Wild Week in TW-ent as Barbie Hsu’s Ex-husband and His Mom Go Nuclear in SNS War After She Goes to Court for His Unpaid Divorce Settlement Payments

Oh man there is SO MUCH to unpack here and legit the tea spilled was too good to look away. It was a wild two days in TW-ent this week after Barbie Hsu’s ex-husband Beijing businessman Wang Xiaofei and his mother Zhang Lan who also runs her own live broadcast and sells stuffs online went crazy with the allegations and insults. Apparently Da S went to court in Taiwan to enforce her divorce settlement with Wang Xiaofei after he stopped paying around March whatever he was required to pay (unclear if it’s child support, alimony, or emotional compensation) when she got married to Korean musician DJ Koo. Both mother and son unleashed a torrent of words at Da S and her family, no one was spared from her mom, to little sister Xiao S and her husband. to the new hubby DJ Koo. Allegations included alienation keeping their kids from him, that Da S must’ve cheated with DJ Koo before the divorce to get married that quickly, to Xiao S being a druggie, to Xiao S’s husband having flings and mistresses, to DJ Koo being a loser for moving in with Da S and sleeping on the very expensive mattress that Wang Xiaofei paid for.

I kinda think Mattress Gate is the best descriptor because he was really upset about the mattress and TW-ent uncovered that it was a Hasten’s custom mattress that cost around $30,000. The next day Da S had the mattress dropped off at S Hotel (owned by Wang Xiaofei) while clarifying that the mattress was in storage this whole time and never used after her divorce. Wang Xiaofei then had his hotel staff publicly with reporters in tow shred that very very expensive mattress. Da S has issued a statement saying she will never say a bad word about Wang Xiaofei, she wants him to see the kids, wishes him and his businesses well, and hopes all of this will stop. Currently the one-sided war has stopped was Wang Xiaofei issued a statement he will stop and his mom also said she will stop. Oh, and his mom’s entire diatribe when this all started was done during her live broadcast to sell spicy noodles and she sold A LOT OF IT so take it for what you will.


Wild Week in TW-ent as Barbie Hsu’s Ex-husband and His Mom Go Nuclear in SNS War After She Goes to Court for His Unpaid Divorce Settlement Payments — 18 Comments

    • wang xiaofei looks so burthurt. i bet he’s still in love with the ex wife. while barbie hsu handles it with class. it’s said that barbie hsu had proposed to give the custody to wxf before, while she’ll has the visitation right. but wxf refused lol. this cheater really has a thick skin. same goes to his mistress.

  1. Mattress in storage sounds ridiculous though. People normally just dispose of the old mattress immediately when the new mattress arrives. Why would you keep a mattress that you won’t be using anymore around? For your guests to use? LOL. The hotel staff reportedly shredded the mattress to check its authenticity. And apparently Wang Xiaofei refused to pay the house’s electricity bill which shot up to 30k per month after the new guy moved in, I think child alimony is still being paid.

    • Well, if it was me I wouldn’t be able to toss a mattress that cost that much. But I wouldn’t think that was the reason if they’re really jacking up 30k a month electric bills. How is that even possible in a residential home.

      • I’m sure the mattress wasn’t the reason for the high electricity bills. WXF’s side was hinting that the bill increase is due to growing weed at home.

  2. 😂😂

    Rich people and their petty issues. The mattress photos are simply hilarious. So is airing out dirty laundry so publicly like that.

    Anyway the hilarity of this aside, they do need to just sit down, shut the fuck up and act like adults. There are kids involved who seriously does not deserve this type of humiliation…

  3. But let’s be fair, he did sum up al the costs he has to pay/already paid and it was not a small amount. Actually, he paid more the he was required. The electricity bill was insane in which he commented that he was not no longer willing to pay for “the electricity” for that household. And that’s why she sued him. The child alimony is still being paid and she receives another sum of money each month for emotional compensation. In shot, he still has to pay for ALL expenses from the villa (?) that he is not living in anymore and where her new husband has already moved in.

    WXF is in no means the right party here since he was the one who cheated on her, guess we can just say that this is his karma. But family S is definitely not as innocent either. The fact that she stated that she never received 40mil (the amount that he listed) directly in her pockets from him is already quite shady/”green tea” to point out, considering that the 40mil is a sum of expenses that includes mortgage, bills, alimony, support etc. Of course she didn’t receive a check or a bank transfer of 40mil directly to her account.

    The mattress that she returned is fake btw.

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