Lee Jun Ki Continues His Close Friendship with IU After Moon Lovers and Attends Her 2022 Concert The Golden Hour

I feel like the real life friendship between IU and Lee Jun Ki happened because they are both so hard working and cool in real life and because it is sort of karma for how much the viewers shipped them in Moon Lovers and we all got shafted. It wasn’t just the sad ending, we knew what Bu Bu Jing Xin had in store, it was that the drama didn’t do right by their characters and relationship in the final arc and rushed it all without the requisite pathos. Thankfully these two continue on with their own incredible acting and singing careers and even better the level of support in public is pretty darn wholesome and sweet. Lee Jun Ki attended IU’s 2022 concert this weekend and shared some cute snaps with him being the supportive oppa fan and we all just swoon some more.


Lee Jun Ki Continues His Close Friendship with IU After Moon Lovers and Attends Her 2022 Concert The Golden Hour — 12 Comments

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  2. I loved Moon Lovers despite all the issues with the drama, the cast was not one of them. It had such a wonderful team of actors who did their best.

    And one of the best things to come out of this drama was IU and Joongi’s friendship which has stood the test of time.

    They have one of the strongest bonds I have seen between artists, constant supports and cheerleaders for each other.
    He has always attended anything she has invited him to, from drama cameos to variety shows to everywhere. He hasn’t missed any concert of hers till date and always doesn’t fail to appreciate her.
    She has been equally supportive of his every show and calls him on his birthday events.

    It’s just beautiful and I’m happy that people appreciate it rather than tranish their bond with negativity.

    I hope we get to see them working together again but I’m still quite happy with whatever we have gotten so far, it’s amazing that the fans got as much as content from these two amazing artists.
    It’s rare to get anything at all.

  3. I love him! Recently watched Flower of Evil and was blown away with his acting! IU is loved by some very talented people, she’s precious!!

  4. Lee Joon Gi always give the impression that he can’t accept getting old. His face is getting too plastic and being over 40 he shouldn’t be wearing his cap backwards and pretending to be young.

    • WTF? That’s what you got from this?
      LMAO This is proof that most people on this site are such miserable fu*ckers because only miserable people find negative sh*t on such a cute story about friendship. Yikes 😬
      Also, today I learned it’s only young people who are allowed to wear their cap backwards 😂😂😂

      • I agree with you Joo. So much toxic and hate on the comments if they don’t like a particular actor or actress. Best to not engage and laugh off their delusions. Lee Jun Ki will looks incredible and doesn’t even look his age lol. I’m so happy for their good friendship too. I root for both of them.

    • Like seriously… Misty!😳😂 You need a hug! You must be going through through some real stuff… or how else does anyone end up with such a messed up thinking. Get a grip already😂😂

  5. It always amazed me how someone can turn a happy story into a negative. Girl(Misty), you need to do some serious work on that attitude.

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