Sisyphus: The Myth Episode 8 Doles Out the Exposition But Still Doesn’t Provide Any Motive as Ratings Stay at 4.848%

This is probably my last Sisphyus: The Myth post, it’s not interesting enough in either good or epically bad ways (anymore) to devote time to parse the happenings. The failure of this drama, as evidence by audience feedback and the dropped ratings, is across the board from awful script to lame directing to underwhelming acting. If the world ended because of many factors then this drama failed for the same collective (lack of) effort. Episode 8 gave us the background of Sigma baddie played by Kim Byung Chul but only in when/how he got to the past (2001) and proceeded to win lotteries and horse races and stock picks to amass a fortune that he’s clearly unimpressed with and only uses as the leverage to get his end goal: the end of the world. For any human to want an apocalypse there must be a reason and motive and we’re not given it so once again his character is empty to me. Why does he want to ensure history continues its course, and why does Seo Hae think she can change the past after she found her own past diary, written by her in her own future that went to the past. The drama continues with nonsensical behavior and world building (why is parts of nuked Seoul overrun with plants and weeds and others like normal Seoul just more rundown), throwing in dumb rom-com elements (Tae Sul and Sun butting heads over Seo Hae) and generally this is a drama I can say a lot of people want to love and for it to succeed and it seems content to shoot itself in the foot over and over again.


Sisyphus: The Myth Episode 8 Doles Out the Exposition But Still Doesn’t Provide Any Motive as Ratings Stay at 4.848% — 22 Comments

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  2. Again, Mouse managed to rise to 6.202% despite being a pretty dark show from what I’ve heard and competition with Trot.

    Btw, I heard IU is in a movie coming out on March 31st. Shades of the Heart, izzit? The trailer looks slice-of-lifey. I wonder if it’ll be on Netflix.

    • Oh really, that’s interesting. And she has Dream with PSJ and LHW coming up this year as well. Go, IU!

      Koala, you’ve done a valiant job sticking with this sh/tshow as long as you have. I wanted to watch it as a comedy but it stopped being funny so I dropped it like a bad habit back in EP4.

      Hope you post the new teasers, stills and character posters for Joseon Exorcist. All the promo materials look fantastic! Praying the drama itself lives up to my sky-high expectations. Lol.

  3. I cannot believe how big of a letdown this show is 🙁 I stopped watching but would check out some scenes in the latest episodes to see if it has improved but nope. I don’t mean to disparage anyone but this show seem to dumb down the viewing audience. I don’t get why these nonsensical scenes were not dissected enough. Seems like this is a parody drama but well it’s not, lol.

    • “…but this show seem to dumb down the viewing audience.“


      You hit the nail perfectly! One more thing (in the long list) that pisses me off about this show is how its fans are always like “you’re taking it too seriously”, “don’t think too hard”, “just turn off your brain and you’ll enjoy the drama”, “why are you asking for logic and realism in a sci-fi show?” and other frankly stupid arguments.

      The fact that they keep saying to switch my brain off to watch it makes me madder at the drama. Why should a show require me to lower my intelligence just to be able to understand or enjoy it? A pile of bollocks is what it is!

      • Indeed, we’re not asking for the drama to adhere or explain the principles of quantum physics or theory of relativity, they can bend these principles however they want for the sake of fiction in drama-land. What we’re looking for are just basic principles of good storytelling – logical, cohesive narrative and character behavior (whether good, bad or even boring) that makes sense lol.

  4. I finally agree wholeheartedly to everything you said about S. It had everything to make it succeed as a blockbuster drama but the way it was churned out is just whole lot of nonsense. I already gave up at episode 7.

    Oddly, I started Mouse again after watching the latest episode. Wasn’t a fan of the first episode but now I’m tuning in for Moo Chi. I really like Lee Hee Joon’s character.

    With Beyond Evil and Mouse, it’s now goodbye Sisyphus.

    • Really? I bet you’re not? you keep on sneaking till the last episode, every episode is??? if this drama fails in Korea but on Netflix this is??? thank you and Godbless! ?

  5. Ms. Koala, I will mark this day 3/12/2021 you’re last write-ups about Sissyphus, I do hope next week when I search reviews on Google your page won’t pop up, then I call you liar for keep on writing things about The Myth, your reviews today I’ll marked “last” according to you??? Godbless!

      • @js

        Ikr? These delulu idiots have some real nerve.


        So what if Koala posts about the drama next week? What will you do to her? What can you do to her? Okay. You call her a liar and then what happens? Will the world end? What a weirdo.

      • who says it’s my aliases, it’s my real name/initial name and my maiden name…Godbless you girl!! ??????
        julzgonzaga/jp.. first name julz, maiden name gonzaga, my last name P…. aigoooo.. ??

      • Ms. Printrovert…. It’s not weirdo, because I’m a straight and honest person, when I said I don’t, I don’t and stop. I stand on the things I say. So I’m counting on Ms. Koala not to write her views on episode9 next, it’s her word that she will stop updating this drama. Nothing will change if she post but she cannot stand her word. If she does. BTW, you’re talking harshly, did I used words that triggers you to response guile words. As long as The Myth doing good in Netflix and viewers are around the globe, too blessed to say that it’s not a failure but overwhelming success. Always on top 10 worldwide.. No1 in some countries.. Too blessed!! Godbless you Ms. Printrovert. ?Stay blessed and humble

    • Uhm, just making sure you read what I wrote. I said “probably my last” so that means I likely won’t write another post, but not 100% never ever will not. It’s important to understand what you’re going to hold me to based on what I wrote. Cheers~

      • It’s OK Ms. Koala, I appreciate your effort. You’re too kind. Godbless you! ?

      • Please do a finale (final thoughts) on it once it ends! Would love to hear your thoughts when you see the full picture! Thanks!

  6. MOUSE was mentioned above. I’m liking it (so far) and glad that I have something to watch on weekdays. So far I think, Mouse is nicely written, directed and edited and it does make you think and be introspective about your prejudices and judgments. I watch the scenes going back and forth with these thoughts – “oh, clearly, he’s evil” then “wait, is he really evil?”, or “he’s so nice, really a kind person” then “but wait, he seems too kind, too good to be true, is he hiding something?”. Great watch so far.

    • Yup, overwhelming success. Zero promotion on Netflix but too blessed Sissyphus always on top10 worldwide and no. 1 in some countries.. ??❤️❤️❤️

  7. Am going to miss your Sisyphus posts on here! The comments count weren’t that bad imo! Here’s hoping you can do your final thoughts when the finale happens! Would like to hear your thoughts then!

  8. “Probably”… might as well not write anything.
    You can write “Probably” every week if you want.
    A “probably” dropped genius script…
    Ok but… concretely…
    So, is it drop or not drop ?
    We have to decide here!!!
    Ah ah.

  9. So sorry about CSW. But he chose to take part in this drama. But still very sorry. Why CSW?! I think Koreans can’t do science fiction, fantastic good but sci-fics are very fantastic ahahah

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