jTBC Double Dose of Romance K-drama Run On Premieres with Decent 2.415% Ratings

I’m so annoyed to be sooooo busy right now with work that I’m still behind on newly aired dramas, including the one I’m most excited about this December the double dose of OTP jTBC drama Run On. The network aired one of my favorite dramas of this year in 18 Again (so many tears and feels!) and Run On just has that warm, vibrant, sassy vibe that I’m in the mood for right now. Run On has two sets of leads each with their own romantic trajectory, with Im Shi Wan paired with Shin Se Kyung and Sooyoung romancing Kang Tae Oh. All the promo stills were the leads looking youthful and pretty and lots of meet cute/sparky moments so hopefully there’s a compelling overarching story binding it all together. The first episode premiered this Wednesday to 2.415% ratings, decent but nothing to write home about.


jTBC Double Dose of Romance K-drama Run On Premieres with Decent 2.415% Ratings — 10 Comments

  1. Just watched it. I don’t want to call it boring but I’m not hooked yet. Guess I expected more. Oh well, it’s just the first episode. I’ll watch the next one and see where that goes.

    • Update. So EP2 was also a bit of a jetlag. Only burst of energy happened in the final scene with the main OTP. Still not hooked but I’ll give it two more episodes before I decide if I should check out.

  2. I understand what people say about episode 1 because I feel the same, but episode 2 made me smile from ear to ear. I didn’t know Im Siwan is adorable and so as his chemistry with Shin Se Kyung.

  3. Love the drama!! The dialogue remind me a bit of be melodramatic. The 2nd eps is better, love all the character with their quirks. The musics is great too. I don’t know it it just me, but the film references and translations makes me happy.

  4. I don’t understand the need to sit separated with a plastic barrier when they’re basically standing and touching so close to each other in the standing photos. What’s the point?

  5. Like others, I find it a bit boring and weird. But, I like SSK and ISW together a lot, so I’m checking next week to see if this gets better.

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