Marie Claire Styles Kim Go Eun as a Gothic Horror Housekeeper in New Pictorial with Maximus From The King: Eternal Monarch

This was NOT a welcome walk down the memory lane and in fact I feel so bad for K-actress Kim Go Eun and think there is an anti of hers working at Marie Claire Korea. It’s been three months since her last drama The King: Eternal Monarch, and I hope she had a fun relaxing summer off because she worked hard on this production clearly but the end result and reception was so meh. She’s back in front of the camera this week as fashion magazine Marie Claire released a new fall pictorial that reunites her with one costar from The King, no not her male lead Lee Min Ho or even second male lead Woo Do Hwa who is off serving in the army, this spread pairs her up with white steed Maximus from the drama and goodness does it make me feel bad for everyone involved. It’s just a bad photo shoot any way I look at it, Kim Go Eun is styled like she’s in a Gothic movie where she plays the mysterious housekeeper of a crumbling estate on the moors and poor Maximus is exuding “What the f*#k am I doing here” vibes. This one is a delete.


Marie Claire Styles Kim Go Eun as a Gothic Horror Housekeeper in New Pictorial with Maximus From The King: Eternal Monarch — 104 Comments

  1. Lord! They made her look creepy from head to toe! Wished I hadn’t seen these. Poor KGE has been trolled by the entire crew of this project.

  2. Let’s not be harsh on her. She is trying her best the way she knows. If you do not appreciate her acting or looks then stay away from her shows. I love her for what she is.

    • She’s a very pretty lady but definitely Not with a yellow or brownish hair. These hair colors don’t do her justice at all. She fades out under them.
      She should stick with her natural black hair color, then she will shine.

  3. I think its cool of her to try something different. Yeah, some people may not like it. Its ok. I like that she’s not afraid to be different.

  4. So many people hating on her. I saw the photos first on another website and I thought that third one with just her face in focus showed how lovely she is.

  5. The TKEM disaster was due to the writing and the direction given to her for her character, in my opinion. Also, her face has character, it is not conventionally beautiful per korean beauty standards but it’s a great tool for her craft. I hope she bounces back on her next project.

    • Tkem is not a disaster just because it didn’t rate 14 to 20 something doesn’t mean it was bad. Gen Z and the Millennials get the rest of the world get Korea dramas are not only watched in Korean only. Who watches tv lately anyway people are watching new releases on tablets and phone so stop spreading lies about Tkem

      • I don’t even care about the ratings so this is not about tv ratings. Read the comments and reviews on TKEM unfortunately, it just failed to deliver in terms of the writing, directing, editing, sometimes acting. I would even agree that it is a commercial success in other parts of the world because of LMH’s star power. Good for you that you liked it and was able to bear watching it until the very end.

      • I enjoyed TKEM very much. I think some people dont understand it and others cant see beyond their own hatred and prejudice. Like the creep who wrote this article.

      • She is beautiful and she can act. It is the script and storyline that had no substance in it. Its just a fashion show drama for the King and the “president lady” actress.Therefore making the whole thing turned sour. Perhaps she can consider to try another way of acting than act with her “eyes staring blank” style.

    • My opinion is..mostly the hate comments she got were becoz Lee Min Ho was head over heels in love with her..that’s why they are crazily jealous..bahh hahhaaaaa

    • I agree with you. It’s the best chemistry ever that never hinges on the outwardly or physicality. It is unexplainable but my senses feel how fully engaged they are.

  6. TKEM was not a total disaster, i think it found alot of fans overseas. I thought it wasnt too bad, there are worst dramas out there. And go eun matched well with min ho. And for this photoshoot i thought it was quite stylish, the clothes were chanel mostly and this was the concept that chanel opted for i think? Not horror housekeeper but more like Adams Family type of gothic princess. The second pic with her in white on top of the white horse is quite nice. And i thought her make up was nice too. So ya anyway just my two cents, a different perspective.

    • It also did bad because Netflix released it weekly compared to other dramas that are added to it platform in whole. Waiting for episodes to come out really made me lose interest so I’d go watch other dramas like CLOY and go back to TKEM when I could watch it at least 3 episodes sitting. I like her acting for a new comer and she’s improving. It’s just the writing and directing and editing that was frustrating. Artists of any field know not to blame the “tool” they are using but to focus on how they are using it. Can’t blame the actors for all that. Other things come into play too.

      • FYI other dramas were also mostly released on weekly basis on Netflix..
        Also Kim Go Eun is not a new comer .She has done lots of movies and TKEM is her third drama.

  7. I don’t think the person who wrote this article is being truthful. The entire article is somewhat trying to provoke fans of KGE and those who is against KGE. Did a really bad job whether in writing or commenting about fashion. Just copy and paste pictures from Marie Claire and babble some words doesn’t make it an article. Please be a more responsible person.

    • Please, it is not the writer’s fault. The division comes within. It actually comprises the beholder’s prejudice, interpretation, and associating it with his/her background as well as past experiences with events and/or persons including oneself background.

  8. If you all don’t like KGE’s work, then mind your own business. Don’t watch her shows. We have different tastes and perspective in a drama, so don’t criticize her. If she’s not that good for you, then prove that you can beat her. Prove that you all are competent and prettier than her. You can’t even appreciate the importance and creativeness of her works, then who are you to criticize her?

  9. If you happen to dislike anybody and have nothing goid to say abiut them, then it would be best to simply stay away from them and just shut up because not all share the same opinion as you do.
    Kim Go Eun is one of the best and most beautiful korean actresses i know. She is the reason i am watching korean dramas now. And TKEM is such a wonderful feel good tv series and i still could not move on from it. It is one of the most viewed korean drama internationally.. Meaning outside korea. If you hate her for whatever reason. Just dont say anything negative against her because uoi are mot hurting her, you are hurting us, the fans who love her.

  10. Those hating on her are so insecure with themselves n in their own looks. That’s why they’ve filled themselves with plastic. Koreans will always hate on you and write the most touching TRIBUTE for you. Delusional antifans can’t stand her soaring higher n higher. You’re proud to say you “Hate” someone who’s not even a family member and you’ve never been close to before ??. Keep on hating on an innocent soul who’s never crossed paths with you n remain in your miserable world of HATRED.

  11. Filipinos like me and my wife enjoy kdramas even at our age of past 60’s. When watching, we sometimes do hate some characters but not the actors/ actresses for most of them are great ones. Understandable that they do sometimes fail to portray the roles for they also have their ups and downs like every human. Ac I joined 2 international fan groups just to be a good example of what a fan should be…NEVER HATE the others who doesn’t suit your taste. Hates will only be a burden to you, not something that will LIFT YOUR SPIRIT UP.
    Though me and my wife have our preferences among the Korean actors/actresses, better not to mention them.
    Just love and enjoy kdramas, and try to appreciate all the actors/ actresses who in a way trying their best to entertain us.
    Be blessed everyone.

    • A very insightful, constructive and relevant observations. Your point of view bespeaks of positivity, compassion and respect of different spaces/platforms. Imagine if all peoples think, speak and act this way, our world will be better, safer and healthier for everyone, leaving no one behind. Thank you Sir.

  12. Ockoala, you don’t like Kim Go Eun yet you seem to be following everything she does. Why don’t you just focus on whoever your idol is and write good stuff about him/her.

  13. Kim Go Eun gotten famous because she became fully naked in her very first movie. Even Cho Yeo-Jeong isn’t as daring as her.

    She gotten what she wanted. Fame. But too unfortunate, she really cannot act. And worse, she is too plain looking. She wasn’t good in Globin. But her acting gotten even worse in The King. Yucks!

    • Lovely Lisa, really? Don’t kid yourself with such name. One so lovely don’t rubbish another person you don’t even know half an ioata about! Her bad acting as you put it had won her accolades & awards locally & internationally. So that makes you an invalid critic. She mayn’t be beautiful in your inexperienced eyes, but millions others appreciate & admire her natural beauty. Get a life will ya?

  14. For KGE haters, i just poty you and feel so sad for you. You must be an attention and love seeker and extremely lonely and unblessed. An person who lacked love and care are people who never appreciate someone’s happiness and achievements. I just hope and pray that someday you’ll receive some, someday. Aja! Fighting! ?

  15. For KGE haters, i just pity you and feel so sad for you. You must be an attention and love seeker and extremely lonely and unblessed. A person who lacks love and care are people who never appreciates someone’s happiness and achievements. I just hope and pray that someday you’ll receive some, someday. Aja! Fighting! ?

  16. Kim Go Eun, is a great actress for sure and a wonderful person. She has her own beauty if you can’t see it that’s your loss. She was pretty good in the TKEM together with Lee Min Ho so please think before you speak. The drama had a very good story line and everyones performance was really good. Stop the hating, this article doesn’t make justice to her. But you’re free to express your opinion even if is childish and untasteful. For many of us their performance at TKEM was great I said their, because to me and many other’s all of them did a great job.

    • @Ivonne HATERS are always gonna hate. I enjoyed watching the drama. Infact I got dark circles because I didn’t want to miss out. Maybe they want her to turn plastic before they can appreciate her beauty. I pity haters

      • You’re so right! If they don’t have plastic you aren’t beautiful. Your comment right on point. Join the club I waited for every episode and end up falling asleep while doing my job. Not good.

  17. Just because it doesn’t suit your taste means that it’s not good. Let’s just agree to disagree. This writer is being passive agreesive in her article. Appears symphathetic but in reality provoking the haters. This website is really consistent in hating everything about TKEM since before..

  18. Kim Go Eun is one of the best actress in Korea nowadays. And for me she is really the most beautiful korean actress. Her beauty is natural and it is timeless beauty. Those who are bitter with KGE better shut your mouth up. KGE is way more better than y’all bashers!

    • Those people who keeps saying KGE is beautiful or most beautiful, I think they are probably plain jane like her, trying to console themselves that they do look decent or beautiful. Delusional. Plain looking is always plain looking, no matter how much you try to defend her or defend yourself.

  19. What a pity this author failed to understand the brilliant concept of the whole photo shoot and did not even mention Chanel.
    Kim Go Eun is Chungmuro. Her awards speak for her. She is beautiful but she does not go out of her way to please everyone. Why do you think Chanel chose her to be their brand ambassador?
    TKEM was a great drama for those who understood it and with an excellent cast.

  20. Kim Go Eun should have learn to reflect and improve herself. She knows she is not the pretty type then she shouldn’t accept those romantic dramas especially involving super gorgeous male leads like Lee Min Ho and Gong Yoo. She knows she is not a good actress yet, then she she shouldn’t accept lead roles. It is shameful and do injustice to the viewers when she isn’t pretty to look at and keeps giving poor acting skills. Her expressions are dull, boring and wooden. It’s painful to see her in all the dramas.

    • Nossa!Quem é você para dizer com quem a Kim Go eun deve contracenar?!
      Você é sem noção mesmo ou tudo isso é recalque e falta de caráter!?Kim Go eun é atriz premiada pelos críticos de tv e cinema!
      A sua crítica é infundada e sem credibilidade! Crítica carregada de ódio é sinônimo de inveja!

  21. This article is sad, and misleading, and the writing screams “I need to go back and start from pre-school. I understand if doesn’t suit your taste, that’s understandable as everyone is different. But the whole article felt like it was written by a jealous high school classmate who can’t handle someone else’s shine.

    This is just a projection of the writers insecurities. I hope one day, you love yourself. Also, please work on your writing. It needs a lot of work. Have a nice day ?


    • Totally agree with your comment ?% This writer has insecurities within. Not being objective & provocation is key. No respect for such poor writers!

  23. I like Kim Go Eun. She’s very charming and talented, although I do feel she should stick to Chungmuro because that is where she absolutely shines. Or at least never go near KES again when picking drama projects in the future.

  24. Before I decided to leave a comment here, I checked briefly on other recent topics this particular writer writes. One recent one she writes about Japanese actress commited suicide and how she’s concern about their mental health. Hei, writer @ockoala, do you even know what are you writing about Kim Go Eun?!If she ever reads this, do you even think how she feels?!! You are the one contributing to mental health problems in the subjects you write about!! All the bashers and hate comments here, please think again and apply love in your heart. Fortunately, Kim Go Eun is a strong woman. She is beautiful inside and out. She is still young but her maturity and wisdom exceeds most of you haters lot! (By the way writer, I think her style in Marie Claire is really classy and elegant! She is gorgeous!)


    Are you having fun reading the comments? are you happy now that your article got a lot of attention? Are you satisfied to make a person look bad to others? I hope you are doing well writer-nim after all the fuss you’ve caused.

    But let me tell you, if you want to destroy a person, you will destroy yourself first. If you want people to respect you, respect the others. A person someone like you, who spread hatred cannot be called a human being. You don’t deserve such title. Remember that.

    And to haters, I will not criticize you on your hatred to KGE. But try to put yourself on her shoes, getting bashed after doing all your best to satisfy people, will you be happy? I think you all lack of love and happiness, because you can’t never show it to others. Maybe that’s the reason why the world is unfair and injustice, because of someone like you exist.


  26. She’s the most beautiful as a person and for me as a actress also. she is innocent along with being smart and charismatic. She’s a unique beauty and that’s very admirable about her because nowadays its very rare to find the person with a good heart and who accept and embrace her natural beauty that mother nature has gifted her. i wish her to be the way she is and god protects her from all kind of negativity. I love you kim go eun.

    • My dad ever told me i am more beautiful than my little sister, but my mom said my sister the most beautiful in my family. I better at match and bad at english, my brother good at art and bad at match. How could you say frankly I like dad and disklike mom?

  27. Im done with this bullshit and this super bias blog. A lot of Koala recent article only got few comments so you try to write this controversial article to create a click bait. After worrying about J-Ent actors suicide then you disrespectly hate on other actor. How hypocrite you are. This photoshoot just scream ELEGANT. She looks very gorgeous here.
    If you want to write an entertainment news then try to stand on a netral side.

    • I couldn’t agree more with you.. haha most of them are just jealous of her success.And for you haters continue to hate her and she will be more successful than this in the future.

  28. She is beautiful for what she is and respect a person for her skills and talent. And this photoshoot theme is what it’s all about,the suspicious.

      • Yes, she has the skills of taking off her clothes in her very first debut. Being naked to gain attention but end up unable to deliver good quality work in her subsequent movies or dramas. Her eye expressions always the same, always look so dead.

  29. There are a lot more who love, admire and are inspired of her capacity of defining who she is instead of succumbing to a handful yet noisily and loudly disrespectful of a person’s choice to be who s/he is. As such, her life choice is empowering and authentic considering that she belongs to the entertainment industry. It is a feat on her part to transcend destructive, rude, disempowering, discriminating, objectifying, superficial and misogynistic beliefs, remarks and observations.

    Her intelligence, articulateness, in depth views, beauty, charm, humility, mindfulness and loveliness come from within. Her inner self radiates and those who love, support and appreciate her strengthened her more, the reason why she cannot be brought down and her energy can’t be sucked.

    She has accomplished a lot being only 8 years since her debut. Her role choices speak volumes of her artistry over fame, how she is respected and validated by prestigious award giving bodies beyond her country, her peers, seniors, co-stars/staff/crew, investors, filmmakers, alma mater: KNUA. Interviews -print and screen – within SK attest to these facts. Her film Chinatown was screened by invitation of the internationally acclaimed Cannes Festival and she was subjected to both one on one and panel interviews. Cannes Fest previews films globally by invitation only.

    Her love story with the lens – small and big screen, print and digital – show her multi-layered emotional expressions or the nuances of her facial expression and body language, which are captured by the interplay of the medium and the beholder.

    In her latest shoots for the Chanel fashion under the helm of various artists are viewed with diversity. It’s very far from Gothic art or fashion. What I see is Chanel’s classy equestrian lifestyle, translatable to an active woman who is always on the go. Definitely a high end equestrian fashion characterized by timelessness, tradition, royalty/monarchy or upper echelon of a society’s class system with reference to the KOC in TKEM.

    The above are only few of the many features of KGE as an ordinary human being inspite of being a celebrity, which is her human right; and as a great artist.

    I am so proud of this empowered young professional who has been smashing the glass ceiling of gender inequality.

  30. Come on. There are obviously only 1 supporter here who is crazy about Kim Go Eun and keeps bombarding the comments here. Please get a life.

  31. “If you are not good at appreciating someone with your mouth, do not criticize them with your finger(writing).”

    Don’t you know writer-nim?. You,me and all those who you think are beautiful are still imperfect. Because no one perfect in the world.

    Last word for me:


  32. To go eun,kim.If you accidently read this article. Don’t be weak because of the judgement of irresponsible people who they have no knowledge of.
    Stay strong and down to earth. Kill them with your merit. And prove it to the world, someone who has a good attitude and good heart is better than someone who only has a good face.

  33. Actually Kim Go Eun looks cute. I think her face, her eyes, her nose looks like cute little piggy. Little piggy looks cute. So is Kim Go Eun.

  34. Hey koala I reckon you’re just not used to high fashion or artist/photographers. This was shot by a photographer in SK known for his unconventional style, and has shot Park Seo Joon and song Hye kyo—this is just his style and was commissioned by Chanel for this particular style. They do have a media deck for this which is approved by the fashion house Chanel (known for its rugged,obscure vibe) and just because they don’t look like your cookie cutter kpop Mvs doesn’t mean it’s not good. Maybe educate yourself more rather than describing it as “horror”, obviously you don’t even know what you’re talking about. Word of advice Just stick on reviewing fluff Fantasy kdramas With the typical knight in shining armor and your surgery enhanced kdrama celeb

    • Word of advice for @Kimgoeunfan – This is a personal blog of Ms Koala and she is entitled to her opinions and fashion taste, and she can discuss whatever she wants not just kdramas. You are very disrespectful to try to educate a blogger on what she can write. You can disagree because not everyone enjoy horrible makeup and fashion regardless of how expensive these clothes may be. Her face is just not suited for closeup photos, SHK will be a much better model. This is my opinion.

  35. Wow. Gorgeous and awesome Kim Go Eun. In this Marie Claire mag pictorial with Maximus is really revealed your being a versatile in everything you. Keep goin and exploring. God bless??????

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