Elle Korea Presents Four Different Sides of Jung Ho Yeon in Diverse April 2022 Pictorial

I feel like Jung Ho Yeon could be over saturated by now but I don’t think that’s the case. Her overseas explosion of popularity appears greater than the domestic increased awareness so she definitely has much more room to conquer. Plus a natural acting aura helps when she’ll need to pick new acting projects to prove that her debut stardom was not a one hit wonder. But if acting doesn’t work out she can always remain top model in the fashion world, I don’t follow the modeling world so while I saw Jung Ho Yeon’s past fashion pictorials I didn’t know her name and just took note of her as being striking. Now that she’s got a name/personality to her fashion pictorials it only adds to her chameleon talent. In this Elle Korea spread she channels four completely different vibes – cool, weird, beaming, and sexy – and she looks genuine in each shot.


Elle Korea Presents Four Different Sides of Jung Ho Yeon in Diverse April 2022 Pictorial — 11 Comments

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  3. Looking at her reminds me of what top models were meant to be ie not just skinny instagram influencers or popular actresses/idols. She’s working even that weird LV dress with the panniers!

    Also noticed the colour scheme on Elle… what Vladimir Putin is doing to Ukraine is absolutely despicable, I pray for an end to the invasion and that the Ukrainians who were displaced can return to their homes soon but I worry we’re in the middle of a potential WWIII without even realising it.

  4. Eh, my two cents is that the hype (driven by media rather than the average Joe) for her overseas will die down soon and she’s not the type to be popular in Korea. I don’t think she’s going to have a very distinguished acting career other than getting cast as random Asian women in Hollywood – there’s a lot of competition even for this.

    • Yes, I agree. I don’t see her playing lead roles in dramas especially not Rom-com but I see her more following the acting path of Bae Doona doing Hollywood and such.
      IMHO, she should just focus on being a super model like GIgi Hadid & Kendall Jenner where she excels the most and preserve the mystery.

    • Totally agree. The overseas media-driven hype over SQ is already dying down. The current Western media has this agenda of talking up Asian (especially Korean) celebs/influence etc partly to jump on the bandwagon for clout and money, and partly cos they have to, to look “inclusive” and “diverse”. It’s quite politically driven. Korean is the minority flavour of the month and group that the West has the least “problems” with. Personally I feel she was just alright in SG, decent but certainly not deserving of any huge acting accolades. She has yet to test her real acting capabilities and hasn’t taken any role. A one hit wonder at best. She’s better off as a model, I feel she really shines as one.

    • Agreed that as an actress, the west-driven hype isn’t going to last long for her, but Korea thrives on giving one or two-hit wonders years of subsequent popularity (some of the It Girls of today are people whose last actual hit project was a decade ago, they just became It through aggressive media play that glossed over how poorly their later projects performed) so I wouldn’t write her off there. She’s not got the typical expected female lead looks but she did make inroads into high fashion and seems like she’ll fit the ‘girl crush’ type of roles well, Netflix likes to repeat cast its newer Korean actors so she may well pick up work there too.

  5. she was phenomenal in squid game. it’s really nice to see her get all this attention and exposure. i hope she’s able to take the time to enjoy all the good things that have come to her recently.

  6. Interesting how an actress performing well in her debut and getting successful to an unexpected degree has people writing her off as “just a fluke” but an idol-actress being bad at acting to appalling levels for years after 1-2 hit projects is excused by blind fangirls as “having potential” “blame the PD/writer/ weather/costars” and while aggressively ignoring the poor or average performance of their subsequent acting projects. If Jung Hoyeon’s continued popularity rests on her fashion projects, how is it different from domestic celebs whose popularity is more about how good they are at shilling fried chicken and makeup, than whether they actually do well at acting?

    • Agree, but like it or not, those idol actress you talk about tend to fit Korean beauty standard to a T or are at least seen as conventionally pretty. Let’s be real, the entertainment industry is superficial, especially Korean entertainment that has a strict beauty standard. Being pretty can keep you relevant despite the flops. Hoyeon could go down the Bae Doona route, but that will depend if she can prove her acting skills. Her role in SG wasn’t challenging, it just required the actress to be stone-faced majority of the time.

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