tvN Drama Shooting Star Sputters Out of the Gate with Low Ratings of 1.632% in First Episode

Whomever decided to give tvN Fri-Sat drama Shooting Star the official English title of Sh**ting Stars deserves to be flogged. The moment I laid eyes on it I read it a shitting star because hello why else blank blank two letters if not because it’s a bad word. This is a case of trying to be cute not working like at all. That aside, the drama did seem rather high energy with an eclectic cast and the fresh pairing of Lee Sung Kyung and Kim Young Dae, so I am surprised that the first episode ratings came in at a measly 1.632%. That’s really low even on cable and especially for tvN. The network’s Fri-Sat time slot hasn’t been its strongest and this drama is airing after a few months break from the previous drama Bad and Crazy which averaged about 3% ratings and prior to that it was the drama Happiness which has turned into quite a cult hit after it’s run. Anyhoo, I’ll need to check out the first episode myself to suss out why there isn’t strong interest in it at the outset.

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