Tale of Gumiho Goes Back Up to 5.113% for Episode 9 Dealing with Loss, Fear, and Hope

I feel like Tale of Gumiho tries so hard with the fated love/OTP element but it’s actually everything else that works and that central thread just falls for flat. The lack of chemistry between Yeon and Ji Ah continues so episode 9 keeping them apart made it one of the best episodes to date, and their reunion at the end lacked any oomph and made me realize I wished the drama was a brotherly fight/investigation show. Episode 9 deserved a rise in ratings as it focused on healing the brotherly rift, and continues to cement Lee Rang as my favorite character and Kim Bum as giving the best nuanced performance in the drama alternating between jackass bravado with little boy fear. I love Lee Tae Ri (formerly the other Lee Min Ho) but I can’t stand Imoogi, he’s so smarmy I just want to punch him in the face and dirty him up. It’s no fun to watch him manipulate from the safety of his hiding hole, I hope Yeon slices and dices him permanently into eternal hell at the end of this drama.


Tale of Gumiho Goes Back Up to 5.113% for Episode 9 Dealing with Loss, Fear, and Hope — 6 Comments

  1. Haha… I loved this episode. Yeon saving and sacrificing himself for Rang was a delight to watch! And that damn Spirit of Darkness getting her comeuppance? Awesome.

    Taluipa was annoying as usual. But that vet though… is his role just to serve? What if she gives him an order one day he can’t carry out?

  2. Yeah..so true…i think they just put romantic scenes between yeon and jiah randomly,out of the blue without strong reasons,cheesy dialogues and no romance development. I feel zero chemistry between them šŸ™

  3. I actually like the Lee Tae Ri actor too but the kid was a scarier Imoogi than the adult version… ? One thing about Jo Boa is that she is good in horror… I also watch this for the vet/gumiho and the actress who was in The King. The side characters are great in this show and the folktales are compelling. And Lee Dong Wook is gorgeous as always.

  4. Jo Bo-Ah doesn’t know how to emote. She’s got that wide-eyed startled look down pat, though. I love Lee Dong Wook and I want his hair color. I do have fair skin but I’m afraid the reddish orange heir will make my skin look yellow instead of fair.

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