Han Hyo Joo Beautifully Wraps Up Netflix Movie 20th Century Girl Talking Kim Yoo Jung’s Baton This Time

I love bookends and when you live long enough you see it more and more heh. This weekend K-movie 20th Century Girl premiered on Netflix with positive reviews and solid rankings on worldwide and Asian charts. I cared more about the story and acting and the feedback is that Kim Yoo Jung held down the fort as expected but her costars were merely serviceable but overall it was a lovely first love type of story. I saw these new stills with Han Hyo Joo playing the adult Kim Yoo Jung and it just gave me all the feels. One because Han Hyo Joo gets crap for being unable to act but more often than not I feel she acts really on point because I feel her emotions and these stills capture that. The second reason is that Kim Yoo Jung is herself an adult actress but she was baby version Han Hyo Joo is some major K-dramas that mutually helped their careers so it’s just heartwarming to see it continue now into a different context.

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Kim Yoo Jung, Byun Woo Seok, Park Jung Woo, and Roh Yoon Seo Promote Netflix Movie 20th Century Girl with Elle Korea November 2022 Pictorial

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Kim Yoo Jung Captures Pure Teen Romance in Poster and Preview for Netflix Movie 20th Century Girl with Byun Woo Seok and Park Jung Woo

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