Mouse Episode 7 Ratings Drop to 5.502% as the Narratives Jumps Forward in Time and in Trying to be Too Twisty

Let me preface by saying I really didn’t like this episode of Mouse. Perhaps if I ended up watching the entire drama and somehow this episode fits in beautifully with the subsequent narrative I will change my mind but for now it was just dull and dreary. I don’t find the so-called twists, feints, and fake outs all that clever, the writer thinks she’s being clever but she doesn’t do a good job of making me buy it. We spend the entire episode with Ba Reum after he got his head bashed in by Yo Han, the way the nation rallies for him as the brave cop who took down the serial killer and then watching him get his life back on track. Yo Han gets offed by emotionally traumatized teenager Bong Yi, raped as a kid and just watched her grandma get killed by a serial killer and then the only nice person in her life Ba Reum gets brained because of her. While I get WHY she felt compelled to do it the execution was stupid (Yo Han’s cop duty disappeared and a kid could walk in and suffocate him?) and it’s clear he’s not THE serial killer (though he may have killed but I even doubt that) so his death was the cop out to give the story a one year jump ahead. It’s unsatisfying because either the real killer is still out there or Yo Han is the real killer but we never hear why or see him get his just punishment. Ba Reum is clearly one of the in utero babies who carries the serial killer gene and the drama probably wants to tease that he understands exactly what makes a serial killer tick and work but will use those skills to become the best cop, but then again who knows. There appears to be a new serial killer a year later and the reveal that all the killings attributed to OG serial killer The Head Hunter wasn’t all his kills. Sigh, of course not.


Mouse Episode 7 Ratings Drop to 5.502% as the Narratives Jumps Forward in Time and in Trying to be Too Twisty — 4 Comments

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  2. I wasn’t too happy with this episode either. The show is showing that BR is still basically the same except he can now feel or see in his mind how a killer murders a victim.

    I find myself thinking of the phrase ‘it takes one to know one’, would it later apply to BR?

    About the ratings, I think odd episodes are often a tad lower than even ones. So I’m pretty sure the show will be steady at 5-6% range.

    Ahn Jae Wook’s character feels more like a guest than the main villain. He doesn’t look like a serial killer. Doctor Daniel’s role would have fit him better. Jo Jae Yun should have been the Head Hunter.

  3. What the heck? Isn’t it already obvious. The show already showed you all the clues. ESPECIALLY Ba Reum having the psyco kid’s rat snake memories. Are viewers like in denial that the good guy they’ve been crushing on is the actual killer and dropping the show?

    Come on, the show is great, twisty and building up to a great finale. They’re stacking this mountain of clues for a big juicy, heart wrenching, everyone devasted show finish explanation.

    Come on guys, the who dunnit stage is over. It’s now the when and how everyone’s going to react when they find out stage, INCLUDING Ba Reum, the killer himself! The anticipation! This is what makes the show great. The slow burn but soul crushing & heart wrenching outcomes.

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