Doom at Your Service Ends with Happy Ending with No Consequences of Either Terminal Illness or Human-God Separation

I will not forget to add Doom at Your Service (One Day, Destruction Came to My Door) to my ongoing list of worst drama of 2021, now that it has ended and indeed did not have a magical revival in the final episode in a final redemption hurrah. What it did have is apparently a writer still shitting rainbows and unicorns, for a drama that started off with the female lead having a terminal illness and short 3 month sentence, who then falls in love with a mystical otherworldly being that is destruction/doom, the ending just made all the serious issues go away just like that. The female lead doesn’t have terminal illness anymore and lives happily ever after, and the male lead turns from the god of destruction to a human and a doctor to boot! The female lead writes their love story into a successful novel and the two live happily every after, even making a wish on a falling star to get married. Oh, and the second female lead picks the slightly less douchey of the two supporting male leads and they get their happy start. The end. I honestly didn’t think even a happy ending could suck this bad but this screenwriter continued to reverse impress me even to the end.


Doom at Your Service Ends with Happy Ending with No Consequences of Either Terminal Illness or Human-God Separation — 21 Comments

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  2. Uncle Kevin makes an appearance again! Poor guy who played him looked like he didn’t want to be there. Nobody speaks to him in English. I have half expect SIG to break out of Doom character to speak to Uncle Kev in French. The writer must have looked like SHK to have a sugar daddy sponsor to throw an insane amount of money at her to have this dud made. Lol.

    • Omg,they should write plot about sugar daddy sponsor!!That will be hit big in south korea and internationaly.

  3. This is one of those dramas which I think is objectively bad but still gets rave reviews from fans somehow. I really don’t get it. It didn’t make sense from the get go.

    I also see people commenting that it’s about treasuring the last days of your life and living every moment instead of just getting by. Really? I did not get that from the show at all.

    And frankly speaking, watching this show was a very unpleasant experience because the tendency of people defending this show to dismiss negative opinions and to claim opponents to be people with unsophisticated taste. Not once were valid criticisms on the writing addressed, like how the contract is absolutely lose-lose, how the female lead made stupid decisions and how the world-building was non-existent. They chuck it to excuses like bad subtitles, the fact that human emotions are confusing, plot should be revealed gradually (they were not) and logic does not exist in a fantasy setting. Can they not see that these are cop outs?

    It’s hard to talk sense to these fans. They practically admit that the contract is vague, full of loopholes and open to interpretation, so the main characters can do literally anything because the contract doesn’t explicitly state otherwise. I’m sorry, but that’s the very definition of a plot device. When your premise depends on such a flimsy plot device, is there really any point to the show at all? Its very foundation is flawed!

    Rant over.

  4. I tuned in and struggled even to finish the final ep. Forwarded forwarded forwarded. The dialogue alternated between repetitive, boring and childish. Beyond a doubt the worst drama I have ever seen in the last 5 years. So bad. PBY needs to reunite with Yang Hee Seung if she wants to do another fantasy romance. This is a classic textbook case study that writing is the most important element to a successful production. Not actors. Not directors.

    • Yes yes yes for reuniting with Yang Hee Sung! I even ended up watching “Once Again” despite never watching any long family drama. She is just that good! I don’t care if its fantasy or realistic, pleas please please just get the same cast but with Yang Hee Sung as the writer!

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  6. The female lead writing her love story into a novel smacks so much of self-insertion, like you are watching the writer masturbate to her perceived greatness.

  7. The actors did their job well. The writer sucks so badly that its unbelievable no one told her to stop.

    Hasn’t she heard of consequences? Who the heck gives a mythical soul taker and a terminally ill brain tumour heroine such a happy ending?

    Even 2 human beings can’t even get their HAE in a normally normal drama.

  8. The good things about this drama are chemistry between the actors and no annoying characters. Other than these, it was just a whole load of gibberish.

  9. I finished watching it and IMHO I can forgive the misgivings of the plot. It still made be think of how valuable life is and the certain decisions you make for your loved ones. People tend to be over critical but entertainment is subjective and as long as it hits home to a good number of audience, it is still a success.

  10. I don’t think it was horrible, but maybe worse, it was bland and an absolute waste of a great cast and perfect main pairing. The story made me feel nothing, which is no wonder when the leads had to act emotionless most of the time with convoluted dialog. See you next time Seo in guk. You deserve better.

  11. What happened to lee soo hyuk character???? Did they forget about him cause wasn’t he the 2nd lead ???

  12. From the moment the female lead was told she has cancer I immediately had a sinking feeling that this isn’t the drama I was looking for. Thankfully I didn’t even try to continue watching.

  13. I agree this was a very poor drama. The initial premise was good but the writer doesn’t understand how to plot a decent story. There were zero consequences and very limited conflict.
    The second romance was only there because the main plot was so weak.
    I stopped watching at about episode 6. I knew it wasn’t going to get any better.

  14. Thank koala for deleting all disgusting shaming comments from haters in your first Doom post. Especially those who used multiple fake usernames to bully real fans. I know you only want sweet memories for this drama though you hated the writing. It has been a real roller-coaster ride in the Doom OP journey.

  15. oh koala, i saw that you wrote any bad sign from this first launched drama,
    but i am sorry for me this is masterpiece!
    their chemistry is on top and you are the blind one and all the negative readers who didnt see that!its just pissed me off the ending also satisfied, why are you all so selfish
    we have different taste of concept kdrama, but dont neglected the thing here, for the first until the end they played best!thank you for all the actor and actress

  16. Second female lead was problematic as well, so don’t be sexist and call her douchey too. She needed growing up out of her violent, irresponsible ways of reacting. Don’t just come for the males, your misandry is showing.

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