tvN Mon-Tues Drama Military Prosecutor Doberman Takes its Title Too Literally and Releases Off Putting Posters that Don’t Do Ahn Bo Hyun and Jo Boa Justice

The upcoming tvN Mon-Tues drama Military Prosecutor Doberman tried so hard to be cute to its title but it really backfired for me in luring me in. The first posters above show Ahn Bo Hyun and Jo Boa split-face with two different personas. Her other persona screams German rave party girl but his other persona is a literal doberman. It makes the drama seem like a weird body shape-shifting drama and more than one person asked me if he turns into a doberman to investigate his cases. The drama does have legal experience from the screenwriter of Lawless Lawyer and Remember: War of Son, but it could do a lot better in dropping pleasing, enticing, and cool promos. So far it’s not doing so but I don’t think it means this drama isn’t primed to deliver.


tvN Mon-Tues Drama Military Prosecutor Doberman Takes its Title Too Literally and Releases Off Putting Posters that Don’t Do Ahn Bo Hyun and Jo Boa Justice — 31 Comments

  1. Well, I don’t understand this site. Why is this place full of negative comments before being released? For me, the poster is unique and refreshing. And I believe Ahn bo hyun&Jo bo ah’s acting. They bòth will eat their roles. My girl Bo ah looks so badass and their chemistry is no joke. It seems so intense

  2. Jo bo ah will show her powerful acting. This girl can acting unlike famous idols with pretty faces without talent. Ahn bo hyun, well, we already know she is totally male lead potential. His acting is just “chef kiss”

  3. Yumi’s Cells is the only drama where I really liked ABH’s acting. So I wonder about this one. I like Jo Bo AH but her choices of dramas… I mean Forest was so bad…

  4. Jo Bo Ah has been around for sometime but just couldn’t land that big breakout role. Her last few dramas have been lacklustre. Chemistry didn’t pan out with Yoo Seung Ho, Park Hae Jin and Lee Dong Wook.

    • My Strange hero wasn’t lacklustre though. If a show wasn’t a really a big hit according to you guys standards, It doesn’t mean it was lacklustre.

      • Whatever. People disagree and have different opinions all the time but they don’t go around whining or lecturing other fans about it. You said it yourself “according to you guys” so according to you it’s not lacklustre but according to me it is. So let’s agree to disagree.

      • She’ll be off the bats in MDL or other sites. Commenters there had plenty differing povs of this drama. Fans rated it based on how drama made them feel. What’s wrong with people being so over-sensitive over a freaking drama!

      • I find my strange hero boring too. last episode recap only had 37 comments in db. can’t say anything bad about their bias these days. stans everywhere will fight you to death about their oppa.

      • Point of correction. Am not a stan of either Yoo Seung Ho or Jo Bo Ah, in fact am not a stan of anyone and he can’t be my oppa cause am not a girl (lol). Given your opinion about a drama is cool and all, thrme word lacklustre on people’s just didn’t go down well with me, you guys are to critical here for real but sorry if it offended you. NB: I don’t have any attachments to My Strange Hero.

      • soooo triggered about lacklustre. yeah sure you’re not a girl. look like a duck, behave like a duck, quack like a duck………drama queen.

      • lurking around in his moonshine posts memorist was very good. remember was good. not a stan. yeah rite.

  5. I really like how this site publishes news so quickly and offers background information that sometimes I’m not privy to. But over the years, I feel the author has become more critical with the kdramas and the actors/actresses. Not sure what’s going on, but kdramas are becoming more popular and I wonder if the constant nitpicking is helping the site get more hits? I have nothing against the posters, not even sure why this is even a topic worth discussing.

    • The author is optimizing for site engagement (visits) because this site is monetized off ad impressions and/or clicks.

      More provocation = more responses = more site engagement = more ad impressions = more $. Certain stars who are lightning rods for controversy get featured here more frequently for that reason.

      It’s just how blogs work financially and some people optimize for short term gains.

  6. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the poster to be honest, I mean it could be better but we’ve seen way worse.

  7. salmos is probably ockoala in disguise. eagerly stumping for ysh in msh write up then went dead silent after msh premiere. no news on moonshine recaps too after ratings flopped to lowest. ysh was her love obsession but no reporting due to low fan comments.

  8. To me this is call a early judgement. We have to wait and see whether the poster is the right choice or not.I hope it is the right choice.

  9. lol why am I not surprised by the comments here.

    That Nam Joo Hyuk post is full of his defenders despite his acting over the last 7 years not exactly being leading man material, meanwhile Jo Bo Ah (a decent actress) is getting called names.

    • Aren’t you the dumb b!tch who was defending LJH in that same article like he pays your rent? What are YOU smoking and snorting, junkie? You can defend your oppa but others can’t defend theirs? Dumb hypocrite. Lol

      • Go touch some grass or get therapy, I don’t know how old you are but you’re clearly not right in the head.

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