K-actress Yoon Eun Hye Turns 39 Years Old on October 3rd Marking Also Ten Years Since Her Last Big Mainstream K-drama

I feel old lol but also fairly okay with things that used to bother me, and one would be a star I loved just kinda dimming in career and projects. Turns out people can choose or even allow things to happen and hopefully being in a good spot at the end is all that matters. Former top actress Yoon Eun Hye is back in the news today with this October 3rd, 2023 being her birthday and she turned 39 years old. It also marks the ten year anniversary of Marry Him if You Dare (Mirae’s Choice) which was the last time she was on the top of her career with a big headlining mainstream drama. Since then she did one Korean-Chinese movie and one smaller cable drama along with a Chinese reality fashion show, but has mostly been low key living her life and occasionally doing K-variety when she wants. I miss her a lot onscreen, she was one of the most engaging and charismatic young female actresses of her gen in the last 2000’s and early 2010’s but I want to wish her a very happy birthday and keep living her happiest life whatever she is doing.


K-actress Yoon Eun Hye Turns 39 Years Old on October 3rd Marking Also Ten Years Since Her Last Big Mainstream K-drama — 38 Comments

  1. Uh what, she’s only 39? In her last drama she looked like she was in her 40s. And this was a few years ago. Her voice was hoarse and that didn’t help. Some people are luckier than others when it comes to aging. Happy birthday YEH. Would love to see her drama comeback. That last one was okay.

    • You really need glasses. She did not look 40 at all in her last drama. If you r not a fan don’t bother leave mean comment on her birthday..what a despicable person

  2. I never thought she was good at acting; she gave too much of the deer-in-the-headlights look in her previous roles and I wasn’t a fan. Also her aesthetic isn’t my taste. But I do think she has a certain charm. I can’t believe how much one controversy extinguished her career (plagiarism is also really hard to prove.) She went from top shelf to mid-shelf with no leniency.

    • WASN’T A FAN but here you are.
      She won baeksang for best actress so i guess the judges really bad at acknowledging talent

      • Aw thanks for your sarcasm! I’m gonna watch her winning drama, Coffee Prince. LOL. I haven’t watched it yet cos I wasn’t a K drama fan back then.

      • @Mellina What’s your point? I gotta be a fan to comment? She certainly was most popular that year, doesn’t make her the greatest actress. Maybe it was also a bad year with low competition.

      • Sorry Coralie, i respect your point of view , but she won the Baeksang over Han Ji Min , Kim Hee Ae ,Park Jin Hee,…

      • @cahill and I respect that others think differently, but that cache of actresses mentioned also seems weak to me. Her “deer in headlights” look is very visible in Coffee Prince. I get that that was the most popular acting method at that time, but it doesn’t make her a great actress for it. I agree to disagree

      • Coralie, YEH is the first korean actress i like , it’s like a first love , i never said that she was the best actress, i agree with you when you say that Han Ji Min, and the others aren’t that good i don’t find that they are the best actresses too, the same for Song hye Kyo, Suzy,Park Min Young, Gong Hyo Jin, Son Ye Jin that i find boring, always playing the same . I was just trying to explain that YEH was a big star between 2008 / 2012 . And achieved in just a few years what some make years to gain . Nowadays i like actresses less popular but talented as Pyo Ye Jin, Im Ji Yun, Lee ELIJAH ,Kim Se Jung, Han Ye Ri, Nam Ji HYUN and Go Ah Sung . They are really good .

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  4. She has a new short haircut that makes her look younger . In her youtube channel, one can see that she stills one of the most charismatic korean actress i have ever seen . She was the first K actress i loved and i still do . I like a lot of actresses but no one achieved what she did in a space time of 10 years . She had such an amazing aura that she did most of the best photoshoots i have ever seem , when now it’s mostly idols who are the faces of luxury brands , she was the muse for Cartier for years, Burberry, Louis Vuitton, L’Oréal , Nars, YSL, she was everywhere… all that she wore was a sold out … It was phenomenal . Baeksang award of best actress at the age of 23 …. I don’t see a young actress nowadays having the same cv as her when she was young . I still don’t understand such a downfall for a mere plagiarism thing without legal action but i think that it hit her hard and it was a kind of salavation for her . She was going through depression , she quiet drinking, clubing, the pseudo friends of showbiz left her , …now she seems going well, having a few of loyal friends in the industry (Kim Jae Wook ,Jung Yong Hwa, Choi Si Won, Yoo jae suk whom was always there for her ) i wish to see her in a drama one day but the competition is harder than before and good dramas are rare . She is a one self made woman with multiple talents . Happy birthay YOONIE

      • Well, she indeed was a brand ambassador for Cartier


        And the first Asian model for Loreal haircare products:

        She also made a certain Nars lipstick product extremely popular after wearing it in Missing You:

        Not sure about the other brands mentioned though

      • To Rina , you can check, spokesmodel for Cartier from 2009 to 2014 she visited the store in Paris, New york 2012 for ” Juste un clou” next to Jung Woo Sung and Charlotte Casiraghi, Panthere Cartier 2014,Love bracelet campaign , YSL in 2014, Rounge & Lounge 2013, 2013 first korean model for MAC cosmetics, 2015 first asian model for L’Oréal Professionnal, Cass Beer with 2PM in 2010, Basic House and Joinus for 2 years, Samantha Thavasa 2013/2015, Samsung, Vivien,Amore Pacific, Calvin Klein ( Dazed 2011)…. the list is too long She had the Midas touch , multiples photoshoots in Vogue, Marie Claire, … between the age of 23 to 30 . Can someone name a fomer idol or even an actress who nowadays has this kind of track record . Not to mention legendary dramas with actors who were just debuting . Gong Yoo, Joo Ji Hoon, weren’t known , they weren’t famous at that time . She never did a drama with a top star or a big scriptwriter as Song Hye Kyo . People can like it or not but that ‘s what she achieved . Google it . K industry and K netizens were so unfairly harsh with her but she has an international fan base who never forgot about her . She lost all that but she gained serenity , a real life with true friends . But i’d like to see her again in a good drama but it will be difficult .

    • I think Yoon Eun Hye career started going downhill after her two year-hiatus after Coffee Prince by 2009 things started looking dim on her career. She really shined during the mid 00’s 2005-2007.

      • She reject a great number of invitations to popular variety shows like Running man etc… and she rejected great scripts and picked niot good ones. I guess that really affected her visibility in public eyes.

        I have just started watching her YT channel, it ios very relaxing to watch. She is happy doing her own thing now. So I am happy for her.

  5. I wish she’d do another drama. Even a KBS2 weekend soap opera. Those things seem to give a boost for actors in their late stages.

  6. Yoon Eun Hye and Moon Geun Young are two actresses who were at the peak of their careers, but for some reason, both experienced a premature slump. For most actresses, they would almost always come down a notch in status. Only a few really get to enjoy the invincibility, access to good scripts, and commercial success, even when they mature. They are highly regarded and popular, but really fell and unable to climb back to their previous status.

    • Yeah, I know about YEH’s plagiarism scandal, but what the heck happened to Moon Geun Young? IIRC, she was the youngest Baeksang Best Actress winner, right? Her last drama was that one with KSH, and then after that, she disappeared again. Such a waste, because she really was one of the best young actresses of her generation. The only “issues” about her that I remember was the Kim Bum dating “scandal” (which shouldn’t be a scandal anyway) and that koreans were criticizing her visuals…

      • I think for both actresses, it was bad drama choices. In addition for YEG, the handling of the plagiarism accusation. For MGY, I think it is less of a health issue, but likely small accumulating issues of agency, and the handling of the image shift to get out of her Nation’s little sister tag.

      • Now you’ve mentioned Moon Geun-young, I really thought Cinderella’s Sister would boost her into TV star status. Disappointed with what happened to her career (as well as that of Seo Woo).

      • Moon Geun Young one of my favorite actress too . I lost 2 of my actresses . MGY seems to have health issue , i’m sad because she was unique in every way . A sincere actress, an unique beauty that made her outshine the others,very smart, i miss her and i hope for her to recover and comeback to us .

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  8. Happy birthday Yoon Eun Hye, I love her sooo much and I hope to see her back on screen, whether that happens or not, I wish her happiness beyond measure 💕

  9. I can’t believe people still leave mean comment even though she’s not in a limelight anymore.you guys have a problem.
    I really miss her in a drama too. I believe she will be popular once again with great drama not that she really cares. She really enjoy her life right now. You guys should check out her YT channel.

    • Knetizens seems to really have a grudge against her . Don’t know why ? Why are they so mean when the girl is not even active in K dramaland . They are more lenient with other celebrities who commited crimes or did mistakes . As an European , i can say that’s beyond my comprehension . Use of Propofol, no problemo, cheating husband, no problemo , use of drugs, no problemo, inapropriate gestures toward women, no problemo,tax evasion no problemo , an ex bullyer no problemo … a plagiarism thing that wasn’t proven with no legal action and it’s like the skyfall !

      • This is just my opinion obviously but the alleged scandal shouldn’t have taken her out. I think it was that she didn’t really think she copied but was rather inspired by and instead of bowing down she fought it. Because of her popularity, some people always want to take you down and it just went sideways. I oddly even saw the gals who used to run a drama site trash her even though they don’t even live in Korea. I remember some idol say that he was frustrated when his agency made him apologize when he did nothing wrong. The company just wants it to go away so say sorry and don’t explain. I think YEH did not want to do that but I see why the K-ent agencies go the other way. Short version, people were jealous and say you are sorry for kerfluffles like this.

        I don’t know if she was a great actress but she had charisma with every single actor she co-starred with and honestly, I’ll take that over the blandness I get with a lot of actors. Happy to see her looking healthy and happy here and hope she is enjoying her YT channel.

      • That’s what haters do i guess. Finding fault in the littlest things. But those who love her, really love her. She still has loyal fans all over the world. So i hove she come back stronger

  10. IMO she lost interest in acting and focusing her interest to her other talents (many). Lately she’s known as a youtuber trough he personal YT. Many of the contents are about beauty and diet tips. I can say that she become a beauty ingluencer rather than an actor. Some of the contents are even become a trending in K News (esp. When she cut her hair)
    I can’t complain cause itu seems make her happier.
    O for everone who want to see her on screen again (drama etc.) it’s still a long shot

  11. Voy a llorar, extraño demasiado verla en un drama. En definitiva una de las mejores, aunque ya no este presente en kdramas.

  12. Princess Hours was the first Kdrama I ever watched and didn’t watch anything else after that. It holds a special place in my heart.

  13. Yoon Eun Hye is my first actress crush in kdrama land although I already watched kdrama from 2000. no one can impress me like Yoon Eun Hye did. I miss her a lot..

    Thank you, to this day you still update about her. I always read your blog from time to time, especially your writing for Yoon Eun Hye.

    I hope there is a miracle that she can play drama again, I hope she can reunite with Joo Ji Hoon.

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