tvN Drama Shooting Star Sputters Out of the Gate with Low Ratings of 1.632% in First Episode

Whomever decided to give tvN Fri-Sat drama Shooting Star the official English title of Sh**ting Stars deserves to be flogged. The moment I laid eyes on it I read it a shitting star because hello why else blank blank two letters if not because it’s a bad word. This is a case of trying to be cute not working like at all. That aside, the drama did seem rather high energy with an eclectic cast and the fresh pairing of Lee Sung Kyung and Kim Young Dae, so I am surprised that the first episode ratings came in at a measly 1.632%. That’s really low even on cable and especially for tvN. The network’s Fri-Sat time slot hasn’t been its strongest and this drama is airing after a few months break from the previous drama Bad and Crazy which averaged about 3% ratings and prior to that it was the drama Happiness which has turned into quite a cult hit after it’s run. Anyhoo, I’ll need to check out the first episode myself to suss out why there isn’t strong interest in it at the outset.


tvN Drama Shooting Star Sputters Out of the Gate with Low Ratings of 1.632% in First Episode — 32 Comments

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  2. This isn’t a surprise, the male lead is not even that popular yet. He was in highly rated Penthouse but the ratings wasn’t because but because of the crazy writing that was so addictive to watch.

    LSK’s last drama was also a hit Dr. Romantic 2 but that had Han Suk Kyung pulling in the viewers.

    But if the story is good people will watch, the ratings will increase or at least it would have good buzz. So after next week, it will clear to see if this a dud or not.

    • @M

      Someone is probably trying to push him the way AHS or SK were pushed and pushed and pushed (despite their glaring mediocrity and flops) until they finally hit jackpot. Although their hit dramas were carried by the female leads, as MLs they gain some of the glory too. That’s dramaland for you.

      • In acting, collaboration among actors (esp ML & FL) it takes two to tango. Their performance can be good or bad depend on how to their co-leads able to trigger to act all out one another. The bottom line is all about team work between main lead & female lead. So, its totally wrong if you said the success of a drama because of female leads only without contribution from main leads

      • agreed. It’s ridiculous that at this day and age Africa is still reduced to steroptypes. No one is saying there are no impoverished places but do your research and name the place. they keep just saying “Africa” as though its one big country ad not a continent on 55 countries. The articles reading “second well in Africa@””Africa gets clean water” insulting

  3. Isn’t “Sh**ting” intentional? The asterisks were meant to turn the o’s into stars, while making it appear to be “shitting” because of the “똥 (shit)” in the Korean title “별똥별”?

  4. Shooting Star , Forecasting Love and Weather and Tomorrow give more of a J-drama vibe than your usual korean archetype of drama. Thus, some viewers used of your usual korean drama may not be able to appreciate it, ultimately it is all a matter of taste

  5. I’m a big fan of LSK but when I watched the first episode I think it’s kinda boring. The last scene was thrilling and intriguing, though.

    I heard there will be big stars that will have their cameo in the drama, and hopefully this can increase the ratings in the succeeding episodes.

  6. I watched the 1st episode and it wasn’t bad at all . But there are a lot of dramas airing the week end , hard to see all . I’m watching Again my life ( Lee Jun Ki, what else ?) My liberation notes which is a true gem and Tomorrow .

      • Agree! My Liberation Notes – quiet, but soooo satisfying good.

        Read somewhere its ratings were low too (Ratings don’t matter a jot to me, it’s what speaks to you personally, as a viewer) …

        It’s slow yes, but it’s totally a GEM. My favorite of all the new offerings out. Every actor there is sooo good at interpreting his/her character, writing, humour … totally captivating, despite it coming across as slow. Or nothing that much happening. Never has silence been more expressive.

        Interaction between mother and daughter”
        “What happened to your face”
        “It’s under construction”
        “Good going … wasting $ just to look uglier”.


    • I’m loving my liberation notes idk not much is happening, I’m just enjoying the ride so far. Even Gong yoo’s recently fanboying over the drama haha.

  7. That was pretty low 🙁

    Was rooting for LSK and her new drama. But she always end up with nugus. Usually entertainment theme drama doesn’t do well. I feel like this drama will disappear from the chart soon.

  8. There are nine dramas airing on the weekends and three on Fridays, the leads aren’t that popular, dramas about the entertainment industry are hit and miss, mostly miss. Tvn’s Friday/Saturday slot was not well thought out. I feel like it is where they put more niche dramas. It’s really no surprise the ratings were low.

  9. I finally got to watch the first two episodes and definitely not going to continue watching.

    LSK’s visual really makes me want to continue watching but the male lead isn’t believable as top celebrity. Because of LSK’s height he doesn’t look tall. Maybe it’s just me, but I’m not feeling the chemistry. Maybe next week it might change but I’m giving this a pass.

    There really is nothing good to watch this month. Our Blues started out well because I was drawn to the first story. I thought the second story would be Han Ji Min and Kim Woo Bin but then just suddenly shifted to two teenagers I don’t even care about and topic changed into teen pregnancy and abortion. It was pretty jarring what with some scenes LBH telling his mom to stop calling him without a reason and telling her he will go to her funeral.

    And as a viewer we are already made aware that his mom is terminal cancer stage makes me want to curse LMH’s character for being so shitty to his mom.

    This is way even more miserable to watch now compared to MLN which I dropped like a hot potato after the first episode.

    Now I get why people tuned to Twenty Five Twenty One and Business Proposal. Because they are fun to watch. Or with 2521 at least the first half was fun.

    So if Shooting Stars do better next week then all the better because we need funny dramas more than depressing ones.

  10. The Africa scene is not needed at all I felt so uncomfortable watching it educate yourself Africa is a whole continent with 54countries we’ve been saying since forever I dropped it at the first episode and I’m not going back to it, they just want attention

  11. Africa is not a country,it’s a continent with 54 countries.People should learn to educate themselves.I’m definitely not watching the movie and am telling my friends not to.

    • I really love the plot of the drama. I hope you watch it, and I find the guy cute.
      We shouldn’t base our judgment on the popularity of the actor or actress.

  12. Why people are sensitive about the volunteering in Africa side of the story? I really don’t get it. It’s obvious he was volunteering it a remote & depressed areas of Africa.

    And people also say that they are volunteering in Asia and no one gets butt hurt about it.

      • Ofcourse you will agree due to ignorance…can a person go to Africa to volunteer how is that possible when Africa is not a village?. Its ridiculous to see this big budgeted series not do their research and just present some shabby work

    • When they plan on going to trips or overseas business meetings they do mention the name… China, América blah blah.. It was through bbf I get to know a country called Macau… So why can’t they said the name of the African country he visited

      • Technically, America is not a country either. The USA, you wanted to say. 😉

  13. Africa part is indeed unnecessary, but blame it to the writer. Considering it is Kim Young Dae’s first male lead role, I think he did great working together with Lee Sung Kyung. Heck, I didn’t know him before, never watched Penthouse or any of his dramas before. But I think he will do great in the future, I see that he has more potentials comparing to other new male actors in his peers.

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