First Look at Song Joong Ki in Upcoming 1990’s Set Movie Bogota: City of the Lost with Lee Hee Joon and Kwon Hae Hyo

I still remember when COVID-19 first broke out in the early months of 2020 worldwide the for K-ent it involved a lot of movie premieres getting shuffled, moving to streaming, and filming getting adjusted. One of which involved the period and location movie Bogota: City of the Lost, which as the name suggests is set in the Colombian city and takes place in the 1990’s. Telling the story of male lead played by Song Joong Ki who moves there as a teen and finds a way to survive by taking over the black market business, it’s a gritty tale that also includes actors Lee Hee Joon and Kwon Hae Hyo as well as Colombian actress Juana del Rio. The Korean cast and crew was in Bogota filming and had halt filming and return to Korea, so the rest of the movie was shot in Korea and I hope the CGI is great to make it a facsimile of Bogota in the ’90s. The first picture is out and it’s a quiet and gritty shot of Song Joong Ki, it isn’t much but I’ll take it!

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