Nearly Every K-star from Song Hye Kyo to Lee Min Ho are Fashion Fails at Fendi Event in Seoul

Oh god I hope everyone was paid in cash rather than clothes/accessories for attending the Fendi fashion event in Seoul this week. It was such a tragic fashion fail, from the ugly clothes to everyone including the men carrying purses to the too shiny faces on most of the faces. It actually highlights how bad this season’s Fendi styles look to collectively make this entire group look eeek: Song Hye Kyo, Lee Min Ho, Park Hyung Sik, Jung Il Woo, Lee Soo Hyuk, Kim Da Mi, and more. The least offensive guy look is Park Hyung Sik who tried basic black and Song Hye Kyo who somehow doesn’t look dumpy in a dress over slacks look.


Nearly Every K-star from Song Hye Kyo to Lee Min Ho are Fashion Fails at Fendi Event in Seoul — 24 Comments

  1. Lee So-Hyuk looked good too.

    But overall, they all look very unhappy, the make-up making them looking sick…

    If I’m not of fan of SHK’s clothes, the green is really refreshing 🙂

  2. To me Fendi has the best accessories(bags, belt). It’s hard to beat them, the quality. But the fashion is bad for real that I hardly care for the bag.

  3. I agree with you completely. K-ent is truly overtaken by c-ent in all things fashion. Fendi’s clothes are ekkk, but also they look cheap with how these people wear them. The shiny faces are just…

  4. My God!These clothes look so fugly. This is an example of old school gone wrong. Their faces look people suffering from advserse effect of Botox.

  5. I wanted to express my thoughts on Fendi from quite long time but was not confident enough to say because nobody else feels that, but this article seems perfect for me to express about Fendi.

    Fendi is a fashion label that is synonymous with is also explains as tradition, experimentation and daring creativity.
    But personally fendi disappoints me.

    It’s product are simple, lame, unattractive, non-original and exhausting.
    Some products that I have seen are too simple, not stylish enough. The colour combinations are dull, the colour palate is dull includes weak, fade, light colours ( most of them). “F” on most items limits there range ( logo/ sign logo is same in all products).
    And one most important aspect – style – it seems non- orginal. I’m from India, all clothes wore in above pics, u can find in India (u can found Indians wearing them normally). Ok! Same colour dress u might or not might found (F letter)- but all styles can be found in India. What shk is wearing is worn by indian girls from 2000. Same with men’s wear. All the clothes shk wore till now- all styles (some colours also) can be found in India, it’s nothing new. Even I have some of them. Handbags have only 2-3 base designs.

    Fendi lacks range. That’s why u can see all celebs wear repeated, similar or some perticular sets of fendi products.

    I’m simple style person that’s why I followed Fendi.
    But by the time has passed, fendi doesn’t approach my eyes. What they make are most of the time present in my wardrobe or easily available in India.

    There are many other brands who even make bad styles but they still have originality and are non repetitive.

    I hope readers of this post will only read it as a personal opinion.

  6. The lighting is very harsh on the complexion, none of them look decent. I won’t star commenting on the clothing and bag…haha

  7. Korea must have the worst stylists because Korean celebs nearly always have horrible showings at brand events, which is ironic given that you’re supposed to be pitching the items to the public at these events.

    Can celebs not reject outfits? I would refuse to walk out of the house in any of these looks.

    • Don’t forget about the same hairstyle every time there’s a red carpet look; are they not fashion-forward enough? Their everyday look is quite good though.

  8. I agree Koala – especially about Lee Min Ho. He is also an ambassador for Boss and he looks fabulous in their recent campaign. I didn’t like him or Jun Il Woo in those awful coats- and the handbags certainly didn’t help.

  9. I agree with most of the comments. I like classic fendi bags like the peekaboo and baguette but their outfits range from simple, basic, uninteresting to horrendous just like what these stars are wearing.

    That apple green jacket over the dress and slacks on song hye kyo is not at all chic but a disaster. Park Hyung Sik is the most decent to me imo. I wouldn’t pay hundreds if not thousands of $ for clothes just to look that cheap.

  10. I don’t want to say tacky but yeah they all look tacky. Not even Song Hye Gyo’s goddess aura can save her from that disaster. Only Park Hyung Sik looks decent so props to whoever gave him that outfit for the night. I don’t know maybe I’m just not into Fendi’s recent looks because they all look atrocious,

  11. Don’t forget about the same hairstyle every time there’s a red carpet look; are they not fashion-forward enough? Their everyday appearance is quite good.

  12. Hmmm not one of the stars except maybe KDM looked any good.
    They look a million dollars in their shows?
    I’m sure they must be just trying to do the casual look😀😀
    SHK a huge favourite of mine ..

  13. Park Hyun Shik looks good tho. He deserves another bag. But well, he looks decent comparing to others lmao… i remember Taeyang of Bigbang used to wear Fendi alot and they did had some collaboration back then and i really loved it. The bags are good tho. Really.

  14. Fashion week in Paris was just Mehhhhhhh.It was more like watching a kind of Art Fashion Concept . As someone who is more into casual or classic outfits , i’m always in a awe when i see the expositions of Givenchy ( Audrey Hepburn) Dior ( Grace Kelly) YSL ,… Only korean celebrities can wear theses horrible outfits without being ridiculous . And just for that , they should be awarded and paid . The French first lady Brigitte Macron wear Nicolas Ghesquière ‘s outfits and even if she is 70 years old she is always modern and classic at the same time .

  15. If you are in Paris , there is actually Exposition OR by YSL , all Haute couture and Prêt à porter Yves Saint Laurent’s gold creations . SUBLIME . Creations which were made to make women shine .

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