New Promotions for jTBC Period Drama Snowdrop Focus Solely on the Romance Between Leads Jung Hae In and Jisoo

I wonder how much the March 2021 fallout from the Joseon Exorcist scandal and subsequent sideways impact on Snowdrop affected how this drama is being marketed. The upcoming jTBC drama Snowdrop is a period piece set in the 1980’s in a college campus setting with the romance between a medical student and a young co-ed. The backdrop is importantly as it is set during the era of the college protests against dictatorship and a push for democracy in South Korea, with the ancillary threat of North Korean spies and conflict. The allegations that the central love story was distorting the history of a real life female democracy activist was denied by the production and now all the promos for the drama just show a really bland and vanilla romance with no context beyond two very pretty (and facially similar) young adults being attracted to each other. No harshing on Jung Hae In or Blackpink‘s Jisoo, they are just there doing as the production requests and I think it’s time to show more than just chemistry.

Teaser for Snowdrop:


New Promotions for jTBC Period Drama Snowdrop Focus Solely on the Romance Between Leads Jung Hae In and Jisoo — 38 Comments

  1. Disney+’s subscriber growth has been lagging and missed earnings expectations, so the execs that signed off on buying Snowdrop must be praying for it to do well, and for Jisoo’s massive Black Pink fandom to pull through and sign up to watch this.

    • I doubt it because they won’t even be airing this drama globally. Only 7-8 countries including Korea from what I’ve understood. It won’t be airing in either Europe, North America or South America. I don’t understand what their marketing plan is but this doesn’t seem to be a smart move.

      • JHI said that the main reason for accepting this drama is the writing. But so far,like Ockoala said, the teaser shows vanilla flavor and does not align with the one would expect from reading the synopsis. The pre release controvery must have changed the direction of this drama, but I wonder how much waterdown this drama going to be in order to squash any objections during air time. If I weren’t a fan of JHI or JS, looking at the poster or teaser would not attract me to watch it because it simply does not tell me about anything else besides 2 gorgeous people being shy. I’ll be like eh? JtBC puts all their eggs in Ji soo’s basket. It is also sad that there are some great supoorting actors that do not even get any spotlight.

      • Oh? It is not going to be on Disney+ North America? No wonder it did not come up in my search, but I thought it will show up later as it gets closer to premiere day.

      • @Nuver – Actually, it makes sense to me that Disney chose to prioritize SEA because Blackpink has a huge fan following there and those fans are more likely to sign up for the service to watch Jisoo. Western fans, less so and smaller fanbase.

      • @Ophelia BP has a MASSIVE fan following in both USA and Europe. You clearly have no idea how they were hounded by press and fans during fashion week. There was a literal mob at the Dior venue. Their popularity is global and not limited to SEA countries and fans are livid that they can’t watch Snowdrop in their regions. The foreign media is covering Snowdrop promotions like crazy and it is highly anticipated overseas. Don’t pretend like BP isn’t the biggest girl group on the planet. Their popularity is no less than BTS overseas. The problem is YG doesn’t believe in releasing music on a regular basis. None of their artists release music more than once a year not even their rookie groups.

      • @Huste – I know BP is big and kpop has penetrated the West but I don’t know anything beyond that because I don’t listen to kpop. NA media outlets aren’t covering Snowdrop to my knowledge.

        Disney+ made their call on this. Maybe they’re looking to add Western subscribers with other shows ??‍♀️. If Marvel wasn’t enough to help them hit their subscriber target than I doubt the BP fandom would.

      • @Huste – My reply disappeared. I don’t listen to kpop so I just know BP is big and is popular in West. I don’t know if they’re as popular as in SEA, but more informed kpop fans would know.

  2. They are both pretty and visually look good together, but I sense zero romantic chemistry from this teasers. They look uncomfortable in those Harper’s Bazaar shots together. Jisoo looks like she wants him to get the hell away from her lolol.

  3. It looks like Jung Hae-In had to walk on eggshells because of Ji-Soo. The rest of the casting looks so great. I really wonder why they chose a newbie and an idol as the FL.

    • True. Jung Hae In normally has pretty good chemistry with his co-stars. However, this time….he must be afraid of her crazy stans…

  4. I want this drama to do well for the sake of jtbc. They need to get their audience back otherwise it might end up like mbc with only 4 dramas airing in a year.

  5. Blackpink girlies do every activity expect making music. Lool. But they r loaded with global deals and next tour gonna shatter even spice girls record. And yg has best profit sharing deals. More they sell lots of merchandise too. The way their solo albums sold, they have some huge power globally. Jisoo and jennie has no interest in music at all. And their global appeal gonna get them some serious offers. Especially jisoo and jennie. Jennie seems interested in nthng expect attending events lol

  6. Its relatively early to get more than just romance teasers, I guess. I am curious because the team is solid….who knows maybe Jisoo will blow everyone away with her acting skills!

  7. I want this to do well for JHI’s sake. But I’m not sold yet based on the teaser and poster. I think having a complete newbie as the FL is a huge risk. I’m super curious to see of she pulls off a decent performance.

  8. Idc abt Jisoo because at the end of the day she will have her idol career. But I want this drama to do well for jhi’s sake. Not his fan but I so like him. He was finally getting out of his flopping streak with DP but then this happened. The negative publicity can still give them an audience because many people will be hate watching. However, if the drama fails to change those people’s opinions,things won’t be good for the team. On the other hand Lost and Inspector koo which aired on the same slot performed quite poorly ratings wise despite having big names. So there’s not much hope for snowdrop if we are being realistic

    • I’m confused, JHI’s only flop so far is that tvN drama with Chae Soobin… I don’t ever recall One Spring Night being considered as a dud so I don’t think he has a flopping streak?

      • I just checked, One Spring Night had average ratings of 6.37% on MBC. I don’t recall it having much if any buzz, so if that’s not a dud then I don’t know what is.

      • OSN and both leads were pretty consistent in topping that Good Data Most Buzzworthy list or something lol those ratings were definitely not high but they were rising up to finale instead of sloping down so I wouldn’t consider the drama a dud

      • Are you sure it was topping as in consistently No.1? Cos that’s kinda hard to believe for a drama that was getting low single digit rating. I remember JHI’s other drama, noona was hungry or whatever was kinda buzzy, but definitely not this one.

      • @ume: OMG! I’m crying at JHI’s drama “noona was hungry” 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 LMAAAOOOOOOOOOO

      • That noona drama with Son Yejin catapulted JHI to stardom. With his first lead role, he snatched the 3rd position in Gallup 2018 just behind Lee Byung Hun and Kim Tae Ri. But One spring night didn’t make much buzz.

      • Just check Soompi, they don’t delete old articles lol and JHI was still in the top 5 drama actors of Gallup Korea survey in 2019, tied with Gong Yoo ?

  9. I am still not convinced of Jisoo’s capability as an actress based on her past cameo works and teasers, but I tho hope she will prove me wrong.

    JHI is good in choosing his projects. I can’t remember any of his works that I don’t like. Even his characters on his past dramas are likable so maybe the script is really good. Well, I hope so. Lets see.

  10. Just imagine if Snowdrop’s ratings turned out like Inspector Koo’s 1%.

    Sometimes it really makes me wonder what drama will make viewers tune in to get sky high ratings. After Sky Castle I thought JTBC will overtake TVN.

      • Doubt anything or anyone will work for JTBC at this point. They have tried everyone from Lee Young Ae to Jeon Do Yeon. Jo In Sung and Snowdrop are up next.

      • Problem is there is no Hyun Bin or big male lead costar.

        SJK’s has potential since it is about revenge. Koreans love revenge.

        It all now depends on the writing. People will tune in due to star power but if the story doesn’t click with the viewers then the ratings will decline.

        I am not sure about Snowdrop. It feels kinda similar to Youth of May.

      • I am actually waiting for 39 because it will be son ye jin’s cb after such a long time. She never took a break this long in her career. But honestly don’t have much hope from it ratings wise. Slice of Life dramas don’t do that well. Plus it will have only 12 episodes. At this point only makjang dramas can revive JTBC . So maybe sjk’s revenge drama can be successful.

  11. Considering it often trends with unfavorable responses from knetz every time it drops teasers, they’re just being cautious and definitely hiding the political “black comedy“ part of the drama.

  12. So far all the teasers and promo for this are just empty and vapid. JTBC seems to be completely lost on how to market this beyond look how pretty the leads are.

  13. Bad and crazy who is supposed to competing with them for rating didn’t seem to care to promote highly because they know already snowdrops will fail

  14. I like BP but even in BP’s music videos, Rosé did better in acting department more than Jisoo. Her stiff’s expression somehow makes me ? but i honestly hope this drama will do well.

    But will give this one a try.

  15. Snowdrop had completed filming in July. It’s got a sprawling cast with actors who have led their own dramas. And it’s airing next month…but all we get for teasers are these vaguely romantic moments between the 2 leads that can be filmed over the course of a day.

    How come we can’t even get a 1 minute teaser showing the faces of anyone besides the leads? Nothing of the very important backdrop of the 1980s push for democracy?? It makes me think that the production must be really behind on the editing.

    • Bulgasal which is releasing on the same day hasn’t released anything more than 2 15 sec teasers either. Compared to them Snowdrop has at least released proper posters and teasers which show proper OTP interaction.

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