Tale of Gumiho Drops to 5.100% Rating in Episode 5 as Sympathy Grows for Little Bro Lee Rang and Sheds More Light on the OTP Backstory

I could see tvN Wed-Thurs drama Tale of Gumiho (Tale of the Nine-Tailed) crumbling under the weight of its own mythology building, not yet in episode 5 but the weak spots are there. I still enjoy the drama and episode 5 took Lee Yeon and Ji Ah major steps closer but I still don’t connect with their modern romance. Conversely I am like 100 billion percent sympathizing with little abandoned brother Lee Rang, he was like a baby when his brother left him for love and had to endure mountain burning and even mercy killing his own dog. Like, two of my pet peeves, kid and pet abuse. I cheered when Lee Rang beat up those baseball player bullies abusing the dog and it even brought his sidekick closer to Yeon’s vet doctor sidekick, those two are just delightful in their own side story. There’s clearly a big bad (not Rang) who is a snake demon now reincarnated into the baby growing up into a boy in mere days and was likely the same big bad that caused Ji Ah’s past life self’s death. I wish the OTP had something more for me to grasp than “oh, they were so cute and happy together in their past lives”. Hotel Del Luna built the requisite angst crumbs early, I need more of it here.


Tale of Gumiho Drops to 5.100% Rating in Episode 5 as Sympathy Grows for Little Bro Lee Rang and Sheds More Light on the OTP Backstory — 6 Comments

  1. Although a slower pace episode, I really enjoyed the story building and all of the small but meaningful moments. I already give up on the romance, my last straw was when I felt absolutely nothing during that kiss. I can’t wait until the Lee brothers reunite and take down the baddies, they’re the relationship I’m rooting for the most and the Russian fox with the vet in second place.

    • Laura, Laura, Laura, again our minds are in sync. Lol. The OTP is just not doing it for me at all.

      I feel more sizzle between Ki Yu ri (the Russian fox) and the vet.

    • #HighFives @Laura and @Aurora

      I love every single aspect of this drama very much except the romance.I can do well without the romance that supposedly the center of the drama. Everyone have a great chemistry, ONLY the OTP who got nada….Wookie is perfect as a lover boy in how he always looks at her with honey dripping eyes but on her side I felt nothing. She seems to be “intimidated” by Wookie both ON and OFF screen….JBA has a way better chemistry with KB and The Vet.

    • I have never seen an OTP that was heavily promoted by TVN or is it their agencies(?) than this one prior to the drama. They had three photoshoots with three different magazines. They went to a popular tvN variety show prior to the drama,interviews, lots of BTS footage to market the footage. The only thing that they missed out on was being on netflix. I actually thought they have some sparks behind the scenes but onscreen its not there. Both of them are being outacted and outshone by Kim Bum not only JBA too. Lee Dong Wook’s presence was strong at the beginning on par with Kim Bum but as the drama goes on, Kim Bum is shining more.

      • I really don’t know why would they missed out not having it on Netflix? I don’t under that statement. It’s Netflix that missed out and it means some other platforms have got the drama that pays more.

  2. The Main leads dont have chemistry. The framing of the drama started with the mystery of the parents. The strength of this drama lies in the horror and secondary characters.

    -Instead of indulging in that, I’m force fed the lackluster chemistry between our leads when I could give less shits about their love story.

    -Not to woobify the villain, but Kim Bum’s story arc of betrayal had more pathos (dat acting) than the Gumhio romance and it was such a short scene. The irony is LDW calling him immature.

    -The secondary “romance” had more chemistry in their short scene.

    -This drama has the weirdest editing/transitions I’ve ever seen

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