K-dramas Crash Landing on You and Kingdom Make the Top 10 List of Most Watched Netflix Streaming Shows During 6-week Coronavirus Shutdown

The US media site Observer clearly was curious along with everyone staying home as to what entertainment is the go-to destination now that movie theaters, concerts, and sporting events are all halted. Television and streaming shows are available and Netflix is still the King of streaming with the most robust and diverse slate of shows licensed and originally produced. The site analysed Netflix data and popularity of shows as shown to viewers to determine the Most Watched TV Shows on Netflix during the COVID-19 weeks long public life shut down. First is Spanish teen murder mystery Elite followed second by tried and true popular 80’s sci-fi show Stranger Things, with Money Heist rounding out the top 3. Two K-dramas made the top 10 so that’s super awesome, it was Crash Landing on You in 6th place and Kingdom squeezing into the 9th spot. This is a great list to come across as there are still many shows on it I haven’t binged yet so it’s going on my watch list.


K-dramas Crash Landing on You and Kingdom Make the Top 10 List of Most Watched Netflix Streaming Shows During 6-week Coronavirus Shutdown — 67 Comments

    • Stranger Things! There’s a romantic subplot but it’s a side storyline.

      The Good Place is recently completed and also on Netflix, it’s about a bad person trying to become good and it’s really funny.

      Kim’s Convenience is a sitcom about a Korean family in Toronto, it’s really cute and heartwarming.

      I also recommend The Ministry of Time (El Ministerio del Tiempo) if your region has it.

    • SIGNAL, TUNNEL, VOICE, STRANGER, REMEMBER, LOCKE AND KEY, THE REBEL: The thief who stole the people, Extracurricular

      • If you’re looking for Kdramas, The King 2 hearts is awesome. Just re-watched as it’s still great!

    • Giri/Haji, Marcella, Stranger, Silver spoon, Better than us, Orphan Black, Doc Martin, Breaking Bad, Yanxi Palace, Live O2O and many more.. it depends on your taste and mood, search and have fun!

  1. A story fully made in Korea, having a korean concept only familiar to their peninsula with a local flavour indigenous to korean people only as well as targetting korean audience. However with its universal theme which was based on sharing various kinds of love touched many people’s hearts and perhaps changed their mindset meanwhile humanising NK people.
    It is a drama which one can re-watch many times with a fluttering heart.
    It is amazing to see so many people embracing an unfamiliar concept warm heartedly.
    Even in Japan it has been trending at no. 1 ,plus read an article today that it is becoming quite popular in Australia as well.
    Some may dislike it ,some may love it due to preference but its impact cannot be denied.
    Although Kingdom may be a Netflix Original but it was a Sageuk ,again having a purely Korean theme. It must be a great year for K-industry as I see the incoming of another hallyu wave.

    • This only shows that to become popular globally kdramas need not necessarily shed its koreanness cause it is what defines them. Some ideas sounded so exciting, new on paper with mind blowing possibilities but ultimately it was so badly executed while trying to imitate western style. Was TKEM trying to pull out something like Inception?? Cause both of them went over my head…But the difference is Inception was a masterpiece where as TKEM is…. forget it..?

  2. This stats is from a tabloid not OFFICIAL. Netflix didn’t release numbers on any of these said shows. This is taken from a tabloid called Observer and its claims that the numbers are not official because Netflix dosen’t release them except end year and they do it other times on some occasion but the stats quoted is not real in fact it’s quoted from a fake sources and misleading

    • I was thinking the same. I had to backtrack the source and it’s so misleading everything written here is unbelievable. If koala read the source of Observer she wouldn’t have made this mistake.

      First it’s only in the US and second of all it’s just a week and estimation not even official because Netflix only gives out daily ranking where a show can either go up or down from day to day.

      The observer itself claims that Netflix dosen’t release numbers but than goes on to reference another survey called reelgood or something and than jumps on to saying from 21 marts to 27 marts which is technically not even a week but 6 days. An unofficial survey based on 6 days turned into 6 weeks during the pandemic how could this happen with no official or anything in that matter. basically a tabloid referencing an unofficial survey tabloid which is than both referenced by a private blogger

  3. Year 2019-2020 are the years of Hallyu resurgence. From Hotel De Luna, Love Alarm, Extraordinary You, Tale of Nokdu, Kingdom, Itaewon Class, The World of Married to Crash Landing on You. Kdrama is back to the track!

      • Well, EY and TTON are debatable but LA is not in all reasons. It is both domestic and international hits. As of this date, LA remains to be one of the most popular searches in Netflix, which is a clear explanation why is is a sure hit.

    • Talke of nokdu isnt a hallyu hit. The wom isnot on online sites so dont know it is hallyu hit yet but if they release on netflix it will bcoz it is amazing
      Hallyu is not domestic but overseas success. Tale of nokdu doesnt belongs there nor extra ordinary you. Stop making every drama hallyu thing bco ur fave is in it. Hallyu is overseas impact and success. These days everything is labelled hallyu bcoz ur fave was in it

    • Extraordinary You and Tale of Nokdu are not my fave shows too. But based on my observation, these shows are one of the most popular shows for foreign fans last year. Anyways, don’t take my post seriously coz it is just my perspective. You can also have yours. Peace!

      • Love alarm was hallyu hit but other 2 were not. Dont confuse trendy drama in korea with hallyu hit. scarlett moon was megaflop in korea but overseas it was massive and that is what we call hallyu hit. Learn the difference. Dont go on calling every drama hallyu hit bcoz u4 fave is on it . Peace!

      • Wrong points will be pointed out hallyu is not a thing which is served on platter. Love alarm was. Others werent just bcoz ur fave is in there. There are 100s of k drama since hallyu began but only few become one. Scarlett moon flopped in korea but it was a hallyu success whereas litm was a megahit in korea but no hallyu success. Tton and ey were korean trendy not hallyu trendy. Learn difference. Peace

      • Well, the determination whether a show is a hallyu or not lies on one’s perception. So, I will stick to my belief that EY and TTON are hallyu hits. Further, I beg to disagree about your comments on SH and LITM. For me, both of them are hallyu hits regardless how well they perform in their home country.

      • Rofl disagree with me all u want but that wont make them hallyu hits bcoz ue fave is in it learn what hallyu is before u spew crap. I m sure u will say love alarm is bugger than jewel in palace in future lmao

      • ??? For the record, I don’t have any faves in the stars of EY, TTON. I have only two faves, and they are Jun Ji Hyun and Kim Tae Ri. Further, it doesn’t mean that if I find a drama popular, I instantly like the stars. Hahha. There is a lot of instances where I enjoyed a drama but I am impartial or I don’t like the stars. So, girl, you better practice a reasonable assumption.

        Finally, I don’t know how to comment on LA. You are kind of inconsistent about. First, you said that it is a hallyu hit. Now, you’re like “implying” that it is not coz you’re also “implying” that one of LA’s stars is my fave. Anyways, as I previously said, the hallyu hit stand of TTON and EY are debatable but LA is not. It is both domestic and international hit. Same as SH and LITM. That’s all!

      • I dont care whom u stan or not. Using this???wont make u funny. And i know very well whom u stan and have seen u stanning hard. So dont tell me
        Second no it is not. Litm was domestic hit whereas scarlett moon was hallyu hit. No 2 ways about it. Love alar. Was 8 biggwst k drama on netflix last year but for ur happiness lets say it is hallyu hit. But other 2 nope. There is nothing to debate. They r no hallyu hits and onlt fans will call them one.
        Hallyu is not agift u keep giving it to any random drama

      • If that will make you happy, you can assume what you want to assume about me. ?

        As to LA, yes, it is a hallyu hit, and I don’t need a validation on my perception. Even you said it is a hallyu hit. So, there is nothing to fight against LA.

        As to EY, TTON, SH and LITM, I will continue to say that they are hallyu hits. At the end of the day, there are no clear gauge on how to determine if a drama is a hallyu hit or not. So, if a drama becomes popular outside, it is enough reason for someone to call it a hallyu hit.

      • Lmao using this? wont make u right??
        Ur perception is factually wrong and will be called out. La bareky made number 8 in most watched kdrama on netflix. Ok it is haplyu hit. But other2 ttol and ey?
        They werent. Actual hallyu stars must be cringing that these days people call anything halkyu hit lmao???you have no facts . Ur perception is dumb??
        Litm was local megahit but not a thing outside korea. Wheee is opposite for scarlett moon. Thats why it is hallyu hit
        Just fave in ttol n ey wont make them hallyu hita. Learna thing about hallyu first

  4. Oh, I miss Kim Eun-hee’s writing style while she was at SBS (Sign, Phantom/Ghost). Signal was good, but too much twisted for me (directing’s confusing me). And I don’t know how can Kingdom is from the same person. It’s just unwatchable for me.

    Btw, Kim Eun-hee is Kim Eun-sook little sis, right?

  5. I swear Crashing landing on you is overrated which proves my case as this source is falsified. I remember that Itaewon Class and CLOY came out around the same time. CLOY was just getting pushed mostly from SK but Itaewon class was enjoying much more success on Netflix and other platforms and on social media activity. I-fans and basically the youths were just diggin IC more than CLOY who had the more bitter fans and than they started making Itaewon class into a battlefield bashing it online everywhere and hate watching it. How pressed can CLOY fans be I mean chill.

    Just look at Park Seo Joon how his stardom has grown during and post IC onlinw. CLOY is a paper tiger the real hit was always Itaweon class as it was relatable to the youths POV and much more trendy.

    • My exact sentiment. Itaweon class was really bigger hit than CLOY on all fronts looking at it objectively. people who were following closely know this for a fact. The bitterness was also coming from them I noticed that trying to create negative perception

      • No it wasn’t. Not in ratings and overseas , it wasn’t even close.

        Even in korea, son ye jin and hyun bin kept topping Data list over IC’s leads , which is based on trends. Only after CLOY ended, they topped the list of trendy stars.

        You guys are the one who are coming out as bitter here.

        Ic was a huge success, but if you want to come out at cloy, do your research properly. It didn’t beat cloy in ratings and other formats.

        Fact remains, cloy make up the lists of netflix many times, compared to IC. So nope it wasn’t bigger than cloy. Deal with it!

        Cloy’s online videos views goes into billions worldwide.

        Objectively , no it wasn’t . Your opinion is not a fact and actually, opppsite of reality.

      • Also to add It wasmt bigger in ratings nor trnds nor worldwide success. So what is ur objective format? Ur lala land??

      • Just take a look at CLOY’S Wikipedia page if you don’t have enough time to research.There you will certainly get some ideas if not much regarding its popularity..Stay pressed haters It is always hard to accept bitter truth.

      • Astar i supported ic but they bashed ky beloved cloy. Well fact remains cloy destroyed ic internationally in popularity and biggest hallyu hit since goblin. Deal with it haters

    • Cloy was much bigger hit in korea as well as overseas. Hyun bin and Son ye jin are already top stars. They don’t need to be trendy. And in good data they were top ranked over IC’s leads.

      Cloy peaked at 21% and had better average. Ic wasn’t big overseas compared to cloy.

      Cloy was more trendy as well? Wtf? No one pushed cloy. People loved it. And cloy kept doing better one neflix than ic worldwide. Ic was no hallyu hit.

      What BS are you spewing here?

      It wasn’t a paper tiger but actually massive blockbuster. Many asian celebs posted abput cloy. Do your research properly.

      IC was a hit but cloy was much bigger.

      Don’t make up your own facts to feel good.

      Ofcourse Ps,rk seo joon stardom will grow compared to already established mega stars like son ye jin and hyun bin , who have already hit the peaks many times and again did with cloy.

      Atleast there are list where they keep repeating cloy’s name in top 10 but ic rarely make any list. Good for psj, but don’t insult cloy’s massive success.

      Only bitter one here is you, who can’t accept cloy was way bigger everywhere. It’s online videos set new records everywhere for views.

      • Also to add keep crying over cloys success. It beat ic everywhere.
        Ic was a typical story if revenge . It is nowhere cloy impact wise. Stay mad??

      • And CLOY was a typical rom-com story with makjang shooting and near-death “shocking moments” every two episodes with endlessly whining and crying leads. Your point? You can sum up any drama like that. IC was anything, but typical. There is a way to support one drama without trashing a great drama.
        I would like people to not include IC in this narrative. Both dramas are successful. Why da funk you all need to argue over their numbers, instead of enjoying both of their accomplishments.

      • May be start lecturing ur fellow ic stans not to mock other dramas success and mock their fans if u dont want ur own dose of medicine. Cloy wasnt typical rom com and well represented north sk tensions, a great supporting cast, boosted second leads careers and a well round up drama. What was special about ic? Its second half was getting bashed for being lame. Leads were good thougj.
        But if u guys come at cloy, ur drama is not special

      • Noone was bringing numbers before ic fans. Ur hypocrisy of pointing at me begore calling out ic stans who started bs is hilarious

  6. People hardly use Netflix, Amazon is more popular and CLOY push so hard by Netflix, not to mention how Netflix change how their viewership count.

    CLOY is not popular in Japan. I’ve seen more tweet about IC manga and I don’t even know that it aired in Japan.

    Before CLOY fans jump in, just don’t reply.
    It’s not even that good to be promoted, I feel ashamed when I see it on netflix.
    Also the fans is so shameless in rating the drama, you can love drama that isn’t 10/10, it’s fine to like a ridiculous drama than pretending that it’s a masterpiece of storytelling just to justify your feeling.

    • First , you ic fans need to get over your bitterness and just because ic fails to make top lists of netlflix, suddenly netflix isn’t important?

      Cloy ended earlier, and keeps making lists.

      It was among top 5 watched last year, with few episodes and will end up as most watched k drama this year overseas. Even in korea , it beat IC.

      Just to discredit cloy’s impact and success. And then you guys call cloy’s fan bitter.

      You didn’t like the drama. Ok. Stop acting like elitist and preaching your bitter opinion. People loved it everywhere.

      I have also seen more views for clips of cloy, i have seen millions of tweets for cloy over ic. Many celebs throughout asia posted about it. And yes my opinion is truth!

      Ic was also a typical story of revenge done to dust. An underdog getting revenge on rich. What was new?

      Only shameless here is you. Who gives you right to pass judgement on what people like it or not?

      Keep crying over it. Cloy remains bigger hit than ic domestically as well as overseas. And the impact isn’t even close.

      Stay bitter!

      And yes it is 100/10 drama for us. Who are you to judge us? What makes you think your opinion holds more importance than millions, who loved it?

      Netlfix promoted both cloy and ic, but people like cloy way more everywhere. It has more repeat value and it keeps getting views.

      You can discredit netlfix as much as you want, they are officials. Not some bitter hater.

      Now keep crying!

      • I am not even IC fans, not even park Seo Joon fans, just someone who tired to see people praise CLOY to high heaven when it’s not even that good of a drama.

        Netflix is pushing shows and they should push a better show. Reminds me of another comments that ask people to wait 1 year, perhaps CLOY already forgotten.

      • Who r u ti decide what others find good or not? For millions it is deal with it.
        Netflix didnt oush it people loved it . Moveon

      • The impact if CLOY is undeniable. For someone who hasn’t watch any K-Drama before CLOY, it really is amazing! I couldn’t even watch another K drama because the bar was set too high no other can compare. So for non-CLOY fans, let’s just acknowledge the facts and not be bitter. CLOY fans—when others go low we go high?

    • Lol. Netflix is the biggest online streaming platform. Amazon is nowhere to defeat it’s popularity. So, you better stop your lies.

    • Are you an idot?? Japan has the largest market in Asia for Netflix.Since the start of May CLOY has been trending on number 1. Even before that,it was always in top 10 ever since it was released in Japan in late Feb. There is even an article saying that.Just go to CLOY’s Wikipedia page and you will find the reference.Stay pressed hater.Maybe your fav drama flopped.Jealousy is bad for health.

  7. This is weird! What happened to my earlier post? Hope this will still work. Maybe I am not suppose to put links?

    I saw some having doubts on Reelgood data, so I did some google search as I was curious. From what I read, it’s a pretty legit measurement of Netflix top shows and also other streaming sites and is subscribed by well-known companies like Microsoft, NYPost etc.


    Another site also listed Top Netflix US shows Apr 16-22 and CLOY was still at #6.

    CLOY also ranked #1 on many Asia Netflix countries such as Thailand, Phil, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan etc even 1 to 2 mths after its finale episode. It is has also been on top 10 Netflix Japan since Feb and in early May is #1 (you can search japanese articles and tweeter for this). So its good performance in US Netflix is not that surprising as it has mass appeal outside SK.

    Both CLOY and IC has been very successful, so there is no need to pit one over the other.

    • Noone was pitting until ic fans started draghing cloy. Well then facts needs to be posted. When they said ic is bigger in every format than cloy when it is not. Cloy beat it domestic as well as overseas

    • Get outta here with that. Reelgood is not reliable not even close. It’s mostly assumptions. It’s like way worse than long-range theater releases tracking. They have no measurements to pinpoint anything on before hand. Which makes there numbers for tabloid consumption article releases and nothing that holds water with the producer and actors who don’t take any sources from them or other similar independant trackers waste of time. It’s very difficult to track netflix clicks only netflix has the numbers and it mostly releases year ends

      • It is better than making claims in air that ic outdid it when it didnt. Cloy was ranked in netflix top 4 last year and will top it. Now u can call netflix garbage in future but everyone and their dog know it outdid ic domestically and overseas not even close

      • Ofcourse it is less reliable than some bitter ones saying ic was bigger hit than cloy and they must be more reliable??

      • I laid down some facts for you. No need to hide behind name callings. Come and clear

      • What facts ur opinion?
        Cloy with less episodes was top 5 in netflix last year and this year it just smashed and peaked.
        It keeps getring mentioned in not one article but many more than ic.
        And domestically too it beat it.
        And it has billions of virws from clips . So what facts? Ur opinion is not a fact

    • Why is Reelgood data considered as “not reliable”? Even S&P Global Intelligence has included it in their articles and that’s not a tabloid. Since Netflix do not release weekly and monthly data, many businesses rely on Reelgood to make key decisions. The Reelgood Insights is even headed by a former Senior VP of Nielsen, which is the company that measures TV ratings (and other data). Means it’s a legit insight/ data company or division.


      Even if you don’t want to look at Reelgood data, from the daily ranking in Netflix, it’s also clear CLOY achieved #1 Netflix ranking in many Asian countries. It was Top 10 in Japan since Feb which has the biggest Asia Netflix subscribers as per article below :


      CLOY also received many favorable reviews and reco from key publications in US, Canada, India etc. Everyone of them totally enjoyed and recommended as top show to watch :





      So seriously, stop putting down another show to build up another. It’s such childish behaviour.

    • Do people even use Netflix that much in Asia? No they don’t, many Asian watcher in Asia either pirate by the title or use VIU

      It’s like iTunes chart in Asia when no one use iTunes beside the fans of artist.

      That’s why this kind of list is unreliable. Especially with how Netflix change how it count the watch hours since the Witcher comes.

      • You have been conned as the article is based on a fake tabloid via fake survey for 6 days. Ain’t nobody is pushing CLOY especially Netflix they don’t do stuff like that. It’s the op who is pushing via false stats. It has already been debunked read the up comments.

        As for netflix its really big in Asia and has around 30 million subs on the streaming platform. Not comparable to Itunes

      • I have the thought that it’s not reliable, I live in Asia, my friend is from Asia and in all of my conversation, people subs Netflix for gimmicks, watch it for stranger things and many people use Asian region to bypass certain shows with VPN while I know many drama fans pay for VIU, Iflix and Hooq and Viki pass (mostly for chinese drama)

        It’s like no one watch asian drama on netflix and it better to pirate show that’s not on VIU

  8. @yush So I saw all the debunks in the posts above but there are no article or valid info and data to support it. Whereas I have found a number of articles that supports Reelgood data and validity. Guess this argument will never end and we can agree to disagree at this point, unless sometime solid comes out to support the debunk claims.

    • Also my post with the supporting articles keeps disappearing, so maybe the system thot it’s a spam since there are many outside links. I won’t post a 4th time and hope the original post will re-appear.

    • How can anybody with a straight face trying to legitimacy reelgood is beyond me. I know reelgood on before hand. Everything they do is assume. Netflix themselves releases numbers as in ”MILLIONS view clicks” Is just not viable for reelgood to track how many clicks a single person dose they don’t have access to that inform. So you are ended up with unofficial as unofficial it can get

  9. Also my post with the supporting articles keeps disappearing, so maybe the system thot it’s a spam since there are many outside links. I won’t post a 4th time and hope the original post will re-appear.

  10. @ady exactly ..ic was good but what is the point of dragging down CLOY just to make the other look great.Both have different genres. But when we have numbers we can objectively argue which was more popular.CLOY has obviously higher ratings than IC as well as SYJ,HB and CLOY were always at the top of Good Data reports creating buzz. IC was only next to it and that too trailing by a huge margin.Numbers don’t lie. Let them be delusionals.People who watched CLOY watched IC as well and I don’t get it why @ikran said that CLOY fans left negative comments for IC to make it look bad.I mean you tell me ,CLOY has phenomenal success in its own right so why would people go bashing another drama while feeling insecure.We are proud and we don’t need to drag down other dramas to make CLOY look great.But looks like other stans are insecure.IC ratings grew fast but its ratings became stagnant at one point while CLOY was growing consistently evwn with the two weeks break. I think there is no pointbin justifying these idiots.

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