First Look at 1950’s Era School Age Park Bo Gum and IU in Netflix Drama When Life Gives You Tangerines

It’s unfortunate that K-drama When Life Gives You Tangerines starring Park Bo Gum and IU is airing on Netflix because if it aired domestically on either television or cable there would be ratings to gauge how popular this drama is, and from what I can see this story is straight up catnip for South Korean tastes. The first look at the two leads in character as high school students in Jeju Island in the 1950’s is out and both look soooooo cute and charming in that old fashioned way. It’s evoking Answer Me 1988 vibes for me with Bo Gum and IU rocks the bowl cut hairdo in an unreal way.


First Look at 1950’s Era School Age Park Bo Gum and IU in Netflix Drama When Life Gives You Tangerines — 17 Comments

  1. Bring me back to Reply 1988!! It was such a good drama! I still rewatch here and there. When I first saw this photo, took me back to that drama with Choi Taek and Deok San!!

    • I also rewatch it from time to time! And I still laugh at some of the antics too lol. I love that while there’s romance in the drama, there’s also a strong focus on familial relationships and friendships.

  2. if it did air in sk channels it just tells us if the sk audience like it or not and now a days seems like sk audience into revenge/family type drama the popularity of rom com has die down bc those ppl sitting in front of tv are the older generation, better way to gauge how good a drama is no longer strictly based on local ratings

    • Ummm… Welcome to Samdalri just ended a couple of weeks ago with 12%. And that’s as rom-com as it can possibly get. Castaway Diva, Story of Park’s Marriage contract, Strong Girl Nam Soon are all rom-coms in the past few months that achieved some very decent ratings.

      There are sageuks with very low ratings, and some very high. Revenge dramas doing amazing and some doing terribly. It’s about the quality, not the genre.

    • Crash Course in Romance has done wonderfully for itself last year with 17% while King The Land obtained 13.8%. Sometimes it has to have the right actors and yes…not the Song Kang and Cha Eun Woo type.

  3. I agree that it’s such a shame it doesn’t air on tv. This is something that SK audience really love, especially with good writing directing and acting. It could get a very high rating. Hope it will still get commercial success nonetheless. It could be the fresh air among all the dark Netflix original series.

    • Someone finally mentioned many Netflix series too dark (to my taste). It’s rare for Netflix to air such a retro romcom but not on local TV channels in SK. Although SK audience may like such a genre better, I found it not up my alley in general unless the plot has a mix of suspension or a bit of thriller. I wasn’t able to finish Welcome to Samdalri even though I like both JCW and SHS. I also think the supporting cast did good jobs. I wasn’t even motivated to check out Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha that a lot of fans raved about. I’m just not the one for that genre. So, if When Life Gives You Tangerines is just a typical retro school romcom or something reminiscent of Reply 1988, I may as well skip this one although I’m interested to watch IU and PBG. But I also wonder if it may have some mystery elements in the story so that Netflix bought the right to air it.

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  5. Not à fan of kpop music but IU is really a beauty , i don’t understand why knetizens only rave about the beauty of another girls band because she surpassed them . She gives me a Han Ji min vibe when she played the younger Song Hye Kyo role back in the days. I love Reply 1988 and Girls génération 79. DANCE SPORT GIRLS. all are great dramas .

    • Really? Maybe because you are a fan. Objectively, let’s be honest here, IU looks ordinary and is a plain Jane. That is why, knetz are not raving about her beauty. If she is not famous, she won’t get a second look. Her appearance in the poster speaks for itself. She doesn’t have any feature that stands out.

      • No, i’m not a fan @lacey , because i don’t listen korean music i’m more into pop rock , and i never found that she was good at acting but i find her beautiful. And one can’t be objective when it’s about beauty . Beauty is in the eye of the beholder . You find her plain , it’s ok .

      • members like Lafey is funny, trying to dictate how people should feel
        first knetz have the same importance as us here, zero
        IU is constantly chosing as the ideal type of most korean guys in the real world
        and is also top cf girl of the country
        so who cares if she is not a viral girl on nate

        If the talk is her fame people say its thanks her face, if the talk its her face people say she is ugly and some people see her as pretty just because she is famous

        the math aint mathing

  6. Lo único que sé que Bo Gum se reta a si mismo en sus papeles protagónicos. Sus papeles protagónicos han sido de diferentes estilos. Seguramente esté show no será la excepción para él r imagino dará lo mejor de si mismo. Será su reto personal. Ver este show será para mí una nueva faceta de actuación de Bo Gum.

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