Kim Ji Won is the Queen of Tears that Makes her Man Kim Soo Hyun Cry in New Teaser for tvN Drama

So the premise for Queen of Tears wasn’t anywhere near enough to suss out the tenor of the drama. Is it a melodrama, a romance drama, a melo thriller, an office romance, who knew but the drama starring Kim Soo Hyun and Kim Ji Won certainly got the attention anyways. But the latest posters and previews shed more light on what’s to come, namely this is going to be romantic, and comedic, and heartbreaking, and hopefully life changing and cathartic. Kim Ji Won is the titular Queen of Tears not because she cries but because she makes her husband the Queen’s Man played by Kim Soo Hyun cry lol. And he does cry, like a lot judging from the trailer, and all because he believed marrying the love of his life for love would be enough to make the chaebol marriage fairytale come true. Don’t worry, we’ll all be rooting for you my boy!

Trailer for Queen of Tears:


Kim Ji Won is the Queen of Tears that Makes her Man Kim Soo Hyun Cry in New Teaser for tvN Drama — 34 Comments

    • I rather see her as a blank canvas that can adapt to any role. She’s done pretty well for herself with her chameleon-like attributes that has made her successful in a range of dramas as diverse as My Liberation Notes, Athradal Chronicles to Descendants of the Sun, Heirs and Fight For My Way. She’s iconic in the way she chooses her roles. I’m eagerly anticipating her starring in this drama!

      • She isn’t bland; she is the kind of actress who can play anything because her looks don’t overshadow her acting . She may not be in the poll of the most beautiful actresses , Knetizens may not rave about her looks ( perso i find her pretty) but she knows how to act, from Fight my way to My liberation Notes, she was good , and that’s what matters for a actress . It must be sad for an actress to be known only for her looks and not her acting . Just saying . I’m anticipating the drama .

    • Are you sure. You should watch Lovestruck in the city. See how she become the ‘blandest’ girl and the cheerful girl in one drama. She never be in the same role for her drama

    • Bit strange to call her bland when so many idol actresses and actresses famous only for good looks exist. She’s always received good remarks about her acting and looks from Korean viewers, and has never been in any acting or behavior controversies. Dare I say, had she hired an enthusiastic PR team, she would have been a Han Sohee-esque it girl after Descendants of the Sun and Fight My Way.

      Having said that, as a fan, she does need to work on emoting more with her eyes, shed the reclusive image and take on more roles.

    • I think you used the wrong adjective there? Or do you even know the meaning of the word? Ji Won’s acting is superb! A Versatile actress! She can plausibly play a role in different genre. She is not soulless, actually the opposite!

  1. OMG! I hope it’s not a twisted version of My Sassy Girl in repeat. This looks funny though. LOL. I don’t recall any comedic moments of KSH in his past works. I’m looking forward to the premiere.

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  3. I kinda love that the promotions started off with the male lead’s perspective. It’s a fun oxymoron of sorts to the title and definitely the opposite of what people were expecting. They also know how to sell KSH x Crying which is always a huge draw lol

    • They even put Kim Soo-hyun first in the billing, whereas Queen of Housewives and Reversals both had Kim Nam-joo as the headliner. (Can we please have a Kim Nam-joo cameo even if Queen of Tears and Wonderful World air in overlapping time slots on Saturdays?)

      • Yea, but it’s Kim Nam-joo. She was top billed even in Misty when her costar was JJH. She’s just a top level actress who can carry a drama by herself. KJW on the other hand is nowhere close – yet. She’s also nowhere close to KSH in terms of both popularity or acting prowess so despite the drama name, it never once occurred to me that she’d be top billed over KSH. Even JJH wasn’t and it’s JJH(!) lol.

        But yes please to a KNJ cameo! She’s so picky with her projects and I’m looking forward to Wonderful World too!

      • @Butterfly
        Sorry off topic but I think JJH was the first listed name on media channels for MLFTS but my Blu-ray did list KSH first so who knows. Writer-nim has always done so well in making both leads equally interesting even if she does pick a character to revolve on more. Song Yi, Sung Chan, Jeong Hyuk from what I remember.

      • @butterly

        You’re surely joking right. KSH better than kjw in acting, sure he’s super popular but so is lee minho.. Most of these hallyu a actors are hardly the best. First of all KSH needs to not be overshadowed by his female leads, especially seo yeaji and jungse who tbf is on another level to ksh. Even judging by trailers, he looks out of his element in on the comedy side, now park hyunsik he’d be natural.

      • @Teloos – you don’t need me to confirm whether I’m “joking”. A quick google search will give you what KSH’s acting profile and the awards and accolades he’s achieved. Check out the Baeksang and Daesangs on your way out and don’t let the door hit ya 😂

  4. Excited to see the couple posters and the ensemble cast too! This drama is sprawling with lots of talent across all boards.

    P.s. is it just me or does KJW resemble Kim Jae kyung?! Twice I did a double take on her.

  5. @butterfly

    Meh,shk has won a baeksang this yr with goeun being snubbed, clearly it’s do with how buzzy the show is. So nah these awards are barely an indication of ability,lol place any guy form his generation in his basic my love from a star role and they’d too sweep awards, most Pje and Kes drama’s do.

    • Ah yes, because an indication of acting ability based on your opinion is legit, but Baeksang isn’t. Looks like that door hit you real hard despite my warning to be careful 😂

      • Haha nice! it’s hardly controversial what I’m saying is it, he’s just relentlessly bland maybe he’ll finally switch it up here.

      • Speaking of Baeksang, just realized he was nominated for best actor in 3 of his 6 six leading roles, and one was a win. That’s quite remarkable.

      • @Teloos – Indeed lol! It isn’t conversational indeed, because you’re straight up rejecting facts in favour of your opinions. I fear KSH won’t impress you here either, and I’m sure he’ll have sleepless nights over it. Poor guy 😂

        @Sara – yea, his resume’s super impressive – someone listed it in a previous article and I was surprised to realize how few and far out his dramas have been. If I remember correctly, he was nominated in the New Actor section for DH at the Baeksangs too so there are only 2 lead roles he didn’t get a nomination in. Admittedly, the new new actor awards is hardly as prestigious or thought about tho.

  6. I love this turn of events. We always watch drama where husband who make the wife cries. And who is best at playing the heartless bit*h if not KJW. Lol. Can’t wait

    • Why bother commenting? Who cares what you have tried and will pass? Hmm 🤔 I think this drama will be interesting, at least the acting will be guaranteed.

  7. Kim Ji Won is so beautiful 😍 I’ve always thought her visuals is so luxurious, so I think she’s very well-cast here. And I know that Wikipedia says that this drama is a melodrama, but KSH’s ugly-crying scenes in the teaser cracked me up 😂

    I still have no clue what’s going on, but I’m excited! Supporting cast is stacked with talent too!

  8. Omg I loved KSH in The Producers. What a great drama with IU, Gong Hyojin and Cha Taehyun. He was so funny in that and then did a 360 degree change in One Ordinary Day. Can’t wait to see him again soon!

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