Kim Ji Won Hits a Big Success with jTBC Drama My Liberation Notes and Graces the June 2022 Edition of Big Issue Magazine

Not every drama pick is a success but the track record for Kim Ji Won now says way more successes then meh ones and I’d pick that route for sure. She just finished jTBC drama My Liberation Notes which got rave critic reviews when it premiered and then got audience love plus an increasing ratings trajectory to nearly double in ratings by the end. Her performance showcased an introspective character and presented in a way that audiences felt brought the script to life and felt relatable. She’s trading the countryside threads for pretty in pink and white frocks in the June 2022 edition of Big Issue and she’s definitely hit a big homerun for this project pick.


Kim Ji Won Hits a Big Success with jTBC Drama My Liberation Notes and Graces the June 2022 Edition of Big Issue Magazine — 30 Comments

    • Yeah, she has the kind of face that can look japanese, chinese, or sometimes almost half-white, depending on the styling lol

  1. She has perfect 3 things that should need to be A-lister: Great acting with wide range, pretty visuals with feminine and chic look, good at choosing projects. No wonder if she surpass Han So Hee in the recent years and to be an It girl in kdramaland

    • She’s consistently good in everything she acts in and has a good resume, so I don’t get why she hasn’t hit it “huge” yet even though she checks off everything needed in the book. How many more hit projects is it gonna take?

      Maybe MLN will be the turning point but Son Sukku seems to be reaping the most momentum from it currently.

      • It’s like with fight for way it seemed like PSJ reaped most of the success. But could it also be that her agency didn’t capitalise on her mln success, similar to King kong with her fight for my way hype. With Sukku though it seems like the recent gushi fever helped with his films success, he couldn’t have been more lucky with the timing. Even he said in a recent interview he wanted the film to come out first for it to not overshadow the show but it’s the director who suggested otherwise.

      • I love MLN and all the characters (though Changhee is my fave) but it seemed like the buzz/hype was mostly related to the romance which overshadowed everything else and explains the Gushi fever (as k
        Keika said). Don’t get me wrong I did like how subtle and unconventional the romance was.

        But I still lowkey hope that in Jiwon’s next role there’s no loveline. Since she’s already ready proven to have good chemistry with her male partners.I want her lead in a thriller or maybe in a musical drama, just something different and refreshing. She’s also played a few relatable characters so going for an eccentric role could be interesting aswell.

      • I think she already surpass as an artist, or as an actress Han So Hee. But as an It girl. No,Han So Hee fit more with It Girl Title. Her Angency and Stylists knows well about what’s Instagram aesthetic.Kim Ji Won lacks nth, her face is perfect. She will be beautiful whatever she wear. But Her stylists and her fashion theme are still stay in 2016.Girly post 3 or 4 post a year on Instagram. May be that’s why she loses may endorsements.Her stylists always put me on my nerves.To be an IT girl?? haha she still need to go far.I not a Han Solo Hee fan.I am hard core Ji Won Fan but her style??NUH!!!

      • super famous bc delulus constantly hyped up fake news. jcw and njh spotted in a private cozy date in kalibo, confirmed marriage after 5 years of dating, you get the drift.

      • So famous they have to bring him in an unrelated post. WOW. Such Devotion and Desperation in worshipping the ground he walks on.

      • International ppl or maybe thats most of his fans consistently lump with PSJ, KSH and LMH etc who’ve actually had proper hits. Imo he’s more famous then he should be.

      • Please if anything, he is more popular (internationally) than he should be. He hasn’t had any big domestic hit on his own unlike the peers he’s compared to. Mediocre actor, plastic monster, awful dramas, Areana club frequenter- what’s good about him? KJW is unlucky but he got too lucky despite being average in every way.

      • What a spiteful, disgusting post. How can one be so hateful seriously, what a sad life you must lead.

      • Great actor-He takes so many good parts in the shows -Healer-Supicious Partner etc.
        In my top 4 male actors!!

  2. She’s getting photoshoots even though she’s left that useless agency, good for her. I know mln has just ended recently but I’m already eager for her to be linked with a project already or just be linked with something.

    • For me, Kim Ji Won is the most beautiful and versatile actress in SK. Can’t wait to her next project. Wishing you all the success you truly deserve, Jiwon!

  3. I didn’t think much of MLN but she was outstanding in it. Hope she gets all the nominations for her performance. She was excellent in Fight For My Way as well and I’m still bummed she didn’t get a Baeksang nom when the other three leads did. All the best to her in her career.

  4. I wonder which agency she’ll go to, I hope it’s soop. It is nice to see that she’s more active lately with magazine/events even without an agency. Perhaps it was her agency that was holding her back.

    I do hope though she does a movie, she’s done enough drama’s.

  5. Sorry…for i’m still not over the “worship couple”.
    It was open ended..Mi Jeong was waiting (she exuded happiness) for Mr.Gu.
    Maybe we could have a fairytale endind much like an ep 17

  6. Kim Ji Won and Ji Chang Wook were fabulous as the two leads in -Lovestruck in the City!!
    Both acted superbly and made that show excellent..
    KJW looks beautiful..
    One of my most favourite actresses..

  7. The music throughout Lovestruck in the City was some of the best out of all the KDs that I have watched!!
    Janet Suhn etc – What a voice..

  8. So beautiful actress and a talented one. I look forward to seeing her collaborating with PBG in the future. Surely they will be a beautiful couple. They r both talented.

  9. Why her fan stay letting go of her stylist’s mediocre styling on this beautiful girl? I understand Kim Ji Won is not the type who consious about her fashion but as an actress her style is too much backward. I don’t understand why she wears those baggie ugly mediocre gowns to award shows. Her face can boost up by fashion cause it looks luxuriously beautiful but her style can even be called ugly. In This style she is ok, but compare with other actress it can be call normal.I am a hard core fan but her stylists always make me angry.

  10. Her works are unique. Her acting is great, not a mediocre.her face is a top notch visual. Haha but, her style? Haha no.she doesn’t understand how to play the media, at wrap up parties, at movie premiere, at awards shows, even when as a MC, her stylists never seem to put an effort.with this status,with this Instagram followers, she should get a luxury clothing brand as an ambassador, but no.her fashion unconsciousness are to be blame.She is too privilege because of her visual when it’s comes to fashion sense.

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