Choi Jin Hyuk and L Partner Up for MBC Drama Accounting Firm

While K-dramas, and J-doramas too, often pick a profession and milk it to death for an entire dramas, there have been times when the profession sounds dull as beans on paper but the series manages to wring out either humanistic stories that connect or actual nuggets of excitement within what is a fairly bland profession. With that said, the upcoming MBC drama Accounting Firm is basically THE boring-est profession I can imagine watching onscreen as a drama. I know what my company accountants do, it’s critical and detail oriented work that is of utmost importance, but if I were to watch them do it it’s like watching paint dry. Better bring on the eye candy then and MBC has lined up dual male leads Choi Jin Hyuk and L (Kim Myung Soo) for the series and it will be L’s comeback project since military discharge three months ago in August 2022. The drama is slated for a spring 2023 airing.

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