Episode 5 of Sisyphus: The Myth Drops in Ratings to 5.240% as the Narrative Tumbles Fully into the Crapper and Characters Lose All Brain Cells

You know Google Translate. I love it, it helps to quickly get to the essence of what is being said but I know it captures neither nuance and may be prone to make mistakes so I factor that in when I use it. jTBC drama Sisyphus: The Myth is a drama written by Google Translate, I’m sorry but anything else makes no sense. Because the drama presents a facsimile of a story, but forget the sci-fi or fantasy elements which some viewers think should be given grand leeway to make stuff up, but ultimately characters behave in ways completely nonsensible to HUMAN BEHAVIOR. This episode starts with Seo Hae getting fished out of the river by Tae Sul because now he can outswim police divers while carrying a deadweight body AND her “important backpack”. Because backpacks are not to be discarded when one is in danger of drowning. They go hide in ex-girlfriend and psych doctor’s place and that woman is so shady in every which way. Seo Hae wakes up forever with resting annoyed face at Tae Sul and still doesn’t answer all his direct questions about who, why, where, what, and this time it’s not all her fault and an alarm goes off and Tae Sul doesn’t finish his questioning and just walks off.

I’m sorry, getting every fact from Seo Hae is the most important thing but eh. He gets money and gives it to her telling her to scram because he doesn’t trust her 100% still and also because she stopped him from getting to his bro and that’s his #1 priority. She tosses the money in the trash because where she comes from money is used as tinder. Their hissy fit is patched up quickly but in the middle of an intersection she’s run into and he finds her and they proceed to have a very long conversation as cars are honking all around them for a good ten minutes. Because, normal behavior right? The cop whose mom died is converted into a new Control Bureau minion because conveniently he’s a sharpshooter and the second in command has his arm broken and is out of commission. He’s also lied to that Seo Hae killed his mom and illegals from the future are fair game to shoot. The episode ends with “bonding” between Seo Hae and Tae Sul but I’m nearly passed out from the boredom and WTF-ery by then. And I didn’t even get to the dumbass future bits between Seo Hae and her dad. Wake me up when this drama ends peeps.


Episode 5 of Sisyphus: The Myth Drops in Ratings to 5.240% as the Narrative Tumbles Fully into the Crapper and Characters Lose All Brain Cells — 21 Comments

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  2. So the descent to ratings hell begins. I did say K-viewers might not buy the drama’s bull for much longer. But I didn’t want to be right. Hope it doesn’t drop lower than this though.

    • But damn, Koala. I can feel your pain and frustration in every sentence. Maybe it’s time to drop the drama for your sanity’s sake? Or you’ll want to see it through to the maddening end? Lol.

  3. It’s entirely up to Koala but I hope she doesn’t drop it. This clusterf~ck deserves all the tongue-lashing it gets. Some of the other blogs are way too nice despite seeing what a trainwreck it is.

  4. I already dropped it. Can’t stand this mess anymore.
    If Sic-Fi is your favorite genre, just go watch Luca, it may not the best, but definitely better than this one.

    • Better? LUCA is awful. Everything is ridiculous : the villains, the ML and the FL, the love story. I never found a couple so creepy than them. In one episode, we got a kiss, a sex scene, a bady and a kidnapping…

      At least, in Sisyphus, CSW is a fun character.

      • Luca is indeed awful. Some viewers squeed that EP8 was romantic but I found it downright appalling. I haven’t even been able to watch another episode since. Ironically, the ratings shot up to 6% for the first time in EP8 and it’s been rising since then so K-viewers must like that plotline. Maybe I’ll continue when the drama wraps up just to see how it ends. But despite Luca’s wtf-ery, I’ll still pick it over the hopeless shipwreck that is Sisyphus. And not even JSW can save this.

      • This is crazy. We’re arguing for which is more awful between Sisyphus and Luca. Both are messy and bad in their own ways.
        South Korea is kinda meh in Sic-fi genre dramas.

      • @Daisy, I agree. They’re terrible at the genre and need to leave it alone. Instead, they’ll be producing more. Smh.

  5. No but the funniest was when CB baddie tells the cop his mother died and cut to him in the house crying his eyes out and cut back to him sitting in that chair with CB baddie in secret HQ and picking up the conversation like he never left. ROFL

    How old is PSH supposed to be in this drama because there has to be some explanation for her acting like a brat in every scene and wide eyed pouting. This is her worst performance yet which is saying a lot.

  6. I dropped , what’s the point of watching if i don’t get what this drama wants to convey , i’m happy to have dropped the one with KSH before Ji Soo’s case too ! Time is precious and hopefully i still have 3 things to confort me, VINCENZO , ITV Masterpiece ENDEAVOUR ( Shawn Evans ) a must watch and to see more often Yoon Eun Hye .

  7. I am so disappointed, was so looking forward to this drama. I don’t get why the leads signed up for this. 🙁

    • I’m not sure what enticed JSW to this project but I can understand why Shin-hye chose this. After a career of mostly playing crying candies in distress, Kang Seo-hae on paper must have looked like the role of a lifetime. While the Alhambra fiasco could be solely blamed on the writing, her performance here doesn’t even try to elevate the shoddy writing at all.

  8. I dont understand why there is so much hate to this drama from this blog. Its quite ridiculous honestly, in your last post you stated you’re dropping it as it wasn’t your cup of tea. Why make another post on it then?
    Too much hatred being poured on one topic is toxic.
    In my opinion this drama is a refreshing story, and you dont come across alot of stories and genres such as these. Sci-fi is a difficult genre to pull off in drama’s. I have watched Alice and that went so well in the beginning and then went downhill.
    I think you are being quite dramatic, to compare this drama with Google translate..lol who compares dramas to that anyway?
    Also if you don’t like it leave it and stop putting so much hate on it.
    I’m only writing this as I honestly like Sisyphus and I also like your blog, but there comes a time where repetitive hatred towards something becomes intolerable.
    If anyone comes across this blog, you all talking shit on the actors and why they did this? Why they did that? If for instance this was shown to these actors, how would you feel if they fall into depression reading these things from so called netizens who were fans?
    I mean the internet has become a really small world, everyone can get access to everything. Death is increasing due to cyber pressure and depression caused from cyber bullying..
    I know you are stating your opinion. And i know there is freedom of speech. But there is also something such as being considerate of others efforts in giving their all. Its not the actors fault that Cgi wasn’t up to par with what its supposed to be..but even in hollywood and other entertainment sections there are shortcomings. All im saying is take a breather, if you dont like it dont watch it.

    • It’s her blog. And it’s her choice whether to keep watching or drop the drama. Not yours. If you can’t handle her valid criticisms about the drama you like, then you stay away from this blog. Period.

    • FYI, this isn’t the only blog/site I’ve seen criticizing this drama (others are crucifying it!) so stop making it seem like this site has some personal vendetta against the drama or its actors. Like above user implied, if you can’t handle Koala’s heat, get out of her kitchen.

    • Um, you also have the choice not to read blogs you don’t like. The criticisms are valid, this show is lacking in many ways and the production team should be made aware of the audience reaction to improve.

    • There’s no point in being indignant, you’re in the wrong place. The people here have chosen not to like this drama. Go to Soompi or dramabitches blog. There they don’t just say that the script is bad or good. They study and show why and how, with a methodical analysis of the scenes and episodes. It’s quiet and reason overrides emotion.

  9. Whatever u say Koala, Im enjoying Sisyphus The Myth coz I get to see my favorite actress Park Shin Hye.
    Stop watching it……if u hate the drama that much. Dont force yourself. We, PSH fans will patronize whatever drama or movie shes in.

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