Mike He Plays a Single Dad Opposite Alice Ke in New TW-drama Bravely Say I Love You

New TW-drama alert, and this coming hot on the heels of Rainie Yang filming her first drama in three years and Joe Cheng‘s drama coming soon, I think an old school revival is headed our way.¬†Mike He just started filming a new TW-drama called Bravely Say I Love You for the cable network CTI and will mark their first self-produced drama. Mike is shedding his usual image of the cold chaebol character, or as the Taiwanese call it “tall, rich, handsome” types, and will be a playing a single dad suffering through depression and hitting a life low. Playing his daughter is popular child entertainer¬†Ella Wilkins, who along with another popular child actress Le Le who did Two Fathers is splitting the cute precocious little girl roles between them. Mike’s co-star this time around is Alice Ke, who I like a lot but hasn’t done a drama in years since Office Girls that is worth watching. The daily Gong Hay Fat Choy is notable only for producing the real life couple that is Alice with her co-star Kun Da, and late last year she did the cable drama Dragon Gate with Sunny Wang and Tammy Chen which was one giant hot messicle. Actually, the same goes for Mike in not having a watchable drama since Sunny Happiness with Janine Chang – his subsequent dramas like Love Keeps Going with Cyndi Wang or Spring Love with Da Yuan were barely serviceable stories but completely unwatchable due to those dramas having leading ladies utterly incapable of acting even a smidge. I’m totally onboard with the unexpected Mike-Alice pairing and the story with a single dad finding love and career revival again at least tosses out the over-the-top set up from the get go and goes for something more low key and realistic. Mike is getting older and I am happy he’s playing a daddy for a change. Continue reading