SBS Fri-Sat Legal Drama Why Her with Seo Hyun Jin Surges in Ratings Again to Break 10% by Episode 4

Wow, just wow. Totally did NOT see this coming. SBS Fri-Sat time slot is already resting on a recent successful drama run with Again My Life but now it has another hit and it may be even more successful yet to come. Why Her with Seo Hyun Jin and Hwang In Yeop just hit 10.1% ratings in episode 4, and for comparison Again My Life got up to high 9% ratings but didn’t cross the 10% mark until episode 9. The feedback on Why Her is that it’s totally the Seo Hyun Jin show the same way Lee Jun Ki was the main reason to check out Again My Life. Now I’m way more interested in catching up to Why Her and really impressed with SBS and its recent drama picking track record. On the other hand, Doctor Lawyer over on MBC is so schizophrenic as after going up in ratings in episode 3 by nearly 2% it dropped down by nearly 2% in episode 4 to 4.9% so I think there is no real competition left between the two dramas.


SBS Fri-Sat Legal Drama Why Her with Seo Hyun Jin Surges in Ratings Again to Break 10% by Episode 4 — 15 Comments

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  2. There’s something different about Why Her… not just Seo Hyun Jin but also, the cases are interesting.

    In my opinion, Again My Life is good but it places too much time on the supporting buddies of Lee Jun Ki and yet very little screen time for the leading lady. Maybe the station or production team wants to promote the other supporting actors.

  3. Why Her is intriguing, it’s definitely a Seo Hyun Jon’s show and so far she has been showing awesome performance by displaying a wide range of emotions with varied microexpressions. It’s always enjoyable to see her interactions with veteran Heo Jun Ho who is also superb in acting. The story is interesting when it focuses on Soo Jae’s work and the cases. The first few episodes had subtly dropped hints about what happened to Soo Jae in the past 10 years and I’m looking forward to seeing how her past will be unfold.

  4. I like Why Her?, Seo Hyun-Jin is great in this role. But at the opposite of LJK in Again My Life, she’s far from perfect. He was too perfect : he fought very well, knew things because he was re-living his life, got every girl in love with him, etc. SHJ’s character is grey and far more interesting.

  5. Why Her? is definitely Seo Hyun-jin’s show. I’m not a fan but she’s even what is keeping me watching. At this point, it looks like SBS’s Fri-Sat slot just needs the combination of a strong lead + law + corruption to be successful. It worked for Honey Lee’s drama, Lee Jun-ki’s and now Seo Hyun-jin’s. They were all basically one man shows. The rest of the casts were pretty superfluous.

  6. My preference goes to Why her ? since the beginning i was impressed by Seo Hyun Jin . I didn’t know this side of her acting . It’s a good surprise , her character is nuanced not manichaean at all and she delivers it very well . As for Dr Lawyer , it’s a classic revenge drama, with a protagonist a little too cliché . Even the very bad guy is the one of Again My life and SSR is playing the same kind of sociopath that he did in RETURN .

  7. SHJ outshines the male lead, her interaction with her senior actors are the best. Yes agreed the cases are interesting and each episode unfold layer by layer of truth. I like her clothes here too, each episode her clothes are amazing fit her perfectly.

    • Her clothes fit her perfectly and it remind me of Park Min Young ‘clothes in her office dramas . I’m not comparing both actresses just the clothes and haircut .

  8. Agree with the other comments. I didn’t expect this level/side of acting from Seo Hyun Jin. I like that her character can be morally grey, she just seem to play that well in the show. The supporting roles are equally intriguing and well-cast too. Plus, the pacing of the plot is good, at least for the first four eps — which is just perfect if you are live watching.

    I binge-watched Again My Life, it was good. But some parts felt like too much “telling” vs “showing”. Whereas, Why Her(so far), is doing great on the “showing” part. 🙂

  9. SHJ’s acting here is a revelation (at least for me). She and the director and that type of character are a good fit. The way the story unfolds is also interesting. The law students are less interesting including HIY but it just makes SHJ shine more. Let’s see if the drama will sustain the audience’s interest.

    • I don’t understand why people don’t like noona dramas. After being a part of culture where traditionally women marry much older men, I feel this is a welcome change. Globally women live longer than men by 8 years and marry men 7 to 8 years older and hence most women are left alone in their silver years. I personally have witnessed terrible depression, trauma of women in my family who were left bereft after the loss of their husbands and it’s really really sad to witness. so should this trend also not be ok.

  10. Based on Oh Hae Young performances, it’s clear Seo Hyun Jin can do this kind of character. Oh Hae Young is also fierce but vulnerable.the difference is Oh Hae Young is upfrount about her real feeling and Overact. meanwhile Soo Jae hide those her vulnerable side through her strong facade. I enjoy her performances and yess this is Seo Hyun Jin carrying the drama since none of the cast look steal the show and outshining her yet.

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