Gu Hye Sun and Ahn Jae Hyun’s Divorce Finalized in Court

I’m sure this is a relief for the stars involved and for the netizens this is closure on what was an unnecessarily public event what should be personal. The divorce proceedings between stars Gu Hye Sun and Ahn Jae Hyun were finalized this week in Seoul, capping off 7 months of legal affairs to conclude the three year union of the no ex-couple. Last summer their breakup and divorce petition made the news constantly as Gu Hye Sun shared a lot of her side of the story for why the couple’s marriage failed and all the events leading up to the last straw. It’s messy and complicated and the truth is only known to the two of them. Both remain working in K-ent and that’s the way it should be as canceling anyone for being maybe a shitting spouse isn’t exactly called for. Best of luck to each in their separate lives and careers ahead.


Gu Hye Sun and Ahn Jae Hyun’s Divorce Finalized in Court — 26 Comments

  1. Divorce is never easy and I’m sure it’s a million times harder for stars in the public eye. Even Johnny Depp is going through a court battle now with his ex-wife and hanging out all the dirty laundry for everyone to see.

    • Johnny Depp married a psycho abuser. It’s sad that he left the mother of his children to marry a young beautiful opportunist. While he’s eccentric, I don’t believe he abused her. She oth has a history of domestic violence.

    • so hard for them .. they will be heartache bad mad love of them . They were so cute of couple of them.. God work with you .. just faith in them .. they will become normal friends and erase of their memories for seriously…they will move on new next life..

  2. Hope Gu Hye Sun can find her prince charming that will love her.
    Wishing her all the best, as it is not easy being a female divorcee. Hoping she can revive her career in acting.

      • Havent watch any of her drama..Just watched her in Boys over flowers and my oh my…I love Hana Yori Dango..watched Taiwanese and Japanese version a couple of times but although Korean version has the hottest F4, I couldnt manage to rewatch it for the reason that I cant stand her portrayal of makino…just sayinh cause someone brought it up here…Anyways..goodluck to the both of them..May they find happiness and peace of mind..

      • Ji eun – watch the 2018 C-version, Shen Yue is an excellent actress. I hope you will like it. Although I still like Mao Inoue the best.

    • @jean- She was the main actress in Boys over Flowers. She is not the best at comedy, but does well in serious roles.
      I have nothing good to say about her ex, so I will just leave it at that. At least both can move on and she can finally move on.

      • GHS is the worst Makino of all versions of Hana Yori Dango. My opinion. Her ex is even worse.

      • You have to be kidding? Did you see her in Take Care of Us Captain? Her version of dramatic acting is to pout and or cry or eat food slovenly. She should stick to art and not inflect her “acting” on other actors or the audience.

      • @jean. You fuck are you to tell us she can’t act? You are telling us someone acting for nearly 20yrs can’t act? Get the fuck outta here. Seriously this place is just full of trolls and childish posters and even if you wanna post malicous posts atleast make it believable

  3. Ahn Jae Hyun was an abuse victim. Gu Hye Sun bullied, abused, cornered and publicly slandered and humiliated AJH, a depressed man, all the while invalidating his mental illness. Imagine the response had AJH been a woman. I can’t stand this passive “they both at fault” stance.

    I also cannot stand when people are dismissive and and going all “They should’ve done this privately instead of making it a media circus.” That was EXACTLY what Ahn Jae Hyun tried to do all along. The whole dismissive attitude towards this man’s public abuse and humiliation while still trying to play nice towards his abuser makes my blood boil.

    • Had Gu Hye Sun apologized for attacking Ahn Jae Hyun’s colleagues (Oh Yeon Seo & Kim Seul Gi) yet and accusing them of cheating with AJH? And didn’t she SWEARS she would bring up solid proof of them cheating? lol

  4. @PineappleTrot

    No public apology for the false accusations of slander, especially for the actresses he worked with. I admire and respect him for keeping his cool during the most trying of times. I agree that he was psychologically and emotionally abused by his ex and I hope that he’s receiving counseling for his mental and emotional health, and they both can move on from this marriage into healthier and happier relationships in the future.

  5. @jean and @urbanite

    I don’t this dog mental or competitive mental saying out flat someone whos been acting nearly 20yrs can’t act. It’s childish comment first of all and incorrect. I don’t understand why this place has so many childish comments and hate in general towards celebrities this ppl doesn’t even know in person nor have they caused them any harm. There is also alot of backward tribal mentality

    • you’re using terms you don’t even quite grasp lol.

      She can’t act, per perception of those two posters. that’s their opinion and shouldnt be attacked otherwise. shame on you.

      • Imagine going into dicaprio articles and dropping comments like he can’t act. Its childish comments to leave regardless while everyone can do this to everyone but it degrades the art of acting as awhole. You can instead say she is not my friend favourite actress which is subjective but can’t act that is first of all incorrect and rude plain and simple. What i am really protecting is the art of acting being violated here due to some childish and tribal mentality

      • Dicaprio is an Oscar winning actor and his acting is well recognized. What award has GHS received? You are so dumb in comparing a C-list actress to a Top world actor. LOL. btw – I am not naniiii, I just cannot stand your ignorance. You are like comparing a pea to a 10-carat diamond. LOLOL.

      • Well first of all it’s incorrect second of all you should instead she is not my favourite actress saying otherwise is rude plain and simple. You may have a bias that you like but doesn’t mean you should bash others incorrectly

      • You should NOT tell me what to say. My opinion is my opinion. You are the RUDE one cursing and swearing in public!! Commenting that she cannot act is not bashing. You do not even understand what bashing means. There are a lot of artists worldwide who cannot act. GHS is not the only one. You are taking this too personally. Are you GHS in disguise? or her new beau? LOL.

      • First of all it’s incorrect and second it’s rude period. It doesn’t matter if Dicaprio has won Oscar or not. It would still be subjective right. Everything goes in that direction.

        But you on the other hand need to work on yourself and stop this tribalistic mindset. Nonsense spamming. We get it she is not your favourite actress but going further then that is unacceptable

      • I believe you are the one who needs work. Comparing a no-namer to Dicaprio? HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! You are a fool.

  6. I wish Hye Sun and Jae Hyun the best. Hoping they can find there peace and happiness. All the harsh comments toward Hye Sun I’m sure she would do things differently if she had not been in so much pain. Until you go through a divorce or a really bad breakup dont judge so harshly.

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