Gong Hyo Jin, Lee Min Ho, and Han Ji Eun Confirmed for Sci-fi Romance K-drama Ask the Stars Scheduled for April 2023

The stars are aligned now for upcoming first ever network space sci-fi themed K-drama Ask the Stars, now with confirmed cast members and start date. The leads will be Gong Hyo Jin and Lee Min Ho, a first ever pairing of these two A-list Hallyu stars, and on the heels of their confirmation rising young actress Han Ji Eun is confirmed to star as well. The leads are playing astronaut (her) and an OB-GYN doctor (him) as they meet cute and fall in love among the stars onboard a space station. Han Ji Eun has a supporting role as Lee Min Ho’s fiancee. The drama is from the PD of It’s Okay to Not be Okay and the screenwriter of Wok of Love and Pasta, who spent five years developing the script so it’s clearly a labor of love. I’m down for this ambitious new foray into K-drama love in space, whether it works on first launch here or takes a few exploratory journeys before landing properly.


Gong Hyo Jin, Lee Min Ho, and Han Ji Eun Confirmed for Sci-fi Romance K-drama Ask the Stars Scheduled for April 2023 — 23 Comments

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    • @Alexa – Same question. An OBGYN is one of the last types of doctor I expect to see on a space mission. Are there going to be alien babies involved or something?

    • I think Lee Minho’s character is a tourist. Initial reports said that it’s about a space tourist and an astronaut, and the latter role is helmed by Gong Hyojin.

      Yet I’m curious about the time setting because South Korea is currently undergoing a birth crisis, so OBY/GYN is a stagnant field.

  2. LMH COBGRATS AND WELCOME TO MEW 2ND PHASE OF YOUR CAREER WITH ANOTHER BIG BUDGET DRAMAS BACK TO BACK. I can see some people seething. Let them cry when u reach new global heights. King

  3. Ahhh, I was looking forward to LMH’s next project but with GHJ? She’s un-watchable, extremely on fact. The only actress in Korea I purposely avoid watching coz she acts in complete consciousness of herself acting that it’s so creepily bothersome. I’ll wait for your next project then, LMH.

    • I didn’t like her acting in WTCB. She was cringey there. KHN was the better actor In that drama maybe that’s why he was the one who got an award.

    • LoL. Throwing so much shade.
      That is your opinion and you are entitled to it.
      But I also just want to remind you that the general Korean audience as well as the Internation buzz and appraisal on her dramas and performances begs to disagree. The consistensy of her work and how people people appreciate her is not something to belittle and shade like this…

      • @Karina
        You said it, it’s my personal opinion. I didn’t belittle her and I was aware she’s popular in her own country. But that doesn’t change the fact that when I watch her, it’s as if I am watching her watch herself act in front of the mirror. As far as i am concern, she’s self aware she is acting and it bleeds thru the screen for me to notice, in fact so noticeable that it bothered me. Is that belittling? No, it’s my opinion and feeling as an audience. Don’t twist my words or put words in my mouth. Be an adult and respect other’s opinion.

  4. Gong hyo jin is like an actor maker. She isn’t the most beautiful actress out there but she always have amazing chemistry with her leading men.
    She also makes anyone who act with her become a good actor

    • Lmh is already a megastar and is in 100 billion won drama. She will get a hallyu hit bcoz of him. She is local actress. He doesn’t need her to make him. When he is much bigger star. She might finally get some overseas fame

  5. I loved pasta, but hated wok of love. Same goes with the leads acting. Sometimes I loved their performance, but sometimes not. I hope this time everything goes to the side that I like.

  6. Not a fan of GHJ, I have never yet been able to finish a single Drama she was in, but there’s also an error of fact in Koala’s piece. This will not be the “first-ever sci-fi themed K Drama”. The truly excellent Circle was pure SF, one of my personal favourites and made 5 years ago. Then there are Dramas like Kairos and SF8 – which even has the genre in its NAME. Opinions about actors are subjective, but facts aren’t, and the fact is Koala’s intro was just plain wrong. Whatever this up[coming Drama maybe, it’s NOT “the first-ever”

    • Koala wrote “first ever network space sci-fi drama” which is correct. This dramas you mentioned aren’t sci-fi set in outer space, and Silent Sea was produced by Netflix, which isn’t a tv network.

      • No, she didn’t. She EDITED the paragraph between my comment and your reply to my comment. It NOW says “space sci fi themed” it did not say that when I replied. The quote marks in my original post are because what I typed was a VERBATIM quote of her EXACT words as they were when I replied. She silently changed it. That sort of sneaky disingenuousness is exactly what gives lawyers a bad name, as far back as Shakespeare’s Henry VI. The honest course would have been for her to at least admit that she had edited her post, although I am utterly unsurprised that she did not. I should have expected it and ought to have taken a screenshot as proof

  7. I’ll watch the first 2 eps and see if it’s my cup of tea…Thankfully, I’m one of those who drop dramas if they are not entertained, regardless of the star power in the drama.

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