a popular show none the less. You go The World of the Married Couple.

    • Honestly, I believe TWOTM is super popular because of the synergy between excellent acting (no acting hole, even green actors like Han So Hee can hold their ground next to big veterans), excellent directing, insane chemistry between the leads and heartrending dialogue on top of a good pace. This drama is also quite subversive for its genre as usually dramas about affairs would spend their entire run revolving around the affair while in TWOTM, it’s solved in the first episodes. But what truly turns it into the phenomenon it is right now is… the themes!

      TWOTM isn’t the first drama dealing with affairs but it’s one of the few that don’t glamourize this theme by showing only the perspective of the cheater and his mistress. Instead, they focus on the point of view of the scorned wife! Moreover, TWOTM also spends most of the time talking about life after divorce and the plight Korean divorced women have to go through. The ‘divorce after affairs’ theme is currently a hot issue in the Korean society. Most Korean women who get cheated on stay with their husbands and TWOTM explores their side of the story and their motivations. These women also live vicariously through the female lead who dared to divorce her husband and isn’t afraid of being looked down by others. Besides, they also show the changing relationship of a divorced couple and how love can turn into hate.

      There are many compelling elements to TWOTM which makes it ‘makjang’ but also very engaging and realistic because everything that happens in this drama could happen to the viewers.

      • I voiced my opinion and I don’t care and not interested to discuss it. You like it. Good for you. You don’t need my permission, I don’t need yours. It’s still makjang as hell lol No idea why you need to push your opinion on a stranger from internet so aggressively lol So thank you for your useless big monologue, that I didn’t even bother read. Have a nice day)))
        And to others. International audience basically always jump into “hype train”, if there is no Hallyu name. No one would watch internationally Sky Castle or Signal, if it wasn’t a big dramas in SK in the first place. And I liked both of them a lot. So it’s not even an argument lol

    • @airbases… why are u acting like a small kid…candyheart is just voicing her opinion as you did…lmao..if u don’t like people reply to ur post, don’t bother posting

      • Airbases seems very upset, not sure why they are crying in the comment section of this post.

  3. Its a very well written, well directed, well acted drama. You ultimately can’t root for anybody but the characters are intriguing that you want to see where their mess leads them. Kim Hee Ae, well I loved her with Yoo Ah In in Secret Love Affair and I also love her to bits as Sun Woo although Sun Woo is no saint and extremely problematic. It helps that the characters/actors mesh so well…its a drama about chaotic human relatioships, toxic love, obsession, revenge yet the characters perfectly harmonize. A very well deserved number 1 spot. I can see Kim Hee Ae getting a Daesang yet again.

  4. I feel that JTBC has edged out TVN. It would be nice if JTBC hold it’s own year end awards ceremony like TVN did before for it’s 10th year anniversary.

    • It will be hard to known who’s gonna get the daesang bcuz every drama was amazing. But of course whoever gets the highest rating will get it. But the best actor and actress. Heol.. cant choose.

  5. I love this drama. It’s so fantastically makjang that we can’t look away. Although it isn’t realistic, but it is precisely because of this that people are loving this drama. There’s no lull in pacing, just full steam ahead. Most importantly, the acting is phenomenal. I’m sure it will cross 23% ratings because it has just reached the climax.

    • Yep people will start to discount it because it’s not to their liking but it’s objectively a very well made drama so far and incredibly enthralling and I say this as someone who can barely relate with any of the characters in the drama from personal experience. I don’t think I’ve ever watched a TV show from any country that has kept my interest this much over 10 (hour and 20 minute) episodes, it’s not a big surprise it’s so popular in Korea and despite being based on a very tough topic that turns most people off and is not as readily available internationally, it’s still quite popular outside Korea.

      • Go watch Dr Foster the UK drama it was based on. It was gripping and likewise I can barely relate to the subject matter but the human emotions are raw and intense in Dr Foster as well as being incredibly well-written and directed. I will wait till this one has finished to watch this in a binge session. I am looking forward to it.

  6. It’s certainly addicting. But I don’t know if I like it. There is so many crazy people in this drama. But well so far it work for majority of people.

  7. I can’t stand any of them but I am content with that feeling.

    It reminds of Hyena, I also can’t stand the character there but I also dropping it.

    This one is a hot mess that I keep grabbing because at least it’s so painful that burned me.

  8. You don’t have to like the drama to acknowledge the success that it reached today. It doesn’t rely on hype, the actresses and actors are not your usual good looking actors and actresses.

      • She might be beautiful, but she is incredibly talented at the same time, as stated by her co-star who played the main role. She has to be, in order to “snare” the hubby and be the third party.

  9. WOW so many salty people in the comments hahaha. Whether or not you understand the hype, it doesn’t matter because the drama is still successful regardless of your opinion :).

    I’m enjoying this drama and I totally get why it’s so popular! I wouldn’t be surprised if it surpasses Sky Castle next week. Hopefully this drama goes all the way to 30%!

  10. Tbh, I don’t “love” it but I can’t help watching it. It’s heavy but it’s so compelling from episode 1,you want to know where the story is headed next. The main female character is such a flawed, crazy badass. I want to see her succeed while acknowledging that she definitely have mental issues. They managed to make the viewers feel that way which is not an easy task.

    The episodes run for 1 hour and half or something yet, I’m not bored at all. Plus the acting and execution is excellent. It totally deserves its rating.

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