Kim Yoo Jung, Byun Woo Seok, Park Jung Woo, and Roh Yoon Seo Promote Netflix Movie 20th Century Girl with Elle Korea November 2022 Pictorial

I’m keeping my expectations in check for 20th Century Girl, a Netflix produced Korean movie that seems to be assembled from all those high school and missed chance stories but without a different hook from the promos. It’s just two girls and two guy besties and their crossed feelings and loyalties, set in the late 90’s and then pulled forward 20 years to the current era. I love Kim Yoo Jung but Byun Woo Seok‘s acting ability consists of trying very earnestly to act but never quite succeeding, I’ve not seen Park Jung Woo, while Roh Yoon Seo is a rookie who debuted with Our Blues and had that breakout audience favorite side arc so the girls have a leg up going into this. The movie drops today Friday October 21st and I’ll see how the initial reviews go. The cast did an Elle Korea pictorial that is also less than engaging, it’s the opposite of delivering chemistry but at least they showed up.


Kim Yoo Jung, Byun Woo Seok, Park Jung Woo, and Roh Yoon Seo Promote Netflix Movie 20th Century Girl with Elle Korea November 2022 Pictorial — 14 Comments

  1. My timeline is full of people saying how much they love the sweet love story but the ending is literally what you’ve expected from Asian youth drama, which means a sad/heartbreaking ending and bring your tissue.

    Idk about the overall review but my friend said they like it a lot and the ending is a stab in the heart, they like it but wish the ending to be different

    It’s not illogical or nonsensical ending , it makes sense it touched your heart but also why it has to be like that?

    • I actually don’t care about the ending and the two male lead faith. they are just supporting character here to me. The heart of the drama is Bora with her best friend and it’s satifyingly unfold and told.

      Also, Can they cast different male lead? Their acting is too green compare to Kim Yoo Jung.

      • To think about it, of all the main cast, she is the only one with big recognition, very big recognition value.

        I think this is a drama for viewer to fall in love with her and to her character.
        Looking back in my youth, we all want to be as brave as her, the train station scene when she is a mess and still look genuine makes me feels like the young me wouldn’t be able to be do that yet aspire to be like her, life to the fullest.

  2. It’s actually well acted. Kim Yoo-jung, as always, carries. However, I do wonder WHY about the ending. It sort of was unnecessary, except to be k-dramatic. 🤔 Like, WHY? 😶🫠

  3. I cried like crazy while watching the movie, my first love was similar, except that we couldn’t get together because my family forbade it due to many reasons. And I see him again after 15 years, it’s just that I see him from afar. I was also born in the same period as Bora (I was born in 1984). The past seems to come back to me. My heart beat fast for 2 hours while watching. Now that I’m watching it for a second time, the wonderful feelings we experiencewith our first love will never come back in the following relationships.

  4. I was afraid of an end like with Our Times, with different actors who played the adult part… It was worse >_< But the movie itsef was super cute. The love story and the friendships.

    Kim Yoo-Jung is such a beautiful young woman. She shined a lot in this movie.

  5. I love the color palette and Kim Yoo Jung as Na Bora. KYJ really shines here, I guess her age, image and acting provides naturalness to the HS immaturity, hijinks and energy. It wasn’t over the top, but just adorable, cute and lovely.

  6. I seen this kmovie 2x already “20th century girl” & it bring back high school memories. I love the casts & their respective roles.I might watch it again.

  7. I enjoyed the love story but the ending makes me cried. Hopefully in future please makes movies with happy ending. And I suggest bring back the cast again. Hope to see them together with happy ending. I don’t understand why kmovies always bad ending especially teenagers loce story

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