Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin Spotted Vacationing in Japan on their First Year Wedding Anniversary

Well these two continue to be married goals, from decent length of dating to honeymoon period baby to now celebrating their first anniversary with a quick fun jaunt to the current It Vacation Spot that is Japan. K-stars Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin were spotted in Japan recently with reports that they went their for their one year anniversary, totally awesome choice and imma do that too haha! What’s cuter is that the picture snapped by an eagle-eyed netizen just shows their back but it’s totally them and they are wearing contrasting color couple outfits! He’s white on top black on bottom and she’s black on top white on bottom. Sooooo cool and I hope they had a great time!


Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin Spotted Vacationing in Japan on their First Year Wedding Anniversary — 37 Comments

  1. Love this couple! And great idea to spend some quality couple time together (not sure if they brought their baby or not). They are indeed couple goals!

  2. Husband and wife spends time together… wow gosh, how shocking! Seriously, why is this even news? Her agency had to even release a statement “confirming” she was with him. Like who asked? He was apparently there for an event on top of whatever else they were there for. Nobody needs to know your whereabouts, if you want your privacy, just go quietly and enjoy your break.

    • They were private until a fan spotted them together and posted on socmed and it went viral. The agency was asked by reporters to confirm if it was indeed them and they said that it was. Binjin are not like other celebs who daily post every fart and burp while on holiday.

      • Went viral where? Not a single person on my TL or feed or any of the Korean forums I follow are talking about these two. Only their International cringe fans jump at every single sighting of them, like pls, no one cares abt “binjin” except you guys. And this couple always feel the need to address everything despite claiming to be “private”. Tons of people have spotted rain/kim tae hee or jisung/leeboyoung etc over the years overseas etc and none of them have felt any need to respond or clarify or confirm anything, they just go about their lives, unlike this hypocrite couple. Neither of whom has had a hit in years – she seemed to have talent until she decided to make her whole persona about her husband and her relationship, and hb until today isn’t even on the same acting level as so many of his peers like gong yoo etc. No wonder they always feel the need to address every breadcrumb abt their rlshp.

      • Lmao this couple tried too hard to stay in spotlight. Started felt turn off about them when they announced their wedding news at the start of her drama promotion like that’s just cheap publicity. No one really cares about binjin except cloy fans

      • @Tunlip Stay bitter and jealous. Keep being in denials like some shk fans. You can’t argue with facts, BinJin are really famous and people care about them like you are doing now. If announcing a wedding before her drama airs a cheap trick then when do you want them to announce it just to please jealous shk fans like you? March 30? Lol. Mind your own bias. You always brag her fame, her being on hallyu list survey but people don’t care about her, evidence..Her recent trip lol. I thought her glory is famous worldwide too? Hmmm

    • Then refrain from reading the news about them if you don’t want to hear or know anything about them because YOU DON’T CARE.That simple.

      • You say you don’t care, but you do care enough to comment. 🤣

        If the reporters called the agency for them to confirm if it was really binjin, what do you want the agency to do? Deny? Play coy and say no comment? Or do the simplest thing and say the truth that it was indeed them.

        The news went #1 on the Naver trend ranks and the ifans went crazy over the sighting so yeah, even if you say you don’t care (then why are you even reading the article in the 1st place) lots of other people do care so go cry about it.

        Yejin doesn’t even do socmed that much unlike other attention seeker celebs.

    • Lol

      Her agency has to respond because of the fanaccount claiming that she saw them in Japan. How hard it is to understand? ☠️
      But of course you won’t because you sounds so butthurt 😅

    • @Anne, maybe before commenting, learn the context first. The agency issued a statement because a Thai celeb posted their photo on IG and it went viral. Media picked it up and asked her agency, so they answered in the affirmative. Clear now? I hate these judgey comments from people who don’t know the context.

    • If I saw an article about someone I didn’t like, I wouldn’t even bother reading it, much less commenting it. You obviously “care” enough about them to hate on them, otherwise you’d be indifferent. I bet you’re a secret fan of theirs. Lol.

    • I think I know whose fan you are. Even the way you write looks familiar. Similar to the way you bash them on Twitter. Not surprised. Just go focus on your fave, maybe?

    • I mean, it is understandable. This is like her first time to be popular internationally.
      She never was as famous as HB. But Cloy came along and you know how everyone loves a reel to real romance. With all the denials and pretending to want privacy drama, It is hard to believe that they are not enjoying the attention.

      • And with you commenting on this article, you are giving them the “attention” you claim they want. So I guess they are getting what they “want,” thanks to people like you. So keep those comments coming lol.

      • Bingo! Anne’s agenda is pretty clear here. I can spot a shk and ex- binkyo fan anywhere lol

    • @Anne. But they together made a more memorable drama than other couples, some of whom even failed their real-life relationship. I’m not even a fan of these two lovely duos, just speaking of facts.

    • Poor ezra/Anne thinks everyone have same situation like their bias where people dgaf even with her standing in a people full of crowd overseas,if not for events,the couple have millions of fans in almost every country all over the globe,if their pics coming out is that problematic to you,you should’ve begged the Thai actress (with 300k+ followers) to not click their pics in the name of fangirling and share them to the world,minding she clicked their pics in hotel they stay,it’s not even in a public place,they don’t even get the privacy at their hotel too & how is that their mistake ? You should’ve stopped kmedia from posting those hotel pics Thai actress shared or you should’ve stopped media from asking yejin’s agency to confirm if the lady in pic is her,after all you don’t care about them but care enough to comment negative on them always(which you’ve done last year same time in the name of ezra,might change the name but the design & color of profile don’t change) coming to viral,if it didn’t how come the Thai actress ig story reach kmedia ? Like I said they unlike your bias have fans all over with celebs fangirling/fanboying them. Yejin’s last work is 39 which still holds the second highest rating in 2022 jtbc, hb’s two movies released one ca2 is highest box office collecter in 2022,TPM till date is the highest box office record in 2023. Well I don’t think you know anything regarding movies & collection after all you stan someone nicknamed as box office poison. Have a good day sweety

    • The design is very Song Hye Kyo fan hahaha. I have screebshot of your past comments, Anne/Ezra. You’re frustrated now because the divorce rumor didn’t turn out to be true lol. Jealousy and insecurity kílls. Just pray that your bias will find her own happiness too, no matter how hard you try to denied it that she doesn’t need a man to be happy but deep down inside you’re still hoping to see her having someone beside her just like her exes who are now happily married with their babies. SJK and HB.

  3. I love Son Ye Jin but am not sure about Hyun Bin. I couldn’t believe how much time he spent promoting his films just after the birth of their son. It’s a time when she needs him and he appeared to be away for weeks. Let’s face it he is not short of money. I’m not surprised the divorcé rumours circulated. I hope it is totally unfounded and that he appreciates the wonderful, beautiful woman he has. 🥰

    • Ummmm, he signed onto that film even before they got married. He was contractually obliged to a project that had dozens of people tied to it. It’s called being professional. His wife is in the same industry. I’m sure when the time comes that she goes back to work, she’ll encounter similar situations.

    • And what about lawsuits and how it would affect their reputations if he dropped out of a movie he signed up for months before he got married and his wife got pregnant. You really think workaholic Son Yejin whose work ethics is legendary in the business would throw a fit and demand that her husband drop out of his contractual obligations? She once said her ideal partner is someone who understands how irregular her work is. She knows the demands of her husband’s job better than anyone else because she herself has a similar job.

    • Guess we’ll never know what the baby looks like. She’s only ever shown his feet. But if what HB said is true, that the baby is a mix of them both, oh my, what a cutie indeed!

  4. She’s still on maternity leave and he’s finally done with his movie, so they’re spending quality time together. Can’t wait to see her come back to work after her mat leave!! I miss actress Yejin, but being a momma comes first.

  5. I’m not surprised with some bitter comment here. Reading their comments i know they fans of infertile actress.

    • Yikes, imagine commenting about a woman’s fertility. And for what, to defend an actress who doesn’t know you exist? You’re no better than the h*ters here lol very unhinged comment

  6. @Anne The design is very Song Hye Kyo fan. I have screenshot of your comments last year, Anne/Ezra. You’re just frustrated because the divorce rumor didn’t turn out to be true. Put your jealousy and insecurity elsewhere. Just pray for your bias to find and have her own happiness too after she divorced by sjk. No matter how hard you tried to deny that she doesn’t need a man to be happy but deep down inside you’re still hoping for someone or a man to fall for her just like her exes who are happily married with kids. Sjk and Hyun Bin.

  7. @Tunlip So I guess 95% of people in kdramaland are CLOY fans because do you see the outpouring of well-wishes they always get? From casual fans, media etc etc. The only ones who hate on them are butthurt people like you. Now go focus on your bias.

    • Exactly. Not really a fan but I’m still in awe of HB and SYJ’s global impact. Not only people around me who aren’t even avid K-drama fans, but also our mainstream media in general have their eyes on the couple. From their dating confirmation to childbirth ㅡ every milestone of them made it to the news. I remember even seeing SYJ’s dog in our local news lol. It’s something I rarely see among Korean actors and actresses. Haters can say whatever they want to say but they could never deny these facts.

      • To be honest, if it was not for CLOY, they wouldn’t have that global impact. I don’t think anybody cares for them outside of Korea if they didn’t star in that drama.

  8. The same can be said of every kceleb who ever had a global breakout project. The only difference is that Binjin did it on a huge and lasting scale. 3 years after CLOY and they are still fan favorites. Others have largely been forgotten until they get another global attention getting project.

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