Song Joong Ki Refutes Untrue Rumors About Wife Katy and Says Only Thing True Reported on Her Background is Her Education

Well this will definitely end the discussions netizens have about Song Joong Ki marrying a woman with a complicated background. Turns out none of it is true and the couple probably just didn’t care to explain what was just randos making things up on the internet. When Song Joong Ki announced he was dating and then later married wife Katy Louise Saunders, netizens claimed she was was single mom of two kids with two different men. Last week Song Joong Ki and Katy flew out to Hungary where they will live for the next few months as he films the movie Ro Ki Wan and Song Joong Ki used the opportunity to emphatically state that all rumors about Katy were untrue other than the background about her education. The media then unearthed pictures of Katy used to backup her previous pregnancies and confirmed it was either photoshopped or just bad angles. She does have a very unique way of posing where she arches her back which ends up sticking her stomach out. If you can see her profile it’s clear she’s not pregnant. Anyhoo, looks like all Song Joong Ki and Katy have are cultural differences which are a dime a dozen in marriages.


Song Joong Ki Refutes Untrue Rumors About Wife Katy and Says Only Thing True Reported on Her Background is Her Education — 12 Comments

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      • Ooh, it must be okay then when a man cheats and mistreats his wife as long as he’s wearing a ring while doing it because the ring cements his loves for his wife so it’s all good?!? @@ >.< WTH

    • The ring is just a symbol. It is not meant to substitute marriage or love.
      I’ve been married for 8 years myself and don’t own a ring. I don’t mind wearing one, but I don’t think I’d notice the difference. I guess many people might feel the same. They’ll wear one when they want to.

    • Because they haven’t held a wedding/ reception ceremony, ring ceremony all that things. They had just registered their marriage. That’s why he is not wearing a ring. And even he might have, u don’t need to be materialistic to show your emotions.

    • Wait…so my parents have been married for 40 years.. but they don’t wear rings…what?! I’m unwanted?! Seriously, this comment is..LMAO.

  2. She could be pregnant or not pregnant at the end SJK chose to married her despite whatever public said about them. I didn’t see anything wrong with that, but without celebrities gossip life will not be better 😀

  3. Leave them alone, they are happy and waiting for a baby. Respect their choices, they would want the same for all the people talking shit about them.

  4. I really wish them success and happiness so they prove wrong all the haters. I don’t get it why people are so pressed about SJK and his marriage. He seems like a nice fella. If he loves this woman, let them be.

    • I don’t know about you all, but I don’t think a man who divorced his wife while she’s working overseas is a “nice fella”. I think people really do need to move on, but it’s understandable why many people still don’t like SJK. We will never know who is the “bad one” in their marriage (oh, to be a fly on the wall tho! lol), but let’s be honest, it really was an assh*ole move on SJK’s part to do that. That’s why I still side-eye him.
      That said, if people are still angry at him, then be angry at him. They need to leave Katy alone, she doesn’t deserve the hate at all

  5. Behaving like insane psychos and attacking the new wife when an actor they like gets married, is not exclusive to Korean fans.

    Dies anyone remember when Benedict Cumberbatch (from Doctor Strange and Sherlock) got married to his wife? It was the exact same among western fans, man was in his late 30s and went public with his pregnant gf, the stans said everything from the engagement is only for show to she’s not good enough for him to she must be some cheating hoe and he doesn’t love her and they’ll get divorced soon. Nine years later and they’re still married and have three children lol. I wish SJK a similar happy family life.

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