tvN Drama Alchemy of Souls: Light and Shadow Releases First Teaser Posters

I……am heartbroken to see this stuff. It’s like when an author of a novel confuses oneself with the producer of a show. When a story is merely words on a page then it’s fine to change forms, create new identities, as the reader just forms new visions as a reader is required to do. But when it start off solely as a show (movie or drama). then it’s impossible for me as a viewer to “just move on” from the changing of one female lead actress to another. For tvN fantasy drama Alchemy of Souls, I love the character of Naksu by herself and when she became Mu Deok with Naksu’s soul, but the former had like 10 minutes of screen time and latter 19 1/2 episodes so it’s hard for me to just be whatevers seeing the new teaser poster for the upcoming truncated second season of Alchemy of Souls: Light and Shadow. It’s obviously Wook and Naksu’s story and that’s fine, but then it means Mu Deok (body and soul) is just used and tossed aside and that rankles. I really gave my all to try and love this drama but the Hong Sisters really F*cked it all up for me. For those who loved how the first season ended and want to continue the journey, it starts up again this December 10th.


tvN Drama Alchemy of Souls: Light and Shadow Releases First Teaser Posters — 19 Comments

  1. I’m with you ockoala. Most likely would pass on this. Some just doesn’t understand, mudeok is gone together with so min. naksu became “mudeok” that we all love cos she got into a blind jin bu yeon’s body – her persona changed n some way. Now that she’s free from that body then of curs she doesn’t have to be the mudeok that we knew and loved.

    And no this is nvr about who’s the better actress. I’d feel the same if it was reversed.

  2. I really enjoyed the first season. Would have enjoyed it more – even loved it – without the female lead switch hanging over our heads. I thought Go Yoon-jung did an awesome job in the first few episodes, so I don’t have a problem with her.

    I feel like the swap works on paper, and I would totally dig the whole recognizing the soul behind the face thing and would find it romantic and exciting. But visually…I’m too attached to seeing Lee Jae Wook and Jung So Min as their characters together on screen. Not seeing Jung So-min’s face in the character ensemble poster hurts. I also feel bad for Bu-yeon/Mudeok. It’s like watching her evil uncle shove her off the boat again. Buh-bye, niece. Thanks for the ice stone. Don’t need you anymore.

    I’m also a bit angry that they’re setting up having the two actresses being compared to each other.

    On the bright side – I love the poster of the hands and the charms together.

  3. I am with you Koala and I am not even going to try the second part. Can’t help it, the whole thing gutted me, not to mention I am not a fan of the new FL acting.

    This year was actually pretty frustrating for me when it comes to endings of Kdramas.

  4. Lol, it’s a YOU issue than anything, but Many also find it hard to accept, so you are not alone. You smart enough to know this is a fantasy element drama and it’s about UK and Nasku. Pt 2 hasn’t even start yet, whatever will happen to JBY’s concluding story will happen; hence, kind of foolish to already conclude toss her aside.

    While watching the drama and as soon as JBY was introduced I already thought Naksu can’t stay in her body forever. It’s either she return to her original body or others. No matter how much people like JSM, MD and Uk’s romance has come off very dry at the end & run off it’s course anyway.

    To state that JSM was tossed aside is a statement waiting for fanwar. This is a multimillion investment project, they will never be that careless. They planned everything accordingly that’s why we got Pt2 in just a few months versus years later like Sweet home and squidGame. The execution could have been done better obviously.

    Luckly, I don’t care much for JSM or LJW. They are actors I’ll watch if the project are interesting. It’s not a lost to me so I’ll never understand people who are so upset GYJ took over that they are encouraging other to boycott this drama. For once a drama is willing to do something unique and follow the storytelling instead of worship an actor. The character is larger than any actor.

    • Omg I totally agree with your comment. The ppl all over social media clamouring for JSM’s return – how irritating. like pls grow up and get a life. This has always been a Uk-Naksu story. And Go Yoon Jung was super amazing in the few minutes she appeared in Season 1. I can buy her as an assassin.

      All these clamouring for a character (Mudeok) that did nothing much but serve as a plot device for all the male characters’ interest and demoted to Uk’s maid – like really? I usually like JSM in all her projects but found she didnt have the range or acting chops to pull off Mudeok. It was the same annoyed expressions all the time. Totally killed off any romantic feelings between her and Uk. Talking abt the romance – it was drier than toast, no chemistry at all – felt like it was watching 2 siblings kiss. Uk was also a rather annoying character with everything handed to him on a platter – the story/characters’ growth had little conflict or challenges, which was why it was so boring.

      I just wonder if they will tie up the jin bu yeon storyline and all the other weird plotlines they had which went nowhere. Knowing the Hong sisters, I’m counting on them to screw S2 up. Their stories always start amazing with alot of world building but fall apart completely a quarter of the way through.

      I’m a LJW fan and am glad he can move on from this already. He’s wasted close to 1.5 yrs of his career filming this travesty that is mostly aimed at a teenage audience, whilst his peers are already moving on to other more solid stuff (see Lee Do Hyun, for eg). His next project sounds so boring as well and looking at his career trajectory so far, I just think him/his agency just don’t have the eye for good scripts.

  5. Well, I’m looking forward to S02. I was fascinated by Naksu’s character from the beginning and I’m happy to see her back. And although I enjoyed Mu Deok’s scenes a lot, it was always clear that the souls had swapped, so I have no problem whatsoever with Naksu changing bodies again. It’s just part of the story. The only quibble I could have with that is that they give a plausible explanation about how this will happen…but it’s a magical world so I guess it’s not impossible to bring back a body or that it would have been preserved.

  6. This is the reason we were upset about Big..because in the end they did not change the main lead to original body. Why should it affect now.
    I love Jung So Min but it was always Naksu story so she had to go back to original body. I’m excited for s2.

  7. I agree with you @Koala . And it’s not about a fan war . I would feel the same with any actress . And what about Mu Deok ? I understand that the love story is about Naksu and Wook but Mu Deok could have her own destiny and not be tossed aside .

  8. I am not jumping for joy over the switch but it is the last episodes of season one going nowhere and everywhere in not a good way that makes me say no to season 2.

    • I cannot make up my mind between Attorney Woo and this for me. People loved that too but for me, apart frythe amazing acting of the FL, Woo had a very meh story and worse ending.

    • and @Laura too. Totally agree actually. Attorney Woo was also very overrated and I only appreciated it cos of the acting – particularly PEB and KAng Ki Yong. The stories were very boring and I dropped it halfway. AOS has to take the crown of the most overrated drama though – you can tell from the demographics fangirling over it were mostly made of teens/tweens/bored housewives. Their fans are all over social media constantly pining over 2 characters that had zero chemistry

  9. I didn’t specially like JSM in this role, Mu-Deok was pretty disapointing as a FL. She didn’t have any chemistry with LJW. Both of them had better chemistry with other actors.

  10. I really like JSM. But story came first, and s1 story was slow as hell it’s irritated me so much. I also feel the chemistry between LJW and JSM dry. Chemistry between Mudeok and CP was a lot better. I really awestruck when seeing GYJ as Naksu the assassin in the first episode. And also want Naksu go back to her own body in the end. BUT the thing I can’t accept, I really hope Buyeon also back to control her own body and become the strongest priestess, reunited with her family. Maybe marry CP (hopium). Instead she’s just end like that. I’ll still check on S2 though. Mainly to see CP. And want to see how the writers adjust the story to Naksu suddenly shows up.

  11. I am so glad I dropped this drama early on. I don’t mind the switching of FL, since I am not invested in the romance anyway. I have issues with the many plot holes.and I have trust issues as well with the Hong sisters..they tend to start ok but screw up the ending so bad…Like I still have trauma with what happened to

  12. I could understand the first season, Naksu become Mu Deok because of the spell Alchemy of sould but how in the world, Naksu can become Naksu again since the nody of Naksu has already been burnt but I will still watch to see, why?

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