Insider Rises in Second Episode Ratings While Even Continues Small Downward Trajectory in Episode 4

For a revenge drama Again My Life was surprisingly fun to watch, probably because it used the second chance at life conceit so facilely that the male lead was always winning. But most revenge dramas tend to be more pain than pleasure or at least earning the pleasure in the very end and sometimes that’s just exhausting to watch. jTBC Wed-Thurs drama Insider just looks dark and makes poor Kang Ha Neul look absolutely beaten up and beaten down in promos, posters, and previews. I may jump in later on for a marathon but right now it just bums me out despite the drama looking by all accounts a quality production. The ratings went up in the second episode to 3.274% which is a good sign. On the other hand tvN drama Eve continued its downward ratings trend but once again it’s not a big drop but merely that the rating keeps doing down rather than up even slightly. Thursday’s episode 4 dropped below 3% to 2.957% and whoever cast Park Byung Eun as the male lead and target of Seo Ye Ji‘s revenge did an incredible job because they really made his character look so nasty, all gross with puffy faced with lust I shudder when I see his stills (in a good way because he’s selling the sleaze) and hope that Seo Ye Ji’s character not only destroys him (for revenge purposes) but also maybe cut off his man bits too for good measure because he looks like he deserves whatever grand convoluted revenge plan she’s cooking up.


Insider Rises in Second Episode Ratings While Even Continues Small Downward Trajectory in Episode 4 — 10 Comments

  1. I think koala is in a love hate relationship with seo yea ji because you keep writing articles about her, good luck to both series

    They deserve good ratings

  2. Well, if a woman seduce a man n the man take it, both parties are disgusting, why must the guy bits be cut since he was seduced to have it with the seducer, the seducer is disgusting in the 1st place n not lesser disgusting than the guy who got seduced. If it is a man who seduce, the same logic applies. In eve, she got what she wanted that why he looks like that, gross to read – cut of the bits in the article.

    Never care about ratings but is fun to see how it goes, especially next week, na in woo jinx drama will compete. Insider revenge is interesting, writing is a bit more intelligent, acting is good. Eve is on seduction revenge n also using innocent people, writing is bad, acting is so so. Jinx drama will be quite fun relatable, might do well.

    • I’m thinking no actor wanted to be casted opposite SYJ after her true colors reveal, and so they had to settle for this dude. Lol

      • I think we know how false this is as both Vietnamese and Spanish actors have come out to speak on her behavior or character without anyone asking them to do so

        So let’s put down this narrative

      • @Passerby

        Keep passing by and f/ck off with the pitiful defense attempts. Your fave is trash and her trash drama is a flop. Deal with it.

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