C-rumor of a Top Actress with Two Character Name Facing Tax Evasion Investigation and Netizens Zero in on Yang Zi

On other countries tax evasion elicits just a yawn and a sense of paperwork drudgery but in Mainland China it can be a death knell for a star’s career. Fan Bing Bing fell from the very pinnacle and is only now 4 years later trying to slowly come back. Deng Lun and Zheng Shuang are cancelled forever, but Yuan Bing Yan may have a career still after being only tangentially involved. Now C-ent has a fast spreading rumor of a top actress who is under investigation for tax evasion. The clues to her identity is that she has a two character name, over 50 million fans on SNS, and recently formed her own company. The likely actresses being named are Yang Mi, Angelababy (Yang Ying), Yang Zi, and Xie Na. C-netizens think it’s most likely Yang Zi based on the three clues. If she is guilty of that then its just massive stupidity and arrogance and will obviously impact her upcoming dramas including my long awaited Lost You Forever. Time will tell, lately the C-government has been outing tax evaders pretty openly so if it’s her or another top star it should come out.


C-rumor of a Top Actress with Two Character Name Facing Tax Evasion Investigation and Netizens Zero in on Yang Zi — 18 Comments

  1. I’m starting to think that these tax evasions are just some sort of blacklisting done to super popular stars. How could it be that they’d be THAT stupid after seeing their colleagues fall one after another?

    • 🙄 denial at its best to look for any kind of conspiracy theory so long as ‘my bias is innocent’

      There is never a limit to greed. Full stop. It’s a human nature. When they earn so much and have to pay a big amount of tax, they will try to avoid it. That’s simple. Most always think they can get away with it. A LOT of them are doing it. You can say, majority of them. It just that, whether you goy found out or not.

      • I’m not in denial, but I just can’t believe the stupidity. She is far from my favorite, but she is a big star, so I took notice.

      • @Hoho

        Rich people are always trying to avoid paying proper amount of taxes. Like, all the time esp those huge conglomerates. Chinese actors earn tons of money (popular ones earns about the same as hollywood actors). When you earn that much money, imagine the huge amount of taxes they need to pay. Hundred millions of CNY. It’s one thing if you earn e.g 3 million USD and you have to pay 450k taxes. But imagine they earn 40 million USD a year (or more) and have to pay 6 million taxes. Most will feels more reluctant and try to find ways to avoid paying it.

  2. Why is Deng Lun cancel forever when FBB is slowly coming back? I understand Sheng Shuang case because she’s just no good but such a cruel punishment for Deng Lun if he can never come back. Everybody make mistakes and it should just be a lesson. Though even if they do come back later, they will most likely will not get to the level of fame they used to have. So many new faces these days that I can’t even keep track.

    • FBB try to make her come back OUTSIDE of China and its ent. Denglun can also try that amd free to do so if there is a demand for him outside.

  3. Omg, if this is Yang Zi, the drama Lost You Forever will be banned. Omg again, I hope this is not true and I hope there will be a great day ahead to this drama.

  4. Damn…I’d be pretty speechless, YZ has been a part of the industry for a long time, this would be stupid in her part. Not just YZ, any one else they are targeting.

      • @Abc

        No, there aren’t. For example, Angelababy started her agency years and years ago while the melon quite clearly says recently. Etc

        The only other option would be Yang Mi but her Weibo is over 100 mil and she is known for overpaying her taxes.

  5. Yang Zi fits but her fans need not freak out just yet. There is an option in China to pay back what you tried to conceal and this what whoever it is, is apparently doing right now. It has happened before and those celebrities who paid it back were left off the hook. People like Deng Lun ignored that first warning and that’s why he got in trouble. By the time he was willing, it was too late.

    Sometimes the name of the person is announced anyway, sometimes not. We will have to wait and see what happens here.

      • No problem. The original melon was very clear that the artist was paying it back so I think this will pass without issues. This is not the first time people took the chance to pay taxes back and those who did continued to work as if nothing happened. If the melon is correct, this person should be ok.

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