Kim So Hyun Goes Trendy Goth for Vogue Korea October 2023 Pictorial

I’ve heard so much good feedback for My Lovely Liar that I wish the ratings were higher. I haven’t started yet and it’s getting far along in airing I’m inclined to wait and binge but the feedback per usual is great for Kim So Hyun and happily for Minhyun also more positives than detractors. A good story, good acting, and great chemistry makes for a happy drama consumption. Kim So Hyun looks fresh and pretty in that drama so it’s a contrast to see her rocking a modern working goth girl look in the upcoming Vogue Korea pictorial. I love the various looks on her so much since it’s so not her real life vibes.


Kim So Hyun Goes Trendy Goth for Vogue Korea October 2023 Pictorial — 34 Comments

  1. Actually your post is a little late. Story took a repetitive dive and the last 2 eps kinda stagnanted and was filled with useless filler scenes. I give up on the male lead. His acting is just bad. The kissing scenes are also quite tragic but I give HMH the hard carry award for this one. Never thought I will say this but Kim So Hyun’s acting is quite bad as well in this drama. Shes supposed to be playing a 27 year old for goodness sake but her gestures, body language and expressions scream high school teenager. Its quite bizarre and she keeps acting even younger , even more gigly now that they are in the “in love” phase. Late twenty something year olds – one with a broken engagement previously, the other with a 2 year psycho ex girlfriend seriously do NOT behave like they’ve both never been kissed… No wonder on the dipping ratings.

    • The ratings are about the same, to say it dipped is really dramatic haha

      Not sure if it is my English but from what I understand is that you are saying that they should act like they never been kissed? Um they both have been in prior relationships so how would that make sense?

      So how are people in love in their late 20s should act? Like cold blooded people? I see even people in their 30s act different and youthful when dating. Maybe you live in a conservative country. This kind of dating energy is normal in many rom coms in Korea and internationally lol

      You must have watched the kissing scenes with foggy glasses or food spilled over your scene because those kisses are chef kiss lol

      I have not seen one bad comment about her acting until now. But it’s your opinion so whatever.

      There’s significant progress in ep 9 & 10. Some people confuse side plots as fillers. Side plots make things more well rounded and colorful

      • right? the kissing scene had me giggling like a teenager! lol it even trended on our country twitter. don’t know what that other person is on about lol. i think a lot of commenters here (especially those people from *that fandom*) read any comment from koala about ksh that’s not overly positive, and then they see it as an opportunity to post negative-ass comments lmao. not saying that other person is from *that fandom*, but it’s a pattern i’ve noticed. if the post on ksh doesn’t contain any negative comment from koala, you most likely also won’t see negative comments either. it’s like they get emboldened by any comment from koala that’s not overly positive, in this case, it’s the “i wish the ratings were higher”, and now we get this person exaggerating things and claiming the ratings “dipped” lol. the ratings have always been in the 2-3% ratings, there’s no drastic change whatsoever, so again, dunno what that person is talking about lmao

      • Nice try with the hate comment but the feedback from knetz for this drama is glowing with positive comments and that kiss you tried so hard to dismiss trended for 3 days and even made it to the Hot section of all the korean discussion sites. KSH and HMH have been viral online and since the drama is aimed at MZ not general population plus it airs along side the 9PM News its not a surprise if the ratings are in the 2-3% range. It doesn’t hurt the drama or its popularity at all. Usually Summer dramas have low ratings and TVN has bad year this year with even big budget drama getting 3-4% on the weekends. HJM in BYT acts more like a teenager than KSH does so I’m not sure what you’re implying. Lets not even talk about JBA in DWY because she’s definitely a 15 year old by your standards then. Romcom female leads will always be cutesy and KSH as always gets all the high praise because she deserves it. The drama is a huge hit ranming #1 in 141 countries across 3 different streaming services which is a huge deal. KSH never fails because she is the best actress of her generation and picks good projects.

      • @lollipop Trust me the kissing scene trended in every k-drama watching country. It was amazing and the build up to it has been good so people were not disappointed. Don’t go by ratings DoSol is insanely popular in South Korea even more than the My Dearest and Moving couples. This kind of fantasy romcom on a MT slot was never going to bring in ratings. They should have given it to the weekend slot instead and simulcast it on Netflix. If it ever does end up on Netflix it will take over the worldwide rankings just like True Beauty and King The Land did.

      • @jam oh i absolutely agree! couldn’t care less about ratings either, i like what i like, and i love this drama lol. the kissing scene was so good and i love how it’s sweet and hot at the same time lol. also, as you said, considering the timeslot, we can’t expect this drama to get high ratings.

        the ratings don’t reflect the popularity of the drama and the main couple, anyway. sohyun and minhyun are topping gooddata buzz rankings and they’re everywhere in my social media feed, it’s clearly very popular. the fact that it’s number one in many streaming platforms in many countries just proves that it’s the kind of drama that most people watch online, so the “it only gets low ratings!” arguments from antis don’t hold water. i think it’s a very outdated view to base actors/actresses popularity on the ratings of their dramas. han so hee, cha eun woo, and song kang are arguably the current most popular actors in mid-late 20s range, and they don’t have any domestic mega hit with extremely high ratings where they’re the lead, and that doesn’t stop them from being super popular lol.

        i was just confused what that alge person was on about. she said the drama’s ratings “dipped”, and i’m like, how? it’s always been in the 2-3% range since the first episode lmao. and yes, netlfix made a mistake not picking it up, considering how popular it has become worlwide! hopefully they can still pick it up once it finished airing. can they get the rights from viu? not sure how these things work lol

    • Uhm, I’m in my 40s and I still get giggly feels with my person and we’ve been together a long time. It’s a matter of perspectives and I’m ok with the awkward phase in their new relationship, including the kissing. And even if she’s been engaged before, this seems like (technically anyway) her second relationship, I think the same with him (coming from the only relationship he knows which was from high school until early part of his college life… so technically, they’re not that experienced?

      Also, I agree that ratings didn’t dipped at all that much.

      There’s so much movement in the last 2 episodes, that I’m looking forward to the next Monday already!

    • You’re absolutely exaggerating things (regarding the ratings) and taking things way too seriously. me and my husband have been married for decades now and still act like young people in love around each other, and that’s why we’ve been happily married for years. KSH and HMH act like a typical healthy and happy couple head over heels for each other in the drama, nothing wrong with that and that’s absolutely normal. sorry you only encountered grumpy couples lol

    • Uh.. You can say you’re not a fan of her acting style, that’s fine, but saying her acting is bad here is just objectively not true, and you know it lol

    • Well uh that was fair criticism, it feels like young adult romance like early 20. Feels like kim sohyun and hwang minhyun especially is not ready for more mature roles

      • This is an early 20s romance drama since both of them are emotionally stunted and even if they weren’t 27-29 year olds being sweet and doing aegyo is no surprise. Its the most normal thing and both KSH and HMH have been nailing their roles. This is the only drama where the leads actually talk to each other like a normal mature couple who respect each other. Anyone watching the drama would know how level headed and sane the leads are.

    • How should a 27 y/o in a relationship suppose to act? Is there an age category of how one should act being in love?

      Let me know because I have a friend who’s in her mid 30’s-been together with her bf now husband for 18 years and with 2 kids and yet she still acts like a “high school teenager” in love.

  2. she looks hot AF! total girlcrush vibes. happy for her that she got a pictorial in the coveted september vogue issue hehe

  3. Kim Sohyun will always be a goddess who slays every concept. Her versatility is insane. Valentino even liked her post while Chaumet posted about her in their official accounts. Queen things.

  4. Nothing wrong with the kiss scenes I saw, lol. They were hot! Kim So Hyun’s acting can only be described as charming. Male lead has this sleepwalking expression throughout the entire drama- wide eyed and blank – is he on some kind of medication that makes him look spaced out all the time? I still love the drama, though ML is like a zombie that can’t emote. The drama has its charm, but I can see why people would drop it in favor of darker, grittier fare.

  5. Kim So Hyun is truly a gem. She can act circles around everyone without making them look bad or weak. Instead she lifts up her co-stars and supports them when they need it. She’s the strongest actress in the 20s age group along with Kim Da Mi and Jeong Jeon Seo who will both turn 30 soon. The best part is she is just starting and hasn’t even started to flex her best acting yet. Once she branches into genre dramas it’ll be the end for everyone. Her talent grows by leaps and bounds and she can carry even the dullest or simplest plot.She ate up this shoot and Vogue Korea September issue just shows how popular she is even in the Fashion circle. Fall Edition for Dazed and September issue for Vogue are two of the biggest accomplishments as far as fashion magazines go. Not to mention her iconic Elle Singapore cover.

    • The amount of overpraise…God…This comment seems AI-generated, lol. Roh Yoonseo seems to be getting better opportunities than her, fashion-wise and project-wise.

      • you people will drag any random actress’s name just to bring down KSH lol, it’s literally hilarious 😂
        What, you all are tired of bringing up the other girl so now it’s Roh Yoonseo? I wonder whose name is going to be randomly mentioned in a KSH article next 😂

      • but i don’t see anything untrue about @shikye’s comment? even critics recognize that ksh is one of the best actresses of her gen. tell me, who among her peers have a baeksang best actress nomination? also, roh yoonseo getting better projects? lol she doesn’t even have a lead role yet, meanwhile ksh is being offered a project with park bogum and a baeksang winner lol. and she’ll definitely stay in demand because casting directors know her value. also ironic you’re saying all that bs when we’re literally in an article about ksh bagging the prestigious spot on a vogue september issue lmao

      • By overpraise you mean facts then yes absolutely. RYS is still a rising star who has yet to get her first lead role. KSH is in Vogue September, let the weight of featuring in Vogue for a September issue sink into your head first before you start spewing nonsense again.

    • I don’t care about the other girl, I actually prefer KSH to her in acting, looks and personality. But you guys are putting down other actresses by making hyperbolic statements like “it’ll be the end for everyone”. Really? What has stopped her from doing these great roles already? Has she done a single role that can match KDM’s and JJS’s roles in complexity and depth? Kim Hyanggi has a much better filmography than her, I mean KHG has literally won the Blue Dragon Film Award

      FYI, Roh Yoonseo has literally won a Baeksang. She’s worked with the legendary Jeon Doyeon. She’s the lead in the remake of Hear Me. And she has been on Vogue as well. You guys are acting as if KSH is on the cover of Vogue.

      • This. KSH is one of the Korean celebrities I’ve been keeping an eye on since her time as a child actress and I’m happy to see her properly grow up before my eyes along with her peers. However, the way some supporters excessively put her on a pedestal is a turnoff. Knowing how humble yet frank she is, I doubt Sohyun herself will like this kind of behavior from some of her fans. Flex moderately, peeps.

        Though I beg to disagree with Len’s comment that KSH has never done any role with depth and complexity as this and that because Missing You, School 2015, and River Where The Moon Rises exist in her filmography, and I don’t think I still need to explain further her roles and performances in those shows. My only concern is that she just needs to do more serious projects now that she’s older.

      • KSH literally turned 20 just 4 years ago in 2019 and the only dramas she did ater turning 20 are TTON, RWTMR and MLL plus the unreleased IIF. There is no such thing as overpraise when it comes to KSH because just look at the variety of roles she did as a teenager inspite of being restricted to romance dramas because who will offer serious roles to a teenager as a lead? Especially in the pre Netflix world. You all are crazy if you think KSH has had a lot of space to do whatever she wants. Her age has pigeonholed her into a specific genre but she has still delivered every single time and her roles have always been complex not just the ones you mentioned but TTON, LA, LFG all were complex roles but all you people see is love triangle and oppa fans going crazy for male leads and you forget how KSH delivered her layered characters every single time with extreme complexity. She’s finally old enough to explore different genres which wasn’t an option to her since she first had to get rid of the child actor tag and the romance tag and the innocent first love tag. It takes years for actresses who have an existing image to shed it. SHK took over 20 years before The Glory arrived at her doorstep. KSH is in a league above all the actresses you’re trying to drag into this conversation because despite the handicaps she has been given she carried every single drama on her back with zero popular male lead support. She made them into stars and not vice versa despite been a mere teenager for the most part. That is not overpraise or exaggeration that is TRUTH.

      • @KC she’s obviously talented but her stans should seriously stop with the cult-like behavior. On one of her posts, a fan of hers called the other one a wide-faced bitch.

    • Looks like I struck a nerve. Lmao

      She hasn’t done a single role with depth and complexity similar to the roles Kim Dami, Jeon Jongseo, Kim Saeron and Kim Hyanggi have done. And she isn’t on the cover of Vogue FFS. Even Roh Yoonseo has had Vogue pictorials. Roh Yoonseo has won a Baeksang and Kim Hyanggi has won a Blue Dragon.

      I don’t care for the other girl at all, if anything I prefer KSH. But y’all sneakily degrade other actresses “It’ll be over for everyone else” Like seriously? What has stopped her from doing these dramas earlier? If she is so popular in the Fashion circle, why doesn’t she attend fashion events, even Shin Ye Eun has done that.

    • @goodbyesora

      Kim Hyanggi won a Blue Dragon, Kim Saeron went to Cannes and worked with Bae Doona and Won Bin, Jung Jiso was literally in an Oscar-winning movie, international critics raved about Jeon Jongseo’s acting in Burning and she won a Baeksang with unanimous votes for Call, Kim Dami swept the Best Newcomer category for The Witch and Itaewon Class, and Park Ji-hu has won Best Actress at Tribeca. So there’s literally no way Kim Sohyun’s teeny bopper idol dramas (with the exception of maybe River) are at par with their work.

      • You mean the actress who got cancelled is even remotely in the same league as her then you are delusional. KSH acts circles around all her peers and she gets praised because she deserves it. Her talent is unrivaled. Its not cult its facts like someone already said. This is why she is the most popular of her generation and the most beloved by critics and directors alike. Even the director of The Last Princess was in awe of her. You’re jealous because its true that she has no competition.

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  7. Lol you can be in your late 20s or early 30s or late 40s and still be giggly in love. The early phases of dating is literally the “honeymoon” phase of a relationship so Alge’s comments seems so biasedly negative. The ratings didnt climb higher but it stays around the same. The plot is aiming to give a sweet phase for the audience before shit comes flying for the CP.

    • Methinks people having Alge’s mentality is the reason why there are so many people stuck in miserable marriages nowadays lol. These people think acting all giggly and in love is cheesy or whatever. It’s like, uh, you do realize people are in a relationship because they’re supposed to be in love with each other, right? lol the romance doesn’t have to stop just because you already got your dream boy/dream girl lmao. She’s definitely being unnecessarily negative, but whatever, what’s important is that the vast majority liked the drama’s main couple and their cute antics lol. I myself am smiling the entire time watching them, just two super pretty people being in love with each other

  8. Just my opinion as a viewer , i’m not into fan wars . The drama is simple, plain, Kim So Hyun ‘s character is not interesting enough for her to deliver her best . And the actor isn’t delivering depht . I don’t feel any chemistry , two beautiful faces aren’t enough for me to make sparks . KSH had fantastic with older actors as Taecyon,…She needs good actors to show what she is able of .

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