C-actress Song Zu Er Under Investigation for Tax Fraud Reportedly Searching for Korean Agency to Sign With

The recent resolution of C-actress Yuan Bing Yan‘s tax scandal last week after over a year since news broke that she was under investigation goes to show that there is a lot going on behind the scenes. Yuan Bing Yan has since been ordered to pay back taxes and is all but completely cancelled in C-ent. Recently under tax investigation fellow C-actress Song Zu Er really needs to take a hard look at Yuan Bing Yan’s case in thinking about how to resolve things and also move forward. C-ent rumor recently has her side looking for a South Korean agency to sign with, probably as back up in case she does get cancelled in China. Tax cheat and former top star Fan Bing Bing is staging a slow comeback by doing international projects one of which was a guest star role in K-drama Insider so working in Korea does seem like a good option for Song Zu Er.


C-actress Song Zu Er Under Investigation for Tax Fraud Reportedly Searching for Korean Agency to Sign With — 16 Comments

  1. I’ve always wanted to ask, if a star is cancelled in Mainland China, does it mean that the star is cancelled in other Chinese speaking countries like Singapore, Taiwan, Hongkong and Malaysia? I wonder why a Chinese star has to go so far as to feature in S. Korea where the language and customs are very different and the market is so competitive for even native S. Koreans to breakthrough? Just asking out of curiosity. I know Zhang Zhehan has switched from acting to music and has been widely welcomed in surrounding Chinese speaking countries, which makes me wonder if the acting world is different. And it’s not like Song Zuer is an idol with an existing local S. Korean fanbase wishing to break into the acting industry. I wonder how much impact this move will have.

    • Singapore and Malaysia don’t have the resources/infrastructure to produce stars or maintain a celebrity’s relevance. Most of their few famous stars in C-ent built their careers via signing with Taiwan entertainment agencies back in the 2000s.

      To do well in HK, you need to speak Cantonese well, not every Chinese can speak Cantonese. But even then, both HK and Taiwan’s entertainment industries have been declining for years, people turned to C-ent and K-ent instead.

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  3. For some reason I always get Song Zhu Er and Huang Ri Ying mixed up. Huang Ri Ying does this annoying lip thing, but they do look kinda similar to me

      • it’s not That easy, even famous foreigner K-pop idols can’t get acting jobs as supporting. Their industry is not really welcoming yet. Someone gonna call them out and they gonna have to start hiring foreigners because many US based company invest in kprojects.

    • Love how Koala posts unsourced rumors and gets people all riled up. There is nothing of that sort FYI. I don’t see any rumors except apparently some antifans reported Xiao Zhan to the tax authorities in the same manner as Song Zuer.

      • LOL. I just searched Weibo that has removed said rumor because it was already found fake made up by antis.

      • Wang Yibo was also accused and reported to the tax authority for tax fraud next day. LOL. What the heck is going on? I also found a lot of busybodies spreading this nonsense about XZ were fans of WYB. I guess fans on two sides are engaging in fanwars again. Or same dirty tactics as 227 played by WYB’s lunatic fans/agency? But XZ’s fans obviously learned from 227. They did not just get panicked and misled by antis this time. It’s relatively calm on Chinese SM.

  4. FWIW K-ent is more forgiving when it comes to tax evasion than C-ent. A good publicist and well-connected agency are all you need. Look at how that televised apology saved Song Hyegyo’s career after her high-profile tax evasion allegations.

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