Jang Geun Seok to Make Small Screen Return in 2022 Kakao TV Drama Unexpected Country Diary

Oh this is such great news! K-actor Jang Geun Seok has been offered the male lead in upcoming early 2022 Kakao TV streaming drama Unexpected Country Diary and he’s expected to take it and make his small screen return in 4 years since SBS drama Switch: Change the World. The drama synopsis is about a man who falls in love with a policewoman when he moves to the countryside, and these days a lot of K-drama characters move to the countryside as there was When the Weather is Fine and upcoming Hometown Cha Cha Cha. I would love to see Jang Geun Seok is a sweet and comforting romance so I hope this gets inked soon. Kakao TV is also continuing the K-drama push and along with Lovestruck in the City and the upcoming Shaman Girl Goo Da Shim, the channel is clearly going for diverse projects and seeing what works and what doesn’t.


Jang Geun Seok to Make Small Screen Return in 2022 Kakao TV Drama Unexpected Country Diary — 21 Comments

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  2. Glad he is back.
    It’s funny Koala refuse to mention Kakao most successful drama so far is Mad for Each Other . It has 4 mill views per ep and no. 1 on Netflix beating Mine, etc at the time it was airing. Tons of articles praising it too

    • JGS is her long time soft spot. She’s been refusing to mention the casting news of JCW for the longest time. I suppose only KSH, SJK, LMH, HB etc get special honourable mentions but not JCW. Lol.

      • I see.
        Mad for Each Other isn’t JCW drama tho. It’s jungwoo and oys. There have been plenty of articles praising the drama and the acting how it touches the society.

      • Koala only posts what she likes or her preferences. We’re here having fun reading the comments & commenters’ antics.

      • Maybe Koala can’t keep up with JCW’s casting news since he does like 5 dramas in 2 years. Doesn’t the guy do small budget movies in between too?

      • You’re obsessed with JCW that much yet you don’t even know which dramas he starred or didn’t star in? And were you under a rock when Koala posted about his upcoming drama Sound of Magic/Annarasumanara? Should she post about him everytime he breathes or farts? What’s funnier is, you know it’s HER blog and so she posts HER preferences yet y’all still always wanna dictate what she should post about. Go start your own blogs and post about your favorite dramas and stars there to your heart’s content.

      • @? – PREACH! I don’t get the complaining about Koala posting about her preferences and that she posts things to get clicks. It’s her blog? And she needs to pay the bills and get ad revenue? Sheesh people.

        Plus, JCW isnt in the same league as SJK, LMH, KSH, HB so why are people griping?

        @Koala – maybe you should open an alternative monetization stream where posters can pay you to post about their favorites like JCW. Let the fans put money where their mouths are.

    • I am neutral but logically
      Prolly not the same old cast
      I like both IU and PSH tho
      Needs to be a very cute sassy girl to match JKS

  3. Yeah koala wonder why you not post article about kim tae ri and jeon yeon bin leave j west company and starting new agency. I want they cast together in l#$bian movie,it will be amazing.

  4. Sigh. A slow day in this playground. Honestly, where are all the JGS fans from You’re Beautiful days? I suppose he has no solid fan base to welcome him back unlike Park Hyung Sik & Park Bo Gum?

    • His fans are still here, but we don’t bother to compare to other actors.
      JKS is an unique person and honestly, eels love his offscreen persona.
      Also he is a musician too and this year he released several singles and videos.

    • Oh, yes, we are still here; I just don’t tend to post but to read only. He looks very happy in his photo, which I am glad to see. I am very excited to read this news. Looking forward to seeing him again. I still have to watch You’re Beautiful to see him, PSH, JYH and LHG and all the chemistry and antics. Jeremy! JGS’s eyes and his expressions!

    • You don’t have any idea how JKS still popular as ever though he’s hiatus for a few years when he released albums in Japan 2 were ranked 1 sold out! He’s popularity is still no joke!

  5. Wow. Glad he is back. He’s my first male love in Korea. Saw him in Baby and I for the first when I was 11 years old (2010).

  6. We love you my dear JGS.I still have to watch You’re Beautiful to see him.I love the last episode.The song WHAT SHOULD I DO is now my favorite.?

  7. There are many actors out there but for me, there’s only one Jang keun suk!
    JkS is the living epitome of dedication and hardwork!?

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