tvN Releases First Off-Kilter and Dizzying Poster for Thriller Drama Happiness with Han Hyo Joo and Park Hyung Sik

This drama has been low on my radar mostly because the title and short synopsis is just so at odds I don’t know how to anticipate it. tvN released the first poster for Happiness today, the thriller drama starring Han Hyo Joo, Park Hyung Sik as his first post military project, and Jo Woo Jin. Unlike the positive sounding title, the story is quite ominous based on the story board – in the new future, a newly constructed high rise apartment with newly moved in denizens face an infectious disease outbreak as it becomes a war of the varying classes and a cauldron of distrust. It’s from the PD of Record of Youth, Watcher, and Memories of Alhambra and the first season of Secret Forest, so I trust the visuals will be top notch. The script is penned by the screenwriter of The Good Wife and Spy so plenty of intensity under the pen for sure. I’m still head scratching why the drama is called Happiness, more like Depression but heh if it’s got a subversive story behind it all them hopefully the hooks will be intriguing enough to keep audiences riveted when it premieres in November. I super love the poster BTW, it’s like a crooked everyday tableau which makes it all the more eerie.


tvN Releases First Off-Kilter and Dizzying Poster for Thriller Drama Happiness with Han Hyo Joo and Park Hyung Sik — 11 Comments

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  2. The poster looks great. The ‘mismatch’ between the title and storyline intrigues me. I’m sure we’ll find out why they called it that in the end.

    Anyway, can’t wait to see Park Hyungsik on the small screen again.

  3. Park Hyung Sik! My most anticipated drama of 2021 is finally here! However, I will curb my enthusiasm for now because so far this year with the exception of a few, most dramas have been disappointing and lackluster. I dropped so many of them after just a few episodes! The only ones I was able to finish and liked were Racket Boys and Youth of May. I am currently watching Yumi’s Cells and enjoying it.

    I am keeping my fingers crossed that this will be a decent/good production. If it turns out to be good, it will be an extra bonus. If not, at least I get a chance to see PHS in a new drama, and with Han Hyo Joo as the female lead no less – that should be good enough for me!

  4. Love Han Hyo Joo, and I’m really looking forward to seeing her back on the small screen. Park Hyung Sik and the rest of the cast are promising as well. This one’s been on my to-watch list for some time.

  5. His dramas may be more of a miss than a hit and his roles don’t really require him to show his range but he pulled off those lousy characters and got viewers’ attention more than the lead so it is quite a feat. Ex: hwarang and high scociety. I also think he owned his character in swdbs.

    He showed sincere acting in Sirius and as for me, he hasn’t had an opportunity yet to show his potential like his buddy, Siwan, who has good projects compared to him. So I am looking forward to this to know if he can really show his full potential.

  6. I’ve really missed Han Hyo Joo in Kdramas so looking forward to this. The poster looks great and is just the right amount of intrigue even tho the show sounds like its a zombie High-Rise/Snowpiercer. Hoping it’s executed well!

  7. His dramas are most of a miss than a hit but he managed to get viewers’ attention even if those roles are just supporting and doesn’t require range so it is a feat for me. For his first lead role as amh in swdbs, I think he did well.

    Also, he showed sincere acting in Sirius so I am looking forward to his future projects that requires to show his range. I believe he wasn’t given an opportunity yet to show his potential unlike his buddy Siwan who has better projects than him. So I hope this drama will be the start of him getting good projects.

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