Lee Byung Hun, Park Seo Joon, and Park Bo Young Confirmed for Dystopian K-movie Concrete Utopia

A trio of big names are joining the world of what-if when a disaster fells South Korea and there are tons of such movies but each a different enough to be interesting still if done well. Lee Byung Hun, Park Seo Joon, and Park Bo Young are joining forces to stay alive and safe in Concrete Utopia, a disaster movie from the same director of fantasy movie Vanishing Time: The Boy Who Returned. Concrete is set in the future when a massive earthquake which rips apart all the concrete in Seoul, leaving the survivors left to fend for themselves in a concrete jungle torn asunder. Park Seo Joon and Park Bo Young are a married couple while Lee Byung Hun is a leader of the group trying to keep an apartment block safe. Once again this sounds like a fun movie to watch on a long plane right hahaha, if I ever fly away sigh.


Lee Byung Hun, Park Seo Joon, and Park Bo Young Confirmed for Dystopian K-movie Concrete Utopia — 73 Comments

  1. Park bo young always come with great projects most of the time especially movies when she hit it big in 2008 with that movie

    • Most of her movies have flopped so I don’t know what your tripping on. Scandal Makers, Werewolf Boy and Wedding are the only movies that are considered hits everything else she did in movies was a flop.

      • lol this. Love PBY but actually, she’s not as successful as people make her seem. Wedding wasn’t huge either so her last biggest hit was quite a while ago. She’s good in dramas instead. Both OMG and Bong soon did very well.

      • Even jjh has flops. Thing is she is in demand actress in both fields. Clearly among top 3 actress from 90s nad has double digit cfs. What is ur criteria of top? Her romcom movie did well too for the genre

    • Yes, along with KTR, PBY is an enigma in both TV and movie landia. Something rare to be achieved in K-entertainment. So far, the legends are JJH and SYJ.

  2. I am happy and gutted at the same time. PBY will most likely unable to do The One Day Destruction Enter The Front Door of My House. Both projects are slated for early 2021. The SIG and PBY combo have been my dream team since Oh My Ghost. Heartbreak. However, seeing PBY with PSJ is a consolation even if it is a 2 hour movie.

  3. Can’t they just hire people and rebuild the houses and buildings? It’s not like they’re fighting off demons or zombies or something. What is there to protect?

  4. PSJ is rising. He may pull off a legendary KSH career in TV and movie if this movie turns to be success, which is very possible.

  5. Still he have to give 3-4 more hits.
    KSH have to just make a comeback as soon as possible with good projects. KSH and PSJ they both have stardom and are critically acclaimed… that rare for hallyu star. PSJ is rising thats great….the only problem with KSH is he really take a lot of time…he is very picky in his projects. Wish he make a comeback as soon as possible…

    • IONTBO is KSH’s comeback drama which unfortunately not meeting its expected domestic ratings. Nevertheless, widely crazed by fans outside SoKor.

      • But u know right people here said netflix n worldwide popularity doesnt matter lol

      • K entertainment have said that IOTNOB is hitting the 3rd hallyu wave coz or it’s extreme popularity in NETFLIX and TVING ( Biggest korean streaming site ). Recently IOTNOB in TVING have got 80% viewership which means 2.032 million Koreans are watching on TVing.
        PSJ have to really gave more hits coz the impact KSH have created on K industry at such a young age is still unbeatable. I am not saying that PSJ is not great actor…but KSH is literally at top and PSJ is in his way…to reach there. If u have seen KSH record he literally explode 2010-2015..5 years an actor could dream…6 super hits projects in a row..4 daesang in a row. Becoming second youngest actor to get Baeksang award for best actor at age of 24 only…PSJ is the only korean actor who can give KSH tough competition…

      • https://news.v.daum.net/v/20200729174201397
        Here u go…now ratings are not only the way of success. OTT platforms like TVing in the and Netflix are the also the way of success. 2nd hallyu wave was started by My love from another star and 1st was started by Winter Sonata. IOTNOB is hitting 3rd hallyu wave…u can see the graph that shows which drama started hallyu wave time to time.

      • I beg to disagree. 2nd hallyu wave was started by BOF, 3rd wave was MLFTS and 4th wave was CLOY.

      • IC was also aired in TVing if I m not wrong..I m saying this because a IONTBO fan herself said that as CLOY and IC were also aired in TVIng and they don’t know how what was the viewership percentage of these two..so it would be unfair to pull up the TVIng card.

        As for Netflix I will say this again..The top 10 trends started from 23 feb and IC was nearing its end..(CLOY already ended)..So it isn’t a fair criteria to judge which one is more popular on Netflix cause we don’t have enough data for IC..
        HOWEVER I do think IOTNBO is a huge hit worldwide but don’t compare it with IC cause we didn’t have Netflix trends during IC times unlike now when we know in which countries IOTNBO is trending.

    • Do you know what Critically acclaimed is? How can someone be critically acclaimed. A project can become critically acclaimed not a person. You can say someone has awards… Or a Project such movie etc etc was critically acclaimed? People don’t even know the phrase but trying to use words doesn’t even mean shit or relevant.

      It depends on the Hallyu stars level some of them are at such high level which techically makes them above everyone in talent

      • Err, critically acclaimed means acclaimed by critics *drum rolls*. In simpler terms, someone who is deemed a good actor by experts, industry insiders, acclaimed PDs (and yes, that’s a thing. Look it up!). People do know how to use the “phrase”, just because you don’t understand it, doesn’t mean it’s not a thing LOL.

        Both Park Seo Joon and Kim Soo Hyun are acclaimed actors – they both were #2 and #1 respectively in the Sports Chosun released list chosen by industry insiders. That’s a fact. PSJ is still getting there but KSH for now has the Hallyu factor, the “critical acclaim”, all the awards, overall praise etc.

        Hallyu stars at “such a high level which makes them above everyone in talent” – ??. that line doesn’t mean shit and is completely irrelevant. If Hallyu at a high level (wtf does that mean anyway) means someone is “talented above everyone” then Suzy is the most talented amongst all. Spare me the stupidity please. I’m out.

      • Citing a fucking irrelevant survey by agencies WTF. They don’t cast anyone nor have power or any casting decision it’s like gathering 30 irrelevant people to give you a survey.. Agents that is what they are? They are not directors, producers or the people who take the final decision. And No there is no such thing as critically acclaimed actor it doesn’t exist such word? A project can become critically acclaimed english is perhaps not your first language don’t delude yourself in emptiness thinking it is something

      • I am sure most of actors have somewhere 1 critically acclaimed project so does that make them all critically acclaimed.. There is nothing called critically acclaimed for actors there no words for that it’s only for projects. you are looking for others words

      • I don’t think she knows what critically acclaim means and kinda wrongfully used here. Park chan-wook, Yoo Ha, or Bong Joon-ho movies are mostly acclaimed by professional movie critics and also all other socially meaningful movies you will get CA but rarely a drama gets critically acclaimed.. It’s like 1 in very 5000 dramas. These professional critics dont give critical acclaim an actor it’s not their job but the project but what you said doesn’t exist in the oxford dictionary. You meant with alot awards or rewarded or something along these lines. It’s like saying the fire department came to take the fire out of one person while their job is solely based on shouting down the fire on the building. There job is based on the project and laud performances. Don’t mess it up or get it wrong

      • Suzy is an Idol and singer just doesn’t fit into this whatsoever as acting is her side thing

      • KSH has won 1 Paeksang or something and some of his fans believe this to be something significiant lool. Small actors take these serious and they even give them to be B and C-listers. Meh! PSJ has never won anything tho. KSH just doesn’t have it and this proves why the inferiority complex. I actully PSH above KSH because he can atleast pull off macho characters

  6. Since KSH was mentioned above, yes, I agree that KSH and PSJ are both great actors, probably 2 of the best among their peers.

  7. Wow, not really sure how this topic got to KSH but I think in terms of successful projects, PSJ has a bit more to go before he can reach KSH’s level of success.

    That being said, PSJ is also someone who doesn’t take too many breaks and always keeps himself busy. So that’s definitely to his advantage. KSH tends to be extremely picky and while his choices are actually 99% correct, I wish he did more projects overall. If he can be so acknowledged with literally just 5 dramas and 3 movies in the past decade (where he’s not a child actor), then it says a lot about his star power and influence.

  8. 2nd was started with boys over flowers. Get the timeline right

    And international numbers dont matter as people said here. U were one of them. Don’t change ur narrative!

    • It’s the literal news. Could be wrong news sure, but the article being published is a fact tho…

      The “people here” are right. International numbers don’t matter, domestic does. Therefore, Itaewon Class is a huge hit despite IOTNBO getting international recognition.

      • Being in the news does not convert something into a fact. Well, the article linked in this post looks like some kind of media hype and backed up with data to make it more reliable.

        At the end of the day, IONTBO is never the the starter of hallyu wave drama. We are already in the 4th wave which is started by CLOY and paved way to TWOM, IC, TKEM and IONTBO.

      • Of course being in the news means its a fact, You aren’t even allowed to publish any article in a newspaper or new forum unless you have facts and figures to back it up. What rubbish are you saying? Journalism is fact based and all news is factual.

    • yes this site, koalas and members said international numbers doesn’t matter. Only domestic matters
      so yes IC is a hit . other is not!

    • Lmao..how can you say IOTNBO was a bigger hit than IC over all..
      Ratings wise it definitely beat IOTNBO but also from international standards IC was really huge..But still I would refrain from comparing IOTNBO and IC regarding international popularity as we don’t have objective proofs.
      You may not know about it since you will pull in Netflix trend Bullshit..But my dear friend ..let me remind you .. Netflix started releasing its trend in late February i.e 23rd Feb and IC was already nearing its end..So we have very little info as to in how many countries it ranked in top 10..Again ..go check Flixpatrol site and tell me if you get any info about the Netflix tv series trends for the months of January, February and March..
      As I always say wait for actual Netflix numbers.. That’s all..

      • Tv rating system is outdated and has changed many articles on this now sweetheart. To many streaming platforms inside korea. Tv is of the past

    • Lis Marie – Where have you been the past year? IC is a great success. PSJ has many hit dramas and CF’s. LOL. Stop bashing, it totally shows your ignorance.

      • This ends the debate why would he get casted as second lead here A-list don’t get second leads. His a B-lister period

      • I totally disagree. Disaster movies can have more than one male lead (unlike rom-com). Like Ashfall, while LBH is clearly A-list, but will you call HJW and MDS B-listers? NO NO NO. All three are award-winning movie male leads. @guyes @Chin – I can tell you are the same person, just as ignorant as @Lis Marie!! LOL.

      • @dramafan

        I honestly don’t think his A-lister yet. He has some way to go because his not strongly established lead actor who can carry projects alone and also getting casted beneath LBH was just good career move regardless. He should do PSJ movies not LBH movies or cast LBH as the second lead. ASHFALL didn’t have second leads seem like they were all leads. MDS was brought on to boost the Box office sales and alot of movies bring him in to just boost the box office numbers definitely not Second lead treatment. PSJ is upcoming actor and he shouldn’t second lead but build himself

      • Jay – I actually don’t care the A, B, C, D ratings of actors. But some people are clearly here to bash and I cannot tolerate these comments. Labeling a movie as “LBH movie” is wrong. Would you call Ashfall a “LBH movie” with 3 well known actors including HJW and MDS? PSJ can carry a drama but he is just starting on movies, and he is over 10 years younger than LBH. Why compare? PSJ is an A in dramas. My main disagreement is with @Lis Marie. You can have your opinion in a separate comment.

  9. I am happy Park Seo Joon work hard in his golden peak popularity and received nonstop of Projects. IC rating was so good in SK and also International because it was one of the great tv-series in 2020. Park Seo Joon’s acting in IC has captured many hearts and got so many new fans. Thats why his instagram followers now close to 15 millions ppl. He also the 1st korean actor (not singers / idol) who received Youtube gold play button. Actress Joen Do Yeon and Masami Nagasawa once revealed in their interviewed wanted to work with him if got a chance. I believe he is A lister now as he was chosen #2 in the eyes of the experts inside industry that released by Chosun Sport. All of these surely are the facts that he is now achieved both a popular hallyu star and an acclaimed actor on his acting skill. Wishing him shine even brighter and more successful in his career and life.

  10. Well, for me Kim So Hyun first then Park Seo Jun. Why? KSH acting is better for raw emotion. He can pull heavy or light story. Park Seo Jun is good actor too but his emotion isn’t as deep as KSH. That’s why PSJ more suits in romcom while KSH could be put in any genre. KSH only lack of his macho style. He will be looking as cute boy.

    • KSH lacks the needed versatility due to being incapable of entering macho characters probably. He can portrary some emotion but he lacks that tenacity which makes him sometimes appear like a blank page

      • KSH is a Blank page? Lmfao okay, that already shows how much one should credit your “opinion”

  11. PSJ is better actor anyway. He hit big purely based on his ability to portray characters on the screen. His choice of characters also better and he is emotionally more diverse when portraying them. He excels in drama, comedy, romance, action and knows how to switch between drama-roles and has equal amount of talent and charisma to pull drama and movie roles.

    • PSJ is a b-lister and to stiff portraying some characters he lacks diveristy by default and as he can’t enter sassy characters due to his stiffness

      • Cry me a river. Your petty opinion based on jealousy that someone praised PSJ over KSH matter less than a penny, while PSJ keeps being unbothered swimming in much deserved approve from movie/drama industry insiders and peers along with getting bigger and bigger due to his own talent. lol

      • Stiff lmfao Even when you burned like hell, try to find something more plausible and believable to say. PSJ whole acting is more alive, than your life. Now can KSH fans just go away from PSJ, LBH and PBY’s thread lol What you all even doing here? lol

  12. Meanwhile, these two hardworking and successful actors are chilling in their luxury homes, probably even making plans to meet up later for drinks, given they’re good friends.

    And according to this old article (which might or might not be true), PSJ said in an interview that KSH helped him sign with KeyEast which pushed him to stardom:


    Yet i-fans are here once again pitting them against each other with some going so far as to dismiss KSH’s achievements and insulting his looks in favour of PSJ.

    My, oh my.

    • Tell me about it. As if these K-stars don’t deal with enough toxicity on their home turf.

      And isn’t this article about an upcoming movie starring LBH, PSJ and PBY?

      • I’ve noticed that in every article on here about PSJ, there is always someone who needlessly drags KSH into the conversation. And most of the time, these people aren’t even real fans of either actor. They’re usually trolls who love to throw the fan-war grenade and ran back to cackle at the inevitable explosion. And it works. Every. Single. Time.

        Just like now.

    • They’re not friends. PSJ and KSH have a mutual friend who connected PSJ to KSH so he could enter Keyeast. PSJ himself said in that interview that they’re not close, but he is thankful for KSH’s help.

      • @NGG

        The article I linked to is from 2015. More recent articles have described them as friends. PSJ (along with IU and Lee Hyun woo) reportedly sent food and coffee trucks to KSH on the set of IOTNBO. And KSH had reportedly sent a coffee truck prior to PSJ (and the other two) on the set of their movie Dream.

        I saw the pictures on Instagram but you can read about it here:


        Even if they’re not friends, they certainly wish each other well.

        And my point is, this constant fan-war where people drag one down to uplift the other is very toxic.

      • It’s obvious that KSH sent that food truck to the set of that movie because he is friends with Lee Hyun Woo and IU, both who he has supported openly multiple times. This the first time he has any interaction with PSJ. It would be weird if he excluded him from the truck when PSJ is the main lead and former label mate.

  13. I’m sorry, but what on earth even KSH/IOTNBO fans doing here shoving in people’s face their “favorite” and trying to argue, that IOTNBO with 4-5% viewer ratings bigger hit than 16,5% Itaewon Class lol Internet? Please, IC was bigger even there in SK. International popularity? IC had plenty of recognition. Heck even Japan is crazy over it with mentioning it left and right. And this drama wasn’t even promoted by Netflix like crazy, because jtbc has so-so deal with Netflix compared to tvN. Don’t be ridiculous, guys. Itaewon Class has flashy and big numbers. You can like personally better IOTNBO, but it’s desperate to argue over success that Itaewon Class showed. The drama and PSJ until then is keep being mentioned in every possible show in SK.
    Trying to bring down PSJ, because he is what “rival”? lol Let me understand why this place so obsessed with comparing everyone. What a petty thread of people obsessed over stars status, while actors/actresses themselves don’t even care and keep being unbothered. B-list my ass, PSJ is one of the few actors that can actually cross big and small screen with same appeal and acclaim. And he is not “secondary character” here. He is co-lead along with Lee Byung Hyun and Park Bo Young. We don’t even know who will actually have more screen time and bigger character arc lol Open the movie history book and learn a bit more about characters structure. A-listers across generations can co-lead movies. Anyone announced after those three will be secondary characters. Next, even A-lister playing secondary role don’t mean they’re not A-listers anymore. Ex.Gong Yoo in his latest movies.
    PSJ is an A-list because of his both domestic and Hallyu appeal, his presence on both big and small screen, his numerous prolific CF deals and his social status inside movie/drama industry along with obvious popularity. And good thing about him he is not here to mediaplay about himself. He is doing what he is doing and achieving everything steady and with confidence. Because he has an ability and talent to do so.

  14. Well personally I find KSH the better actor due to his range and versatility. PSJ is good too, but his emotional scenes don’t hit as hard. PSJ is still rising. He has yet t have a mega hit domestically on the level of Moon Embracing the Sun and YWCFS as well as a hallyu hit the level of YWCFS that literally kickstarted the 3rd hallyu wave. KSH is also more awarded, having 4 daesangs under his belt.

    • Right?

      The comment section was going so well (and KSH was minding his own business, might I add) until a poster wrote (I’m paraphrasing here) that PSJ can pull off a legendary KSH career in movies and TV if this Concrete Utopia movie is a hit.

      And then another poster echoed that sentiment and somehow it became a brouhaha about IOTNBO and IC, then yada yada yada about Hallyu fourth wave before devolving into a vicious KSH vs. PSJ free-for-all.


      • It’s started with KSH fans immediately dragging PSJ and IC down, because God forbid anyone to touch the status of their “oppa” lol wtf.

  15. I’m seriously baffled at how this somehow became a KSH vs PSJ battlefield. Firstly, I’m a KSH fan but honestly, all KSH “fans” here just to bash another actor needs to get the fuck out. This has nothing to do with him so don’t drag him and make his fandom look bad. I highly doubt any of these are even KSH fans at all. Just some idiotic trolls trying to stir the pot – get a life for your sake.

    Secondly, PSJ is actually an amazing actor and there are so many other actors you can bash if you’re just so inclined to do so. It’s ridiculous to keep comparing PSJ and KSH – they’re both fantastic and very good friends irl too. The fan wars in this site is atrocious at best, toxic at worse.

    • And the same goes for the PSJ “fans” dragging KSH six ways from Sunday. Both sides are completely out of line.

      I’m skeptical, but it might probably help if Koala laid down some house rules like other drama blogs that don’t tolerate straight-up bashing. Like come on people, is it so hard to be kind?

      • When KSH fans act like crazy idiots coming here and badmouth PSJ no one is here obligated to tolerate that. You get same treatment as you show others. No need to act like victims after that. This wouldn’t be the case, if KSH fans didn’t try to drag PSJ.

  16. Pby only actress of Korean entertainment industry who known for her talent. She replace each and every actress of any drama and movie but nobody fit in her shoes. She take risks and challenges in her acting career.Her long acting career few films and drama she proves herself.

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